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  1. Uh, OK. I don't know those games but did they involve developing whole new engines (or did Half Life 2 really use the same engine as Half Life 1?) rather then just producing some new 3D models, OOBs, and scenarios? Should it really take 3+ years to take CMRT to the end of the war, especially when it seems a significant portion of the work would have been developed for CMFB?
  2. I'm just a bit disappointed that one of the reasons for moving to the CMx2 engine was to allow much quicker content development, but whether or not that is true, because content is split between so many other games, it can be a loooong between between new content for individual games/fronts (eg, CMRT).
  3. I don't think it would be workable; I couldn't find anything online in two minutes about the size of the KVII's shells, but I suspect that they are too long/heavy to allow them to be manhandled in that kind of turret.
  4. Definitely fake; the original KV-II could barely move or rotate its turret, that monstrosity wouldn't be able to do either. And how exactly could you load the second and third main guns?
  5. I guess if you widen the definition of "crime" wide enough, all soldiers in all armies would be considered "criminals" (killers, arsonists). That said, the infractions described in your second quote are exactly what I would call disciplinary infractions, not "crimes", because they not what would be considered a crime in a civilian matter (cowardice? losing property?). Calling something a "disciplinary infractions" does not mean that it is a minor infraction--things like falling asleep on sentry duty, desertion (also what I would call disciplinary infractions) have always been very severely punished. But they are not what I would call crimes.
  6. Having read many of the same books as you, I agree with some of what you say, but the statement above is not correct in my view...my understanding is that a large part of those sent to penal battalions were sent for disciplinary infractions, not because they were criminals (in the common usage of the term). The example you gave of the glory-hungry commander is a case in point. Also, I view DMS as a very credible source on Red Army matters and so would not write off his opinion so easily. It is possible, for instance, that the incidents recorded in the various memoirs were extraordinary incidents rather than every day occurrences.
  7. In the meantime, you can buy more books by Russian veterans, dozens are available on Amazon, of varying quality.
  8. I think someone has posted about this book on a different thread, but just to mention it on this thread as well: I just finished Glantz's latest work: The Battle for Belorussia. https://www.amazon.com/Battle-Belorussia-Forgotten-Campaign-Hardcover/dp/0700623299/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484540144&sr=8-1&keywords=belorussia This book is actually not about Bagration (the famous battle for Belorussia), but for the battles leading up to Bagration, conducted from Feb 1943-March 1944. Frankly, the book is typical Glantz--an amazing amount and quality of research, but difficult (ie, boring) to read. There are some interesting bits, particularly about Rokossovsky and Sokolovsky's sacking, but generally it is a rather dull read, although given the paucity of sources, this is likely to be the only book out on the topic, so if you're interested in the topic you don't have much choice to read it. Unfortunately, the book is not a good choice for a source for battles for CMRT, for several reasons: (1) it is a bit too high-level (focusing on divisional-scale), (2) it is in the dead of winter (snow!), and (3) many of the attacks involve river crossings or battles in swamps, which would be impossible or difficult, respectively to show in CMRT. Finally, one more book, which I'm currently reading now: Objective Ponyri https://www.amazon.com/Objective-Ponyri-Defeat-Panzerkorps-Station/dp/0992274915/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1484540522&sr=8-1&keywords=ponyri This book is from Jason Mark's Leaping Horseman Books, and it meets his usual standards--an amazing account of the battle on the Northern Face of the Kursk salient, complete with a massive number of German aerial recon photos from the area, including during the battle (showing individual Ferdinand tracks through the steppe).
  9. Amazon seems to be having an awesome sale on kindle history books now (or they've been hacked!). See the books below: Tank Warfare on the Eastern Front 1943-1945: Red Steamroller Kindle Edition by Robert Forczyk $1.26 https://www.amazon.com/Tank-Warfare-Eastern-Front-1943-1945-ebook/dp/B01I4UE4ZY/ref=pd_sim_351_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=HQG6HTFK67MRNEY0DHE0 T-34: The Red Army's Legendary Medium Tank (Images of War Special) Kindle Edition by Anthony Tucker-Jones $1.26 https://www.amazon.com/T-34-Legendary-Medium-Images-Special-ebook/dp/B00UVYT7HM/ref=pd_typ_k_sp_1_4/178-8766709-7687723?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=19YABRM3SES4SZRXBQ65 German Army on the Eastern Front - The Retreat 1943-1945: Rare Photographs From Wartime Archives $1.26 https://www.amazon.com/German-Army-Eastern-Front-Photographs-ebook/dp/B01BM8TDR4/ref=pd_typ_k_sp_1_3/178-8766709-7687723?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=19YABRM3SES4SZRXBQ65 Hitler’s Heavy Panzers 1943-1945: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (Images of War) $1.26 https://www.amazon.com/Hitlers-Heavy-Panzers-1943-1945-Photographs-ebook/dp/B01C8BN2CQ/ref=pd_typ_k_sp_1_1/178-8766709-7687723?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=19YABRM3SES4SZRXBQ65 For $1.26 each, I went ahead and bought all of the books above (and some others on ancient warfare). Note that there is no point in buying most of the books above (all of the "picture books") to read on a Kindle device, because they display pictures poorly; that said, I anticipate being able to view them satisfactorily with the Kindle app on my iPad.
  10. Weird, I read the holiday message but didn't see any detail about this...will look again. Traveling for the holidays so stuck on a tablet, maybe I'm missing something.
  11. Um, i dont see anything about patch 4 on this site--is it some kind of secret? Where did this info come from?
  12. That would be great, I'll pm you with my e-mail address!
  13. Scipio's link doesn't work for me...what is the tool called and what does it do?
  14. If you're worried about copyright issues, any particular reason you didn't just provide a link to the amazon site? Warsaw II
  15. shortly after my last message, I did what you suggested with the hotkeys...so far no reoccurence, but I've been hesitant to post because I'm sure that as soon as I post it will happen again.
  16. Big thanks Harry, that did the trick! Will be a fairly labor intensive process given the need to create subfolders for each of the many mods, but at least it works!
  17. Thanks kholenklau; I can also get the "mods stash" working one up from the Z folder, but that is still under the "Mods" folder and so my understanding is that the mods will show up in the game whether they are deactivated in that folder, or activated in the Z folder...
  18. Hi, I did a search, but didn't find anything helpful. I use JSGME as a mod manager for other games and would like to use it with CMRT. But because of CMRT's file structure, I can't seem to get it to work... My understanding is that CMRT Mods will work if they are in the C:\Users\76mm\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Red Thunder\User Data\Mods folder. Usually I keep my mods in a "JSGME" folder and use the program to activate/deactivate them. With CMRT, however, I can't get JSGME to find the mods unless they are in the mods folder, in which case they work rather or not they are activated... Again, I've had no problem setting up JSGME with other games, so don't need a basic tuturial, I need some with with how to get it working specifically with CMRT.
  19. Well, it's not the trackball...I unplugged it a few days ago and plugged in a new mouse. Things worked fine for a couple of day but now the problem is back. Very very frustrating, game is basically unplayable.
  20. @Bulletpoint Yeah, I thought of this too--in fact the trackball is the ONLY common element between the two computer systems (second trackball, but same model). I've been busy with work lately and haven't been able to monkey with this (or had time to play the game), but I will give it a try. Although I hate the though of giving up my trackball!
  21. I've had this book on my Kindle for some time but haven't worked up the nerve to read it yet--the "page turner" description should help!
  22. Perhaps, and my my post did come across a bit harsher than intended--generally you've never come across as one of the mouth-breathing neo-Nazis we encounter from time to time on this site, so I didn't mean to lump you in with them. That said, your latest post does include significant nuance which did not leap out from previous posts.
  23. Personally I'd be re-thinking my reading list or personal values if I found I was espousing the same views as a Holocaust denial site, even unknowingly, or saying stuff like "Just givin' the Devil his due" about Hitler
  24. I've noticed that it seems like the camera will not allow itself to be over the map--it scoots off at high speed until it is not over the map any longer, then stops. I'm extremely frustrated that I seem to be one of the few people that have this problem, despite being on two separate computer systems with very little in common between them.
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