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  1. The first battle I played, looks fantastic straight out of the box, got wiped out . Replayed it straight away with Kieme's mods, got wiped out again but was cheered by his pretty sunflowers as I bled out inches from the exit
  2. Great work, looks spot on. Cheers.
  3. Can't wait to try these, was hoping someone would think of sunflowers, seems like you are way ahead of us
  4. Gave up trying to download in UK last night when I realised the whole of the US had probably just started trying Started again this morning and dowloaded fine, up and running without a hitch. First impressions after only playing through tutorial.... brilliant. Much faster load times than v3.0 Normady on the same machine. Everything just seems faster, smoother and nicer. Thanks everyone for the hard work, thanks especialy to Chris for all the youtube vids which sold the game to me and then kept me from going crazy while I waited I am just going back to my other PC, I may be sometime.....
  5. I got so excited waiting I just bought a 27" monitor. Doh!
  6. Cheers for pointing that out much appreciated.
  7. Chris, during the vid of the graduation exercise pt 1 you mention that this is the map created during a previous streaming session on the editor (did I hear that bit correctly) I don't see it in your youtube uploads. Is there any way that could be uploaded for the benefit and delectation of those of us who haven't use the editor since CMBO?
  8. Just ordered the v3 upgrade to Market Garden so I can start to get my head around the v3 engine, modding and the v3 game manual while I wait for Black Sea to be ready. Now just have to wait for the 5hr download, but what am I going to do until then? \o/
  9. That's good to know. Reflections would've been nice but didn't expect that to be possible anyway. I shouldn't need them, this toxic stuff is going to be such a lurid colour that a few bubbles should suffice
  10. I expect there will be quite a bit of 'electronic interference' experienced by both sides during this scenario. Just watched a YouTube tut on AI triggers in Red Thunder and that gives me a few more ideas Definitely looking at doing some terrain mods scorched earth/burned ground on the list and I was thinking of turning craters into toxic puddles, didn't I see some barrels as flavour objects in one of Chris' playthroughs? Lots to play with
  11. Thanks for the speedy replies. I do intend to have a crack at some texture mods seeing as my day job is as an illustrator I'm intrigued by the idea of tagging mods specifically for scenarios, I must look into that. Cheers. I was hoping that I could play with unit stats to mimic disorientation and confusion effects of light exposure and maybe the exhaustion of working in suits. But until I can see the CMx3 manual I’m not sure how things have changed in the editor since I played CMBO, CMBB and Market Garden. Sounds promising though. I have no intention of trying to shoehorn in something that is beyond the scope of the current game, ie full NBC battelfield conditions, this is more of a meeting engagement with a more exotic interpretation of area denial
  12. I’ve been trying to keep myself busy until release by researching an idea I had for a scenario. I’m still in the reference stage, trying to get my head around the practicalities of ‘modern’ warfare. Going through the technical specs of things like BMPs and BRMs I keep coming across a reference to the’ WPChR military chemical detection device’ but I can’t find any more details. What I’m interested in is how it functions in practise. Do the crew just get a warning noise that chemicals have been detected and an all clear when they are out of the area /the chemical has dispersed or do they get specific info on what was detected and where? I am thinking of scenario with very localised chemical hotspots/leaks rather than deliberate, targetted use of chemical weapons. Also environmental conditions that would suppress the spread and 'damp it down' thus restricting the toxic effects to small areas of the map. As far as I can tell all armour is now NBC protected with overpressure and filtration systems so as long as they stay buttoned up they should be unaffected. Obviously dismounted infantry units are not modelled with any NBC protection so they'd need to be kept well away from the hotspots but I don't see this as a major obstacle to the design of the scenario. Is there anything else I should consider?
  13. Btw thanks Chris for all the Youtube play-throughs of the Black Sea missions. They are currently the only thing keeping me sane while I wait... although I think my cat enjoys them even more than me and if they keep her distracted long enough for me to get some work done that's a bonus
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