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  1. It's a dirty and ungrateful job, but someone has to provide links like that. Raping a woman is in my eyes the most vile and cowardly act a man can commit. It makes you no longer a soldier, but a thug and a criminal. Good to hear that you have the objectivity to appreciate the information. I have the same attitude toward dutch war crimes in the Netherlands Indies after ww2. I hate to read it, but it happened. And again often provoked or at least facilitated by the chaos, hate and misery that war brings.
  2. Yes, a weak attempt at humor. I was massacred earlier on in a cmrt battle, that always ruins my sense of humor. Lost five Panthers in three minutes.
  3. In case i misunderstood you, i do apologize. Thought you were irritated by my remark, but perhaps i'm wrong.
  4. Don't be so modest, you don't have much to learn on b.s. anymore.
  5. You're welcome Waycool. Posted just for the sake of balance, not to excuse other crimes. That whole bloody war was one big orgy of evil and hate.
  6. Dear Seedorf81, apologies accepted and much appreciated. No, I'm not closing my eyes for German war crimes and attrocities either. But sometimes I miss the balance in that discussion. As MikeyD remarked, so many things went wrong on all sides, The devil must have had the time of his life. But thank you for your courteous attitude! Proud to be your countryman. +1
  7. German attrocities are well known and well documented. This is about truth and balance. The rapes went on in Germany, in cities like Stuttgart. Not mentioned in the article. And I do like the fact that they are included in the module. That's not my point.
  8. And some other, more realistic, articles. Without excuses for the mass rape of women, men, children and even animals. http://uncensoredhistory.blogspot.com/2013/10/mass-rape-ww2-italian-women-french-colonial-soldiers-moroccan.html http://uncensoredhistory.blogspot.com/2012/07/brutal-mass-rape-german-women-1945-ww2.html Yes, definitely looking forward to meeting those 'soldiers' in the coming module...
  9. That's not a bone, it's a bone fragment. More scenarios because of the delay...🙂
  10. One of my favorite movies, but you are absolutely right.
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