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  1. Belgian beer is a lot better actually. 😊we have other attractions though...
  2. Can't remember, but I was (and still am) very pleased with it. But I agree, a small contribution. Small but effective. Our soldiers hated to leave there, but who understands politics... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Task_Force_Urozgan
  3. Sure hope so. A lot of wargamers overhere, but strangely enough not that many of them know CM. I keep telling them it's the only wargame that really matters, but to no avail. And young people only want shooters. If only they knew about the dutch campaign for CMSF. That would attract quite a few of them.
  4. We'll moan from time to time, but we will never abandon BF. Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Steve, could you consider brightening up my Christmas with a decent bone about the CMRT module, including screenshots and such? I made my peace with the fact that it's not going to happen soon, but for us Ostfronters it would be a nice gesture.
  6. What about the Netherlands, Bil? Quite a few dutchmen around here.
  7. I also agree with that. I make my own scenarios and although they are not balanced or suited for sharing they give me lots of gaming joy. You don't need hundreds of hours to make a decent and interesting scenario. In fact my own scenarios are the only scenarios I'm playing nowadays. Apart from that it's also great fun to adjust other people's scenarios. A couple more tanks or a platoon more makes all the difference sometimes. Once you discover the world of the editor you don't care about the lack of new campaigns or scenarios anymore. You just want more toys to play with like vehicles, troops, buildings, landscape etc. but you can bake your own bread and make it exactly as you like it.
  8. I would like to see some winter landscape, German/Hungarian buildings, Volksgrenadiers, Waffen SS and LL-vehicles if possible. And perhaps some of those 'crazy' vehicles Steve talked about some time ago (251/22, 234/4 etc.).
  9. Impressive. Makes you realize how much work is involved in these games.
  10. The Finns. Winter War to the battle of Ilomantsi. Man, I would love to see the Finns appear in CM. 'Cut them down, Kaleva!'. 'Shoot for their nuts!'
  11. It's not impossible, nor very difficult. No one can protect such a vast length of coastline and German special forces were far more active during ww2 than commonly known. But the full truth about ww2? Not in our lifetime if ever. Some time ago I've read that Marika RΓΆkk, the famous Hungarian singer/dancer/actress during ww2, worked for the Soviets. I mean, who can you trust nowadays? πŸ˜€
  12. I agree. There will always be bugs. The example Steve gave shows how difficult it is to iron them all out. It's sheer impossible. For that we have patches. People who don't accept that, should realize how complicated games such as CM have become. As long as they aren't gamebreakers I gladly accept bugs in a just released game.
  13. 1. Eastern Front 1942-1944 (Stalingrad-Charkow-Kursk-Cherkassy) 2. Tunesia/ North Africa (Kasserine-Tobruk-El Alamein) 3 Fulda Gap (including dutch army) In that order please. πŸ™‚ But at the moment I can think of little else than the CMRT module.
  14. So once CMSF 2 is done, it shouldn't take much time to release the modules for CMFI and CMRT? I sincerly doubt that. If all this proves one thing, it is that CM has become too complicated for such a small team.
  15. Can you give an example? And make your tone less hostile. That will also help.
  16. Fair enough. All you can give us is very welcome.
  17. Thief, could you give the T-34/85 and Su 76 priority perhaps?
  18. Can't you give those guys permission to share a bit more information with us? To get us in the mood, so to speak?
  19. I've downloaded all of them and checked carefully whether they are safe. To my opinion they are okay. And they make it possible to winterize CMRT almost completly. A tempation I couldn't resist and I'm glad 2125 has shared this great mod.
  20. No, it's something I've stumbled across before, but had forgotten again. One has to number the turrets. So turret, turret 2, turret 3 and turret 4. Then it works. So 4 turrets for each type.
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