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  1. It's a simple enough question. If the answer will turn out to be a 'no' I can only conclude that F&R has become a sideshow, like R2V was. I don't buy all this 'we don't even know ourselves, things have become so complicated, so how dare you to ask' talk, followed by the usual declarations of support, understanding or even indignation. All of this doesn't bode well for the future, so yes, Wade, I'm pretty agitated about it all.
  2. Me too.BF never disappoints. After all is said and done these guys are simply the best developers of wargames in the world. The module will be breathtaking, of that I'm sure. Although I also have a wishlist like everybody else (Eastern front 1942-1943, Finland 1939-1944 and North Africa 1940-1943), I will have everything I could possibly wish for when Fire and Rubble comes out. I have no idea what the future will bring after this module and we should prepare ourselves for even longer development times, but of one thing I'm sure: it will be stunning and second to none.
  3. Indeed. I'm studying the editor at this moment and it's not as limited as I at first thought. I found out it's possible to use the Kursk oob in combination with the Charkow 43 map in order to recreate the Fourth battle of Charkow in August 1943.
  4. In your case I can understand that.😁 More useless comments are welcome, so please don't hesitate.
  5. It does. I know by now such statements are not written in stone, but it's something to hold on to.
  6. Well, that's a problem I haven't solved yet. Depending on which site is victorious, i withdraw units and don't use them for several turns. But if one uses one's imagination it's still fun.
  7. Yes, and downplayed the consequences for the release of Fire and Rubble to keep the community happy. That's all rather obivious. We could indeed face another RtV drama, let's prepare ourselves for that. I'm far from bored. Yes, there's always enough content in the other CM games to play with. Lately the superb Goumier mod by mjkerner for instance gives me the opportunity to play a series of great quick battles. and yes, there's so much more still to explore, but that's not the point. It should be possible to inform about a very general period of release (Autumn) without the usual indignant reactions. Btw, people, John Tiller Software (Panzer Campaings) has a sale going at the moment. Nothing spectacular, but it might be worth to pick up a couple of titles. I enjoy using playing Panzer Campaign in combination with CM by making small quick battles. A dream team.
  8. Really don't understand your attitude. I'm not asking for a release date. I'm asking whether everything is on schedule for an autumn release. Not such a strange question, given the fact the AAR is upon us already. Autumn means still another four or five months. You could answer by describing the development of the scenarios, campaigns, artwork etc. like you did some time ago, instead of telling people to 'ride the wave, dude...' You can tell that at the start of the development of a game, not after a wait this long. The only 'inside joke' I can see here is the unreliability of BF release dates. Gaming sites like Wargamer most certainly see it that way.
  9. 🙂 But seriously, Elvis. You guys are game developers, not weathermen. 😉
  10. Things are coming along quite nicely for years and years now, my dear wart.
  11. So you still can't even predict the season the module will be released in? Ah, well.
  12. What do you mean with the previous release? I did buy r2v if that's what you mean, so in that case you are indeed mistaken. I've always considered the R2V module to be an annoying obstacle on the road to Fire and Rubble. And although I admit R2V is quite nice, I still think it caused far too much delay. So if you're trying to insinuate I'm only interested in pressing for a release instead of the module itself you're twice mistaken. Opening pre-orders isn't the only useful response. I'm asking whether a autumn release is possible. That's not exactly asking for a release date, is it?
  13. Let's hope so, but we don't even have pre-orders yet at this moment. Elvis@, can you give us an update please?
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