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  1. 76mm

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Another pitch for the partisans: it seems like most of the other additions (German and Lend-Lease vehicles, some of the German troops) were probably ported over from the other games/modules (CMFB, etc.), so it would be great to get something truly new in this module!
  2. 76mm

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Understood, but that is all the more reason to include partisans! Although I'll certainly buy the game in any event. Personally I like partisans because they allow you to create entirely different kinds of battles, whereas choosing between various flavors of German infantry/fusiliers/grenadiers/jaegers/etc adds much less to game-play diversity.
  3. 76mm

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Actually, I thought the CMRT module was to flesh out the campaign reflected in CMRT and to extend it through the end of the war. Partisans were actively involved in the campaign reflected in CMRT. And with all due respect, I see a lot of new German units, vehicles, etc. Soviets get Lend-Lease vehicles, not clear how many.
  4. 76mm

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Wow, great news, thanks for the update. My only disappointment is the lack of reference to partisans, although I'm holding out hope on the basis of "However, there's still a few new things we can give you to play with..."
  5. Looks awesome. How much work do you think you have left on the map? I'd like to add it to my CMRT map database.
  6. Fair enough, but what are your sources? If you think that German sources are more accurate regarding Soviet info than Soviet sources, I generally don't agree. I have seen these atrocities mentioned in quite a few memoirs from Soviet troops, generally written in the 90s. Of course generally it was always another unit, etc. committing them, but not always.
  7. The Russian video says that the tanks went down in the Donaldson, so I guess that's it. Hard to believe that the Russians shipped these tanks more than 10,000 kilometers!
  8. These Shermans are in Vladivostok. U-boats?
  9. @DerKommissar True enough, but then again generally I don't think that the Soviets were big believers in "tactical finesse," and would have required some additional training and/or a different mentality to make greater use of radios.
  10. I'd say holidays already qualify as "long past". If no screenies, can we at least get more info about the CMRT module's content? Partisans? Hungarians? Bueller?
  11. 76mm

    CMRT Map Database

    @kipanderson, great thanks for testing. I'll gradually start getting screenies of the converted CMFI maps and loading them in...
  12. OK, we're already on to the next holiday (St Valentine's Day). Time for the promised screen shots or at least more info about the content to be included in the CMRT module!
  13. 76mm

    CMRT Map Database

    I've redone the CMRT database to use links to files in the same directory rather than importing image files into the DB file itself--it should make the file easier to use as I add more maps. Note that I've changed one thing in this version of the DB--now I am only listing unique maps, because there are too many maps at this point to reliably indicate which maps are alternative versions or submaps of another map. While I've tested it on a couple of computers here, before I spend more time adding more maps, I would like for a couple of you to test the file to make sure that the links work, etc. You should be able to install the directory and files anywhere you want, the main thing is to keep the Excel DB file and all of the map images in the same directory. Here is the file, note that it is a fairly large file, at about 650 MB: CMRT Map Database v3 Could someone please test it, make sure that the map images open, etc. and then let me know here? Then I'll start adding converted maps from CMFI and CMFB.
  14. 76mm

    CMRT Map Database

    @kipanderson, great, glad you like it. I'm going to try to get started on converting it to a linked format as described above, and add all of the maps I've converted from CMFI and CMFB! Will be a mammoth undertaking though, I think I've got about 150 distinct maps for each of those games...
  15. Sounds like good news. And while I can patiently wait for screenshots, I guess the content much be pretty much set at this late stage...can you provide any info? Such as, will the CMRT module have partisans? Not asking for a complete list of new units (yet!), but is there generally any exciting content news?