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  1. In remembrance of those who fell at Arnhem, Nijmegen and other battlefields of Market Garden I'm always playing CMMG this time of the year. A sort of salute to all the soldiers and civilans who died during those dark days, on both sides. I'm Battlefront still grateful for this superb module. I wonder whether there are any (dutch) building mods or other specifically 'dutch' mods?
  2. I always hate the vulnerability of those 88mm's. Great firepower, but difficult to keep alive. Curious whether it can kill that Sherman.
  3. Haha, yeah, he must have felt pretty alone, Bud. Great find.
  4. Let's wait a little with that, Bud. 😀 But seriously, your stuff is enjoyable as always. You have our undivided attention.
  5. I even heard a rumour that the CMRT-module will be released before Rome to Victory. But that was probably me talking in my sleep...
  6. We're considering doing that again at the moment, but our navy isn't big enough.
  7. Great stuff as always, Bud, keep them coming please.
  8. They are mainly from dutch origin. We all like to mangle your language. To revenge the Boer war and the Dutch-English wars at sea.
  9. Personally I think it's quite a nice touch. So let the blood flow, Bud. Great to see you at work again. Thank you!
  10. I agree that there''s not really an alternative for a module. First of all a module/pack needs to contain new units, let's say the Finnish army of 1939/1940 or 1944. Just an example. 😛 Secondly we need new buildings, trees and stuff to create the battlefield they fought on. And thirdly a couple of master maps, although that's not an absolute must. In short, yeah, practically a module. And without new scenarios and a campaign only the grognards will buy it and the pack will basically be an editor, not a game. That's the reality. Catch 22. The only solution for more products is to concentrate on one product at a time. I don't mind waiting for a couple of years for a new module, but five years is simply too much for me. But yeah, it's impossible to please everyone, no matter what you do. That will never change. But it's up to BF to find a solution and after reading all the posts I'm sure that they've learned their lessons already.
  11. That can't be denied. The truth lies usually in the middle, as with all things in life. And all that has been said in the previous posts is encouraging.
  12. Beat you to it, old boy, check the CMRT forum. But you are right, very impressive.
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