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  1. General De Bono in Abyssinia...way before the action started in North-Africa... Btw, is that a man from a tank unit in the background, wearing a black uniform...or? De Bono
  2. At least I never got it working in CMBB, although I didn't try it too often, as my tactics in CMBO and CMBB were totally different, than with the CMAK now. I usually wouldn't engage in such a short range action, that is now a very common with CMAK. But anyways, not it works out just fine! [ December 04, 2003, 09:42 AM: Message edited by: P5 ]
  3. I noticed a small, but very important change, that I've wished since CMBO and especially I was hoping that it would have worked in CMBB. Finally the tanks are able to ram against the guns and get the crew to abandon their gun! This don't work against the infantry, they just sit in their trenches even when the tank is on top of them, but I guess this is more realistic this way? And at least it wont make the job of eliminating the infantry too easy.
  4. I've found the tactic of advancing the infantry behind the tanks quite useful, as the three or four tanks generate enough dust to cover the infantry. Of course this means that the tanks are quite vulnerable to AT-guns, but hey, you can't have it all...
  5. Here's a model posing for people modding German uniform in North-Africa: DAK My only DAK picture
  6. Attach the bayonets! One minute men! Get ready! Check your weapons! It's hell... I would have made an excellent General in WWI Seriously, I've played that with the Germans before and I knew what to expect, so that's why the tactic of attack en mass.
  7. Ok, we are getting way off topic here. My main complain was originally that the scenarios are not very well done. I'm not looking for exactly balanced scenarios, but still I don't see what's the point of including scenarios with the game, where even the maker of that scenario states, that it's nearly impossible to win? But this is just my opinion. So far, the scenarios between 1940 to 1942 seem to be quite boring to me. Perhaps I just don't like that flat sand box? And no, the CM concept hasn't been boring at all. I was still playing CMBB last week, until on Monday I noticed CMAK in stores. Before and after CMBB, I played CMBO. Enough, my main intention was to create discussion about the scenarios and what other people think? So far there has been one comment, similar to mine. Perhaps this discussion will come up again, when more people will get CMAK in their hands. Now, I need to go and get some French wine...
  8. I've played against human opponents, by PBEM or through internet in real time. Some of them have been experienced players and some have not been. And yes, I've enjoyed human opponents really much, as human is never so predictive in his moves as AI is. My only problem is that I have never finished a single PBEM game to the last turn, because normally the opponent has given up and never send another turn. I have better things to do than to waste my time, by playing half of the turns and then thinking that how it would have ended? Anyways, I took on your challenge and sended the setup file for Bir Hakheim. Don't worry, we will be laying you men to a decent graves and if there are any prisoners, they will have some fantastic French wine and perhaps a bit of a French bread. But hurry, if your attack attemp takes too long, my men probably have drank all the wine and eaten all the bread!
  9. Human opponents...err...yeah those boring meeting engagements probably would be a lot different if there would be a human controlling the other side. Still, I will take up the challenge, or actually, no challenge for me, but if anybody want's to attack against my Allied forces in Bir Hakheim Last Day, I'm for it! The slow AI, seems to bother always the Allied forces, because they have tons of equipment. Lot of transports etc. I've never seen Axis or Russian troops advancing so slowly. I think I've seen this kind of thing also in CMBO, when there were lot of Allied units around, mainly Bren Carriers etc. But hey, even if the game would have shipped without any scenarios or operations, with only the editor and a QB generator, I would have bought the game. There will be again some great user made scenarios I hope!
  10. I "watched" as a German, the Commando units attacking DAK office, and I must say, that I'm not sure could I do it, playing with allied forces. That's one of the frustrating scenarios I meant with the allied. The Crete scenarios were all difficult, but I was able to win them all, although after few attempts. Those Crete scenarios really required some thinking, and that's what I like in a scenario, not just drive with a full speed ahead and park my tanks there and blast everything that comes in my way.
  11. Hello, it's time to prepare my hanging, after I've said the things that are on my mind So get the rope ready! I would have never thought that I would say this, but I'm a bit, perhaps even very dissappointed to CMAK. Why? MAYBE A SPOILERS AHEAD, GENERAL TALK ABOUT THE SCENARIOS. NOTHING TOO SPESIFIC! There's just something bothering me with the scenarios that came with the game. There just doesn't seem to be too many balanced scenarios. Eiher they are way too easy, like FlakFront! or the numerous meeting engagements, that only require you to drive your tanks with a full speed to a hill, have a hull down position and after that you wish that there would be an autoplay option somewhere, that you could go and watch TV or something. Second option that they are _really_ hard, like Bir Hakhheim, The Last Day, where I did managed to capture the three first flags, but stopped my attack there. The enemy is usually so well entranched, that infantry is almost the only option to slowly dig them out, as there are usually AT-guns located on the far side of the map, where nothing can't touch them, besides some lucky artillery round. The combat looking more like a WWI combat than WWII. Well, perhaps this part of the complain, turns out to be a positive one, as I've always wished for an WWI game. From an Allied point of view, there is even more frustrating scenarios ahead. Third option is, that the tea breaks are modelled in the game, as there are few scenarios, where there is no combat at all, because the allied AI advances so slowly, that they never get into the range of any weapon, Allied attack on Sid Rezegh for one example. So far I've played all the scenarios from 1940 to the end of 1942 with axis forces and I must say that only the battles in Crete I did enjoy and they were as good as in CMBB or in CMBO. After those scenarios, I've started to remember all those excellent scenarios of CMBB and CMBO. Perhaps Battlefront run out of time when it came to scenarios? The main point being, that at least so far, they just don't feel very well balanced. Other than that, I've got no complains at all. The game looks, sounds and feels really good. Especially that dust, really helps to generate the general confusion in battlefield. I don't know, perhaps I'm the only one thinking like this? Perhaps after playing CMBO and CMBB so much, third similar game is just starting to feel boring. Also, perhaps the fighting in North-Africa really was like that? Perhaps CMAK is truly realistic in that sense, but it certainly doesn't make it any fun. Also, I've only played with the axis forces, so perhaps I need to try the Allied next to see if I still feel like this. Also I would need to try few scenarios from Italy, if they are any different. The two scenarios that came with the demo, were really excellent! I just wish that the time period 1940 to 1942 would have kept inside similar scenarios, that were joy to play, but still possible for both sides to win or loose. Ok, I'm done. You can start the hanging now
  12. Sounds interesting. Could you send me also a copy of these rules? kimmo.nummela@kolumbus.fi
  13. I didn't notice that much difference in vehicles, but when I look at the landscape, I think it's much more realistic. The trees and especially the general overview is much more realistic.
  14. If you look at the Readme.txt in the zip file, it will give you instructions how to do this.
  15. No, you are not the only one. I emailed about this yesterday to the email adress I found from the readme file. Altough I haven't heard nothing yet, that when is this problem going to be fixed.
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