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  1. I've noticed there's no tall hedge available in the editor for CMRT. Is there a chance to see that in the coming module perhaps?
  2. I especially love the CV9035. Tremendous firepower and it can take quite a beating too.
  3. I was also refering to the movie, guys. 😀 After that hilarious remark you can hear Goldmember say; 'Wat?' His dutch accent is spot on btw.
  4. Like in every conflict there are many factors that complicate matters. I've already mentioned the atmosphere of corruption, which made billions of western help disappear into thin air. Internal division (between Pashtoe and Tadzjik for instance), the destructive influence of countries like Pakistan, Russia and Iran, the stubborn reluctance of the average Afghan to accept foreign (especially non-moslim) presence and advice, Western naivity and indecision, the greed of (not only western!) companies to share in the booty are some ot the other factors. Compared to Afghanistan to make an end to the endless conflict in Northern Ireland was a breeze. I've heard the argument about the West stealing Afghan resources before and from many people, mostly Afghans. There is some truth in it, but it originates mostly from frustration, fake news from the usual sources and reluctance to admit that if you put two Afghans from different backgrounds together you've got the making of a civil war. They are great and proud people, but not the easiest to deal with. Every fair minded Afghan will confirm the above. It is a huge tragedy and especially the Afghan women and children deserve better.
  5. Okay, so let me get this straight. I have CMSF 1 installed, including all modules. Now I want to upgrade. so that means I must buy the CMSF 1 Big Bundle Upgrade ($ 35.00)?
  6. This remark and the fact that you never know when Steve will turn up, made me finally realize. Steve = Gandalf! 😀
  7. You're the lucky one, Pandur. CMSF 2 is just around the corner. I'm waiting for the CMRT module. But it will all come.
  8. Happens to all of us from time to time, my friend. 🙂
  9. Stick to your own advice, Pandur and stop posting about such a sensitive subject.
  10. And of course I didn't mean to exclude the brave women who made the ultimate sacrifice. I have the highest respect for those who serve.
  11. Not sure if this is sarcasm or not. If it isn't then no worries. If it is sarcasm then come off your high horse, mate.
  12. One of the main reasons why the NATO-intervention in Afhanistan hasn't proved succesful, is the Afghan habbit of corruption. We could have sent twice as many troops and twice as much money and it still would have failed. A waste of good men and resources.
  13. Hold on, guys. I just found out that in the Heart of Darkness campaign there's a Taliban mod included! I'll be back... Edit: yes, it works beautifully. Great mod. Thank you, dragonwynn!
  14. I haven't and I must confess I don't know where to begin either. But I will look into it, Erwin. Thanks for the suggestion. If you have a more detailed one, please don't hesitate. 😀
  15. Thanks MikeyD. I will take a look. Edit: I've tried moving the Mujahideen mod from CM Afghanistan to CMSF, but it doesn't work unfortunately.
  16. Did anyone ever make a Taliban mod? I guess not, since I can't find it, but perhaps I'm wrong. Is there a Taliban mod available?
  17. What a disgraceful suggestion. 😀 Everybody knows Bitterballen are served with custard only.
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