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  1. well i am just very glad to hear it still may come out i had almost given up hoping it would ever arrive. Like many people i still use CMBB & CMAK regularly as they are still the best tactical wargames about on the market played PBEM. It was always a mystery to me why BFC never continued to proved update patches/tweaks to the series, i just hope we get this soon.
  2. Hi gents, are there any ops/campaigns being fought anywhere with equal minded opponents? Despite being a regular pbem fighter since CMBOs' first release i seem to have always missed out on taking part in one of the organised campaigns. If anyone could point me in the right direction of any i would be most appreciative. Dont mind west or eastern fronts. Thanks.
  3. Ah, and how might i get sponsored? Would i need to duel it out with one of you to gain appreciation?
  4. Thanks a lot Richie, i have grabbed your scenarios too. How can i get involved with your invasion Italy campaign? It looks excellent.
  5. Thanks for all the links guys, i look forward to fighting out the scenarios and Ops. I cant believe nobody has made a Kharkov pack with all the great resources available to both sides and the epic see-saw fighting. Shame.
  6. Can anyone provide links/files to any scenario packs that have been produced for CMBB? I have the Stalingrad pack and may have the Kursk set (will check) but would like more if available. ie Seelowe, Kharkov etc ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Wow, thanks George, some fantastic looking scenarios there, cant wait to play them out. Thanks alot for sharing them.
  8. i use your sound mods in cmbb too Oddball, so i'd welcome a new pack to use for either cmak or bb. Good stuff!
  9. Regarding the mods..do we apply them to stock CMAK or to the ETO modded version that many of us have installed previously? If to the ETO, do we only need to install certain mods...ie the bunkers or do you recommend all? Looking forward to battling this, thanks for all your hard work guys.
  10. Totally agree, and it will get even better when the Operation/Campaign expansion comes out...something that the vastness of the Eastern front has been crying out for.
  11. Thanks once again chaps. I used to keep another directory containing all my bmps but the directory gets too huge ! Never had a problem with grapich corruption before though. I will nab those flaktrack mods as i had them before this problem.
  12. ah, right it is my bmp's 3920-3928 that are screwed in both my CMBB & CMAK bmp dir's...they are all small kb files that will not preview, there must be a recent rogue mod in CMMOS as i only recently (last 3 wks) downloaded new mods. Thanks for the tip Dey. Does anyone have this set of bmps they can email me? (or an improved set).
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