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  1. Wow, they did a beautiful job, amazing that that clunker is running!
  2. Geez, gotta be one of the ugliest tanks ever...
  3. Yeah, I guess, although we wouldn't need animations of frantic paddling, I'd be happy if they sat placidly in the boats during the crossing. As to too few use cases--not sure about that... There were lots of cross-river attacks, including on the eastern front, although the Russians were as likely to use crude rafts or even logs as assault boats. But some way of crossing rivers other than on bridges would open up lots of new scenarios. Personally I would much rather have features which allow different types of scenarios (partisans, assault boats) rather umpteen variations of the Pzkw IV or a bunch of oddball vehicles, for instance.
  4. I haven't seen this feature addressed in the threads over the years, excuse if I've missed it... One feature I really miss from CMx1 are the assault boats that were in CMBB for crossing rivers; I had some great river crossing battles back in the day. AFAIK they are not available in any of the CMx2 games, any chance they will make a reappearance?
  5. Cool. One word: Partisans! Ideally in the CMRT module but I'll also take them in a pack of some sort!
  6. Well, I think that what happened to cause this change was that more and better history of the war started coming out of Russia, so that instead of only reading the pablum put out by German generals after the war about the super-competent but hopelessly outnumbered German heroes vs the inept Red hordes, readers and players could better understand that this was a war to the death between two different, but powerful foes.
  7. Actually it is probably 1280 x 1024, I don't remember exactly and am tired of going through the CMBB resolution calibration process to find out again...
  8. No worries, glad to help, although it took me a little while to reconstruct what I did that finally worked...
  9. After some experimentation, I fixed this issue by going to the NVidia Control Panel Display=>Adjust Desktop Size and Position, then selected the "No Scaling" radio button AND Perform Scaling "On GPU". This keeps CMBB from getting stretched to fit a wide screen, but is not perfect--the resolution is something like 1084x1020, so more squarish than I would like...I would prefer, say, 1600x1200 but CMBB does not give me that choice or anything better than what I have.
  10. I was afraid that you would ask that--I will post something in my other thread here.
  11. Wow, and I thought I'd been using a mouse wheel since the dawn of (computer) time... Thanks for the info.
  12. OK, I've got CMBB running, and figured out how to keep the window from scaling. My next problem is that the game doesn't respond to my mouse wheel at all--I was thinking that the mouse wheel should move change elevation, or zoom in/out, or something? I don't see any way to change settings in CMBB, anyone have any ideas on how to get the mouse wheel to work?
  13. Whew, first post in CMBB forum in many many years! I thought I would reload this old gem to check it out. But I'm having a resolution problem and was wondering if someone might be able to help... My monitor has a resolution of 1920x1080. When I installed CMBB, the best resolution I could get was 1280x1024; because my monitor's resolution is so much wider than that of the game, and the game fills the full screen, the game looks horizontally stretched out when it starts. My question is whether there are any settings that would allow the game to start in a 1280x1024 sized-window rather than occupying the full screen? It would be a bit smaller but I think would look better... But I can't find any settings that would allow this and don't know if it is even possible!
  14. +1000 Honestly this is my biggest single request for the CM system, not so much for scenario making but for facilitating joining CM and an operational layer. But I think that there is an "easier way", at least for non-historical maps. Especially if you convert maps from other CMx games to whatever game you're playing, there are literally several hundred maps to choose from--you can see the list of maps just from CMRT in the map database in my signature, and I haven't gotten around to adding another several hundred maps that I've converted from CMFI, CMFB, etc. The DB lists all of the significant features of maps--terrain, vegetation, "urbanicity", roads, water features, size, etc. I usually set up operational layers with 2-3 kilometer hexes, and then choose one map (ideally about 2x2 km, but not necessarily that large) to represent each hex; once I get my op layer set up, I will then use the map DB to find an appropriate map, tweak it if necessary (ie, so that roads/rivers on the tactical map match those on the operational map), then viola, I have a suitable map. Each hex is then marked as being represented by that map. Obviously this doesn't work if you are working from historical maps/campaigns and want maximum historical fidelity, and it still leaves the significant pain-in-the ass of persisting map damage (best way I've figured out is to take several screen shots after the battle, and then modify the map accordingly, but it is as big a pain as it sounds.
  15. This module is not all about Berlin. And how can you have Bagration and Warsaw without partisans? Also, as far as I know, huge swaths of Berlin were not adjacent to a flak tower, and IIRC many of the ones that were there were not attacked directly, but rather subjected to massive artillery barrages. Interesting pix from the S-Bahn, I took that train to work every day when I lived in Berlin...
  16. Would be happy to see large bridges but don't care much about flak towers... And still really hoping for partisans!!
  17. Yeah, the book basically consists of a bunch of excerpts from other books, and I didn't get the digital rights for these excepts. At that time, it wasn't especially relevant, since I don't think that Kindles existed yet! But I have to say, there are some pretty good excerpts in there!
  18. Here is the Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Battery-Commander-His-Batman-Cook/dp/097493660X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1539252514&sr=1-1&keywords=the+cook+batman
  19. Mark's book "Island of Fire" provides a great level of detail on some of the Stalingrad battles, I expect that most if not all of his battles are like this. His book "Objective Ponyri" is similar, although there is not as much content and more pictures (maps). Glantz's books are also very detailed, although it sounds like at a higher level than you are interested in (ie, operational, divisional scale rather than tactical). Also, not to toot my own horn, but many years ago now I wrote a companion book for CMAK which included descriptions of many tactical level actions in the Med theater, including North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. I think you'd find it interesting. I don't see the book on Battlefront's website anymore, but I might have copy or two lying around, would have to check. Also, from when I wrote that book, I seem to recall that some excellent New Zealand regimental histories were available for free online, but it has been many years, so you would have to look around.
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