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  1. Sure is. 'They never go back to the source..' Damned right they don't. American army only met Tiger I tanks three times between D-Day and VE-Day.... Sherman almost had as much frontal armor as the Tiger.... Shermans were NO deathtraps...
  2. I agree. I think most of us sense that BF is our only and probably last chance to get the quality games we want. That makes some of us greedy and impatient, including myself. But I agree. The thought of a future without BF makes me shiver. It really does. Let's hope they will stay around for a long, long time.
  3. I heard the inevtiable vicious anti-German propaganda, that doesn't belong in a quality warmovie like 1917.
  4. Yes, the writing has a patriotic nature. It's about the holiday in August to commemorate the liberation from the British.
  5. Never knew that! So just make a map called (for instance) [trash] in your z-folder, add it in the editor as a mod tag and voila?
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