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  1. Yeah it's the full ground extension of the really great flight sim IL2.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I've done so much testing and tweaking through the years it's nuts. One thing though, and it can at times make a big fps difference but I can not play these games without SS/AA, otherwise it becomes a shimmering texture crawl mess that legit hurts my eyes to look at.
  3. We can only hope one day, we get a graphics engine even at this level. I've upgraded to a i7-9700K@4.9GHz and an EVGA RTX 2080 Ti XC Ultra and still get terrible fps! Talking hitting 20fps and below on just a simple medium hills quick battle, not even with many trees. Super sluggish and laggy camera movement. lol! IL-2 Sturmovik - Tank Crew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwkTxyh21-g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tQVifFTGKY https://www.facebook.com/il2sturmovik/posts/2026223027455545?__tn__=K-R
  4. I believe it's a lost cause, I got a 2080 which is a super fast card, loaded up CM on a whim after not playing for months/years... small quickbattle (with all kinds of the usual shadow issues and shimmering, etc...), lol a very sluggish and laggy 20fps...bahahahaha. I'll back for CMx3, if?! Honestly I really wish they could stop investing in the current engine, it's so outdated and is struggling more than ever. It's so bad that to me the game is broken, so I really can't justify any more BF purchases or recommendations moving forward unless there is a major engine rework. And I want there to be, the "game" is great it just can't be successfully realized adequately any more for me.
  5. Yeah probably best to run the Mac in Parallels or Bootcamp moving forward because without Open GL, doesn't that mean even all the Unity games out there will stop working. It seems like this is the final nail in any kind of gaming on the Mac desktop. And a benefit would be PC only Direct X support for CM, which would offer way better stability and performance.
  6. I wonder what will happen when Apple drops OpenGL? http://www.pcgamesinsider.biz/news/67163/developers-respond-to-apple-dropping-support-for-opengl/ Being free from OpenGL would probably be a positive for the next version of CM.
  7. The game engine is an issue, modern or even hardware over the past many years makes no difference, it is very hard to get "reasonable" performance out of this game. I've been complaining and helping through the years. Honestly until we get a new engine built to even semi-modern specs nothing can make much of a difference. That's why super old hardware and ultra modern barely move the needle on performance.
  8. Yes CM3 please... modernize the engine, grow the imprint!
  9. My system is in my .sig ... I guess you say CM runs "ok", if you take in to account all the CM engine problems and what it is and isn't. It doesn't run "good" compared to the outside universe but it does, I suppose run well for CM.
  10. I come and lurk once and a while, always fingers crossed something has changed. I was/am a big supporter but the series does appear to be near the end. I get it, no reason to explain why it's not, but really it is. Bummer and really wish they had an investment and resources to re-launch this thing, crowd sourced or otherwise to prove me wrong. Loved the series going back to CMBO but I don't see how the future works in the current state. I know people will come on and say I don't understand game development, etc.. that's ok, let's see how things play out. I hope something changes and I can go back to telling everyone how awesome this game series is.
  11. ...and yes of course SD44 and CM are not mechanically comparable, I totally agree. CM is of course much more of a sim, but the concept still stands. Better user experience tied into a sim engine, equals a more fun and wider reaching, and profitable experience for all, including fully supported digital distribution channels like Steam (and Steam Workshop for the mod community), GoG, etc...
  12. I think you underestimate the appeal, especially if properly marketed and distributed.
  13. I bet you're correct. I'd wish it would be BF who could do it, but it might take a new developer to really "get it".
  14. SD44 article... no, it's not CMx2, but I agree 100% with the basic point, and I've been saying it for years and years. There IS a market for a good looking/sounding and modern UIX and within a realistic game like CM. I hope this would be BF to deliver because I've always "rooted" for them... but at this point I'd be happy with anyone. Sometimes I've actually seen the computer wargaming scene pride themselves on terrible graphics, awful sounds, miserable UI and in general a kind of arrogant attitude towards a game that isn't' miserable to play, like having fun is a ding against the "seriousness" of a "real wargame." SD44 is fun, and if we had that kind of presentation with the mechanics of CM I'd be set for many years to come and I think there would be plenty who would also join in. http://www.strategygamer.com/articles/steel-division-re-defining-realism-in-war-games/
  15. Yeah, I feel the same way... I try and come back to CMx2 but it is just so visual/aurally/performance/UIX wise clunky... It's just is so jarring. I've stated this before, nothing new and I know, I know nothing will ever be done to improve the visuals/sounds/uix or performance...it is what it is. Kind of an end of line of major development. I'd love to be wrong but it doesn't seem that way. Sure we might get a few more "modules" but a "modernization" of the engine from everything I've read and been told just is not gonna happen. The best "we" can hope for is a game with the "guts" of CM but the outside/performance of a modern game. The only way I see that happening is with a new engine... probably from some other developer, maybe some day. Niche games are more popular than ever these days...and with Steam (which I know BF has no interest in), who knows, maybe we'll get lucky. CM has been fun (sound and texture limited modding too) while it lasted all those years for me, especially when the experience didn't feel so far behind.
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