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  1. 76mm

    Dust clouds!

    So smoke and dust is now in effect a bullet-proof shield? Isn't that a bit troubling?
  2. 👍 Now get to work on those scenarios! 😎
  3. Maps? I've got maps...take a look at these links, not sure if they cover that exact area, but some of them should: Link showing which mapsheets you need German maps Polish Maps More Polish and German maps Russian Maps More Russian maps
  4. 76mm

    Installing to D Drive?

    @PIATpunk, mission accomplished, so far no problems, thanks again for your tips!
  5. 76mm

    Installing to D Drive?

    Great, thanks again for the super-helpful info. Will try to tackle this tomorrow!
  6. 76mm

    Installing to D Drive?

    Thanks, that very helpful and interesting...but two more questions: 1) any idea if I would need to re-install the games which use files in these directors for the games to work? Having just reinstalled all of my games to the D drive, I'm not keen to repeat the process for the games which store files in the Documents folder... 2) I I put these directories on my NAS, any idea if it would impose a significant performance hit? I'm thinking that usually files stored in these locations are accessed when loading/saving games rather than while playing them, but wanted to see if anyone has a better idea?
  7. 76mm

    Installing to D Drive?

    Sorry, how do you do this? I actually have plenty of space on my C drive, but would rather put my documents folder onto my NAS, which is backed up regularly...
  8. 76mm

    Installing to D Drive?

    Thanks, I've gotten it working, not sure what the problem was the first time. Maybe something to do with spending most of the day uninstalling and reinstalling about twenty games, dunno... 😵
  9. My computer's C drive is almost full, while I have massive space on my D Drive, so I want to install all of my Battlefront games to my D Drive. However, when I went to install CMBN, I did not get any choice at all for where I get to install the game. I think this is the only program I've tried to install in the last 15 years that did that--is there any way to install onto a D drive (which is in my computer, not a network drive)? I searched for this topic, but did not find any threads... [EDIT]: Weird, I just went back and tried to re-install again, and this time I seem to be able to install to the D drive, at least so far...
  10. hmmm, good point, although let's face it wolves are way sexier than bears, which is really the whole point of this kind of shirt.
  11. Sheesh, let's not overdo it! 😁
  12. Waaaay too boring...I had something like this in mind (just a rough mock-up, mind you): Sweeeeet!!!!
  13. My inability to wear a sweet Combat Mission T-shirt to the local watering hole has cost me God knows how many opportunities with the ladies... Add some wolves to the T-shirt and I'm sure that they'd sell like hotcakes.
  14. Have you read Barbarossa Unleashed, by Luther? I haven't read Fugate, but Luther's book is my favorite on Barbarossa so far. But of course you haven't read "unkind" towards the German military until you've read Stahel's books, all based on German sources...
  15. 76mm

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Another pitch for the partisans: it seems like most of the other additions (German and Lend-Lease vehicles, some of the German troops) were probably ported over from the other games/modules (CMFB, etc.), so it would be great to get something truly new in this module!