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  1. Aragorn2002

    New Website status update

    Thanks for the update. Good to know progress is being made.
  2. Si vis pacem, para bellum. Trump certainly has a point there against NATO. Time to wake up. For me there's a lot of symbolism in war/military history that helps to make me the man I am and that defines my ideals and actions. Perhaps for some of us war is symbolic for the struggle in life, as we experience it. Victories, defeats, frustration, treason, losing what you love, sacrifice, duty, fighting for what you hold dear, resisting against the evil in this world, punishing those who seek to do evil etc. It may all be naive and typical macho behaviour, but for me it is how a man should think. On many a bad day my 'hobby' has helped me to stand up, do what has to be done and 'fight' through the day, with all that as inspiration. For me war has to do with love. Protecting the good, the beauty and the noble in this world. And the wading through the blood of our enemies while doing all that. 😀 Apart from that as Danfrodo said, the strategy, the tactics, the history, the remarkable men, the battles, the weapons and so much more. And the fascination of fire arms, of using them and knowing that you can protect the ones you love. Well, time for a psychologist, I guess. 🙂
  3. From The Revenant it's only a small step to the greatest 'Western' ever: Last of the Mohicans!
  4. As it happens I've watched it a couple of weeks ago. Story is a bit far fetched, but good action and with Kurt Russel you can't go wrong. It ain't no 3.10 to Yuma though. Let's also not forget the oldies, especially James Stewart. The Man from Laramie! Winchester 73! My big hero when I was a little kid. Couldn't get enough of playing Cowboy and Indian. 😀
  5. Aragorn2002


    Excellent remedy for sure against the feeling of disappointment. 😴
  6. Haha. Looks like a winner to me.
  7. Tombstone and 3.10 to Yuma. My favorite westerns.
  8. But don't get me wrong. Dutch actors can't stand in the shadow of American actors. 😀
  9. Hmm, the same goes for most American actors, who generally can't stand in the shadow of British actors, who are far less dependent on their looks. Tom Selleck suffered under the success of Magnum,. I think he had/has the potential for really big roles, but hasn't got the chance to prove it.
  10. Yeah, Magnum is still one of my favorites. Charles Bronson. Another giant. Not sure whether he still lives.
  11. I have most, but not all, of them, so I will take a look. Thanks! Last week I've finally found a reasonable priced copy of Kampfraum Arnheim. It cost me € 100,- ($ 115,-) and years looking for it.
  12. I must agree, but that's usually what happens. Last weekend I've watched Death Wish with good old Bruce and it was more of the same. And yet, I love that guy and can't get enough of it. I feel the same about Tom Selleck. His roles are usually unworthy of him, but it's such a joy to see him act. Especially in a Western....🤠
  13. Ah, yes, the truth. So overrrated. 😉
  14. I think that there have been few wars about which has been written so much nonsense as WW2. For that reason I feel more attracted to divisional and regimental accounts and books from those that were really there and can prove it. The good news is that lately more and better information is becoming available, like shown in the books by Jason Mark and other authors. War movies. Well, personally I prefer Die Hard or John Wick. 🙂