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  1. While we're playing with maps, two other questions: 1) Has anyone converted from CMBS to CMRT? How do the maps turn out, especially buildings, etc.? (I don't have CMBS but might buy it if I can get a load of new Russia-esque maps). 2) While we're playing with maps, has anyone figured out how to "spin" maps to re-orient them (change which end of map is north, etc.)?
  2. I wanted to say thanks for this awesome tool; I've already "mutated" a bunch of CMFI maps to CMRT. I also wanted to point out to other players that the tool does not seem to work if the map name has spaces in it--at least for me it generates an error in this case. But just change the name to eliminate the spaces and-voila-works great!
  3. Thanks, very helpful; I really couldn't understand the wording in the manual, in fact I interpreted the last bullet point in 180^ the wrong way.
  4. Thanks, everything more or less clear, with one exception: this "synchronizing" thing--I don't understand what it is, or when/why it is done. In the manual, it says: "After a unit appears in the Activated Units column it can be manipulated, such as having a unit’s Experience changed or deleting a formation so it isn’t available, just like in a normal scenario. These changes can be undone or redone as often as desired. However, these changes are not automatically incorporated into existing battles for the Campaign. To have such changes registered each existing scenario file must be “synchronized” with the Core Units File in order to bring those changes into existing battles (see below). and then: "From time to time changes may be made to the Core Units File that require synchronization with existing Campaign battles. This is generally an extremely easy and painless thing to do. Just open up the scenario file and Import Campaign Units again. Core Units already in the scenario retain almost all of their customization, such as placement, Group assignments, Orders, etc. Therefore, synchronizing with the Core Units File does not wipe out hard work! What it does do is remove units no longer in the Core Units File, imports newly added units, and updates attributes (such as names, experience, etc.). The latter is probably the only potential drawback of synchronizing since customized settings like that must be redone." What does the bold wording above mean? And the italicized wording? Is it saying that while you are creating a scenario, before compiling, you can change the Core Unit File? The first paragraph seems to imply that changes to experience will be synchronized, and the second paragraph seems to imply that they won't be synchronized... What does "synchronizing" actually do?
  5. Hi, I did a search on this topic but didn't find anything on this forum. A google search turned up a few threads from here and there but nothing very helpful. Of course, I've also RTFM. I don't really understand how Core Unit Files work; I get the concept, but not the details. For instance: 1) From what I can see, Core Unit Files only save unit losses, etc., within a campaign. If you just load one into a scenario, play the scenario, and then load the Core Units into another scenario, the losses, etc. do not seem to be carried over. Is that correct or am I doing something wrong? 2) Assuming that Core Unit Files only work within compiled campaigns, I don't understand the concept of "synchronizing" Core Unit Files with existing campaign battles as described in the manual. It sounds like all that "synchronizing" does is change the actual core units, but in doing so you lose all of the casualties, experience levels, and other customizations, etc.--is that correct? 3) Is there any way to bring the Core Unit File from the end of a campaign into a new scenario, either outside of the campaign, or added to the campaign later? For example, what happens if you just add another scenario to the campaign script and recompile? I'm guessing that you would lose all of the campaign results when you recompile the campaign, but wanted to check to see if anyone has tried this.
  6. For anyone that was losing sleep over this, after an hour of googling and experimenting I seem to have fixed this problem, which was caused by a "Black Equalizer" setting on my monitor, which would darken the screen automatically when a program or webpage with a dark background was on the monitor. Don't know why anyone would find this useful, or how it got turned on on my monitor, but so far the problem has gone away... George MC thanks for your help!
  7. I've updated drivers, changed settings on video cards and on my monitor, and the problem persists. This happens 100% of the time when I go to the Unit screen in the Scenario Editor. Incredibly frustrating because it makes the Scenario Editor basically unusable. I'm really the only person to have ever experienced this? Just started recently for me...
  8. Thank you, I was able download, installing now...
  9. @George MC, it looks like the driver in that file is older than the one I had installed--it is from 2015. And rolling back the driver didn't help, I will keep trying to download the latest one.
  10. @George MC, thanks, but I can't open the link, I get a message that "file is uploading" for 15 minutes now. I am currently in Moscow and for one reason or another many links don't work here... I've used the CMRT scenario editor quite a bit, including a couple of months ago, and didn't have this problem, so it is a real head-scratcher. [EDIT] I was able to download the driver file from your dropbox, will try it tomorrow.
  11. This is the weirdest problem--whenever I go into the unit screen in the scenario editor, the screen slowly starts to darken, and within 10-15 seconds is basically so dark that I can't read it. This doesn't happen in the 3d preview screen, or as far as I can tell, any other screen. When I tab out of CMRT, the screen gradually brightens and within a few seconds is normal... When I tried to take a screenshot with FRAPS, it does not show the "darkening". This is on Win7 with a GTX 580. I've tried to update the driver but cannot connect to NVidia. Sigh...
  12. No, on a desktop. I will check the power settings again, but it only seems to happen with this game...very weird.
  13. In addition to the camera-spin problem noted in another thread, now I've got another weird CMRT interface problem--when I enter the game (or at least the scenario editor screen), very often the screen starts fading until is dark enough so that it is difficult to read. When I tab out of the game into another program, the screen is fine; when I go back into CMRT the screen is fine for a few seconds then starts darkening again. Has anyone ever had this problem??
  14. I still have this problem after all these years, using different computers and different input devices. I basically hardly play anymore because most times I start the game, I cannot get the camera to stop spinning. Except when it doesn't. Very very frustrating... [EDIT] After some experimenting, I've had some success in trouble-shooting the problem: 1) If I remove the hotkey.txt file from the userdata folder, the problem stops. 2) If I keep the hotkey.txt file in the userdata folder, but delete the alternative (ie, non-standard) camera control options, the problem DOES NOT go away. 3) If I keep the hotkey.txt file in the userdata folder, but comment out the camera control lines, the problem stops. Not having a hotkey file or camera control hotkeys is not doable for me, but hopefully I can narrow it down further...
  15. Yes, but... I doubt that the useful range of an ATR when aiming at vision blocks, etc was greater than a panzerfaust's. Moreover, I've never read that ATRs were very useful against infantry, whereas panzerfausts could be used against buildings, etc. And finally, I just can't imagine that their utility in combat was worth the manpower expended in creating these units. So not a useless weapon, but not especially effective either.
  16. John, I'm not sure what point you're trying to make, I specifically said that ATR rounds could break optics, etc. But the fact that ATRs could have some effect on the battlefield does not mean that ATRs were an effective antitank weapons system, or at least effective enough to justify the numbers deployed. How many men were killed while they were plinking away at Tiger vision blocks? How many of them do you think wished they had a panzerfaust instead of an ATR?
  17. At least with regard to the M3s, I can't say that I've seen anyone "enthused" about seeing them in the game--at best I expressed a mild curiosity if they'd make it in...they'd certainly be about the last AFV I'd choose in a game.
  18. Yeah, I seriously doubt that any M3s survived until Bagration. But I was surprised that both M3s and British Mathildas fought at Kursk--I wouldn't want to be crewing either one in 1943!
  19. I just read an interesting Russian book about Kursk which had several interesting pix of Lend-Lease M3s at Kursk...didn't realize that the Russians had so many of them, wonder if they'll make it into the game at some point?
  20. Sorry, but reasons for what? What is your first question? I guess your second question is about ATRs? While they weren't super-effective, they could definitely take care of halftracks, and with as many ATRs as they had, my understanding is that even tanks could be driven off by a hailstorm of ATR rounds, which could break tracks, optics, weapons, etc. I've never really understood why they kept making the things but have assumed that they had a factory somewhere which could make them but not be upgraded to something more potent so the ATRs were better than nothing. I will look around for stuff on ATG gun fronts, but most of my books are elsewhere. I'm sure I could find something on Kursk, but the gun fronts there were not typical.
  21. That's pretty cool, although I got a bored after about halfway through. So which games is it using?
  22. John, hate to disappoint you, but the "tome" does not cost >$150, but less than 1500 rubles (about $25). Here is a link, you can even order it: Ozon It is about 350 pp, so not a small book but not quite a "tome" in my view. You would obviously love some of the bookstores in Moscow...
  23. Sure, some units and their records were basically wiped from the earth,but many were not--the already portrayed in CMRT are those most likely to have seen German units wiped out. In any event, I don't think this would be a good reason to delay release of the next module for years--if you can't find the exact OOB for a particular battle, choose another. Moreover, I'm not sure what level of detail you're talking about, but who cares what kind of pistol a guy has, or exactly how many rounds? I would expect that the boys have enough experience to "connect the dots" from whatever is missing from their sources to come up with a very reasonable approximation of reality.
  24. To be clear, OOBs probably do involve more work that I appreciate, but I've never said that anything would be a five minute job--that said, I am surprised that it is turning out to be a four year job.
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