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  1. I am, of course, talking about the new module for cmrt...
  2. I appreciate the honesty of your answer and I know that it works that way. But give us at least some screenshots from time to time. A couple of them per month would already give the community something to hold on to. At least we will know and SEE there's progress. Make sure it looks good and the whole community will be delighted and happy for months. Well, at least the vast majority of this community, including myself. Make the waiting more bearable. Yes, we are passionate about what you guys are making. For me CM is pure magic. An addiction. Supply your junkies.
  3. I understand. Lost my temper somewhat. Sorry about that. My comments were too harsh of course. Waiting is one thing, but indifferent, hostile remarks are really getting on my nerves. So no guarantees for 2019. Not what I was hoping to hear. We're already waiting for such a long time, that it's frustrating to notice that there's still no firm ETA. Or even light at the end of the tunnel.
  4. Well said, 76mm. Unfortunately a respectful tone towards forum members isn't a strongpoint of BF. I don't expect it anymore. I also don't care to be honest, but the lack of decent info still makes me angry.
  5. So the end of this year still stands. Thanks Benpark.
  6. I doubt that, 3j2m7. And I'm also not seeking for that. I don't care what they think of me. I'm totally fed up with being kept in the dark about the CMRT module. Just an answer to my question above will do nicely.
  7. If it's a bug, they will fix it. No reason not to buy modules anymore. BF is not the sort of company that tolerates bugs in their games.
  8. Perhaps you can ask Steve to answer my question, Benpark. Will we have snow at the Eastern front this Christmas or is not even that certain?
  9. Is it already known which divisions are subject of the two campaigns? Perhaps it has been mentioned somewhere, but it is impossible to read everything that has been posted.
  10. Earth calling Steve, earth calling Steve. Come in please.
  11. This is also interesting. '28 Russian soldiers destroyed 18 German tanks'. Never happened. Russian state archive director was fired, because he confirmed that the whole story was made up by some Red Army journalist. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37595972
  12. 😀 Just tell me this, Benpark. Can we expect the CMRT module this year? That's all I want to know.
  13. That's the first time I see you being realistic about yourself on this forum. Bravo.
  14. Didn't read that answer, old boy. And Steve DID say that CMRT was done by other people and that he was as much in the dark as we are. From his answer I gathered that it was a unique situation, so I stand corrected on that point. Glad to hear that actually.
  15. Sounds far too cynical for me. I've said my faith in BF isn't what it used to be, but it's still considerable. I'm very certain they mean well, are 100% honest and regret the delay even more than we do. But you're clearly an idiot, so better not waste too much time on this answer.
  16. Agreed, What annoys and worries me even more is the lack of information, bones and ETA for the CMRT module. Steve told us that the module is more or less 'outsourced', so hey, we also don't have any idea when it will be finished. Totally unacceptable of course, small company or not. It's all a bit of a mess, but that's water under the bridge. To make a fresh start and restore faith we need reliable and clear information and the modules must be released asap. Yes, restore faith, because my trust in BF is not what it used to be, i'm sorry to say. And before the usual suspects will attack me on that one, I'll say that I'm far from alone in that opinion. A large part of the community feels that way. Five bloody years waiting for a module. It's ludicrous. The Rome module doesn't make me extremely happy, personally i think it's milking the cow to death, but i'll buy it anyway. The patches and upgrades are of course necessary, but I refuse to see them as progress. Just a necessary 'evil', which has taken a lot of time and energy, on both sides. But happy to see bugs are fixed of course. I must say I like the new PR, but a new haircut doesn't mean all is forgotten and forgiven. 🙂 The CMRT module, that's what it's all about for me. And then, another fresh start hopefully. Never mind modules and packs, just move on to CM3 and get a grip again on your own activities. Stop taking too much hay on your fork.
  17. I'm glad to hear that, but it sounds exactly like what we've been told for the past few years. Is it realistic to say the CMRT module should be finished this year?
  18. Can someone of BF answer this question please? Surely after all this time it must be possible to give an estimate of the release date. Is it realistic to expect it before the end of this year?
  19. Great find, George. Working on Kursk scenarios, are you? 😃
  20. 2 Gig? Hefty file, but very interesting. Can you post some screenshots perhaps?
  21. One more obstacle off the road to the CMRT module.
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