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  1. I spend a lot of time on the Matrix forum and the general mood there is indifference to CM, although every now and then some outright hostility flares up, such as when R2V was announced. I was rather surprised, especially since much of the criticism was totally off-base IMHO.
  2. More like grandaddy. My dear prodigal son is 50mm.
  3. I wonder if Honda would sell many cars if it ignored users comments about what they liked and disliked about its cars, or if only positive comments appeared on its website?
  4. Feel free, although if you do I might not realize that you're referring to me...I have a short memory. And I always wondered what the heck a 17-pounder was anyway...
  5. Well, I hadn't named names... I find it odd, though, that you would equate being "patient" with being a "fanboi". For the record, I view them as being quite different.
  6. Fair enough,. although as mentioned the fact is that there are plenty of fanbois on this forum, and the poster in question simply noted their existence without labeling anyone as such, so I'm not sure who would have objected, especially to the extent of, for instance, drawing-and-quartering or other medieval tortures.
  7. Yes, but the problem is that many newish posters on the forum were not been around as those issues that were hashed and rehashed many times (often many years ago); sometimes "supporters" respond respectfully but as often as not they respond with an unwarranted degree of exasperation and condescension for bringing such and such topic up again. I suspect that if you're seeing less back-and-forth than you expected, it is because people with critical questions or comments just don't post as often. As you point out, on other forums this board's reputation is that it is not welcoming of critical comments, and I don't think that that reputation was is completely unearned. While I agree that not very many juvenile morons post on this forum, that is mainly because the games do not appeal much to juvenile morons.
  8. Please speak for yourself. The fact is that there are plenty of fanbois on this forum, and they do not encourage candid discussion of the game. If the fanbois don't like labels perhaps they should stop labeling everyone that voices the slightest criticism as a hater or troll. I'm happy to hear a wide variety of opinions on this forum.
  9. Says the guy spouting off about "bolshie lovers" and "red bastards"? Seriously? And ignorant about what, exactly? I've lived in Germany for five years and in Russia for 15 years, so know both countries reasonably well. I've read hundreds of books about the Eastern Front, so don't really consider myself ignorant about the war either. Spent four years in the army, so know something about military stuff... So what please enlighten me how you are so much better informed that I am? Or perhaps are you one of those people that considers anyone that doesn't agree with them "ignorant"?
  10. Actually most of us Bolshie lovers won't get too upset, because those red bastards got the last laugh, so to speak, and we are too-well-used-to wargame developers pandering to players that glorify the German military. That said, I have no idea why you'd consider that "honoring the last stand of the Wehrmacht" would be more "fair" than honoring those that defeated Nazism after it had treacherously invaded their country? Weird...
  11. I like a lot of the suggestions...but please not this one...there can only be one CMBB!
  12. Yeah, understood and probably a wise move. That said, IMHO Fire and Rubble is rather blah--is this set in stone or is it a temporary placeholder?
  13. The screenshots are definitely nice and appreciated--didn't mean to come across as unappreciative--but without more they mainly drew reactions from all of the usual suspects.
  14. Yes, we've been told that at least quite a bit of Lend-Lease equipment has been added, although I can't speak to when/if screenshots will be available.
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