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  1. Cambronne

    Demo Feedback

    Chinstraps missing for syrian infantry (both regular and special forces). The bmp and mdr files are there but the chinstrap is not visible in game.
  2. Looking over the table of equipment list I failed to see any AA dedicated weapons. If this is correct how can aircraft be shot down?
  3. Cambronne

    Happy New Year's Day! 2018 look ahead

    Is the points system an engine issue? I mean will the CMSF2 units have points attached? We play a global campaign based on Hearts of Iron and CMRT combo, using Combat Mission to conclude the HOI battles from the tactical point of view. But as it is,wanting to run in parallel a CMSF based campaign, we find it difficult to replicate HOI units into CMSF since there are no points to simulate the unit combat power. And this is more important in modern warfare since there are tons of internal sensors, optics, armor material and other modifications that make a seemingly similar tank/unit completely different from others.
  4. Cambronne

    make campaign

    I started all over again and now it seems to work all right. Perhaps I missed something first time thou I could swear I did the same steps. Moreover, thanks for support!
  5. Cambronne

    make campaign

    The Russians are missing no matter if they are AI or player. I tried it both ways. The scenarios played separately are working well. I'll check the script but shouldn't it pop up a warning message if something wrong? There it is: /*campanie*/ [PLAYER FORCE] red [HUMAN OPPONENT ALLOWED] no [bLUE VICTORY TEXT] You won! [bLUE DEFEAT TEXT] You lost! [RED VICTORY TEXT] You won! [RED DEFEAT TEXT] You lost! /*Battle #1*/ [bATTLE NAME] bat1 [WIN THRESHOLD] tactical victory [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] bat2 [NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE] bat2 [bLUE REFIT %] 0 [bLUE REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [bLUE RESUPPLY %] 0 [bLUE REST %] 0 [RED REFIT %] 0 [RED REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [RED RESUPPLY %] 0 [RED REST %] 0 /*Battle #2*/ [bATTLE NAME] bat2 [WIN THRESHOLD] minor defeat [NEXT BATTLE IF WIN] // end campaign [NEXT BATTLE IF LOSE] // end campaign [bLUE REFIT %] 0 [bLUE REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [bLUE RESUPPLY %] 0 [bLUE REST %] 0 [RED REFIT %] 0 [RED REPAIR VEHICLE %] 0 [RED RESUPPLY %] 0 [RED REST %] 0
  6. Cambronne

    make campaign

    Hi, I was trying to engage into the campaign making so I started with a small two battle campaign to observe the behavior of the campaign maker engine. Everything is going OK... except that the Russians are not appearing on the battlefield. I checked and re-checked both scenarios and everything seemed in good order. In the first place I thought that the bastard cowards deserted en masse from the Red Army but then I remembered it was just a computer game so it must be something else. Anybody else met this problem? What could I have done wrong? The campaign script doesn't report any errors and, yes, the Russian core units are activated.
  7. I was just wondering if is there any way to import the map together with the order of battle attached??! Previous versions of CM (CMBO, CMBB) had this nice feature, I don't know why it was dropped.
  8. Cambronne

    Can't get Trigger to work in QB Map

    Well, that seems not to be true. I did a test, setting the timer between 40 and 50 and made the enemy troops to hit the trigger terrain after about 5-6 minutes after the start of the scenario. The AI group simply sat "in situ". Besides, the manual is very clear about it saying that: " The first time tells the AI to NEVER start the Order until that time even if the Trigger is tripped. The second time tells the AI to NEVER start the Order later than that time even if the Trigger is not tripped. The time period between the first and second settings is when the Order is paused waiting for the Trigger to be tripped.If you want a Group to always wait for a Trigger to be tripped leave the first time to 00:00 and set the second timer to something greater than the scenario's maximum game time." So Steiner must be right and the triggers in the Quick Battles are broken... or there is some weird trick not mentioned in the manual.
  9. Cambronne

    Can't get Trigger to work in QB Map

    same here, I have CMRT but I guess it doesn't make any difference from CMBS regarding QB triggers. I dig into the manual and I found this about QB : "All terrain objectives are converted to OCCUPY objectives automatically" . But if terrain triggers don't work why are they in the QB maps???!!
  10. Cambronne

    unit appearance

    It must be something wrong coz I still see no difference. I choose armored infantry and give standard uniform to one squad and panzergrenadier uniform to the other but they are identical.
  11. Cambronne

    unit appearance

    hello, I didn't notice any difference between standard appearance and panzergrenadier. I tried a few settings but to no avail. Could be a bug there? I thought it was possible to hand-pick uniforms in the editor on a unit basis but it doesn't seem possible( at least for me).
  12. Cambronne

    uniform files

    Hi, what are "m43 soldier uniform" files and what are "wm m43 soldier uniform" files ? Does it make any difference this "wm" added ? I didn't figure what is the role of "wm" files. Any help? Thanks!
  13. Cambronne

    Civilian/Partisan Vehicles

    Well,my understanding is that CMBN simulates small scale tactical encounters between two groups of people,not necessary regular forces. So I cannot imagine the partisans missing from it after the last module is released.
  14. so,if you have a group (that includes a FO) with an "advance" mission,the FO should follow the script and try to advance to the objective.In that case,in order to bombard his target he needs to stop and keep the LOS on the target,but he cannot do it since he is scripted to advance toward the obj.
  15. hmm,so it seems the spotter needs a AI script just for him and allocate a whole group just for him? But in QBs?