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  1. Question - I have bought the 4.0 upgrades (I have all the modules and add-ons except for the Black Sea series) about a year ago - but haven't gotten to actually upgrading as the task is a bit daunting (particularly for CMBN and all the modules/add-ons) and haven't had the time to do. However, have a bit of free time over the next couple of weeks and was going to finally hunker down and plow through the upgrade process. But, given the comments here - would it be better to wait for the patch, or is the 4 generally still better than 3 and upgrading is still an improvement? Thanks
  2. One last question before I install these - for CMFI and CMBN - after putting in the v4 upgrade code and the v3 upgrade code - do you need to put in the base module code? I realize all the add-in codes need to be entered - but don't know if the original base model code has to be put in. Thanks
  3. I just purchased the 4.0 MacOS upgrade - big bundle and am about to update CMBN, CMFI, CMRT, and CMFB. I have all the adds-ons to all the games and have CMBN and CMFI up through version 3. I just want to check the process before beginning. It looks a though for each game I update, I start the game, then put in the code for the 4.0 upgrade, and then quit. I start the game activation script in the appropriate game documents subfolder and enter the registration code for each item. For CMRT and CMFB that seems pretty straight forward as there is only one license for each. For the other two I would like to check to see if I have this right: CMFI - there would be 3 license keys - the base module, Gustav Line, and the 3.0 update. Is that correct and is there a specific order to put them in? CMBN - there would be 7 license keys - the base module, Commonwealth Forces, Market Garden, 2.0 Update, 3.0 Update, Vehicle Pack, and Battle Pack. Is that correct and is there a specific order to put them in? Thanks
  4. Just checking in about the status of the release. Thanks
  5. Excited about 4.0 - any other tidbits?
  6. Would really like to to see Barbarossa - specifically key engagements around Smolensk that many historians now are claiming was central in the failure of the German invasion.
  7. +1 on the willingness to spend more for more content. Maybe a preorder system could work here?
  8. To allow people to do Barbarossa scenarios - what if Battlefront did an eastern front early war vehicle pack - similar to what they did for Normandy for unusual vehicles?
  9. Any chance you could give us some hints as to what will be in 4.0
  10. When is the CD version being sent out? Thanks
  11. Andrew - my install was for a Mac... just saw in your screen capture you were in Windows...
  12. I just purchased the vehicle pack and installed about half hour ago. I had not applied any upgrades (beyond 3.0). After installing the vehicle pack I was at 3.10 (checked the start-up screen as I had read this thread prior to my install). Went back and installed 3.11 - and now up to date.
  13. Just purchased the vehicle pack - and went through the licensing process without a hitch. Also did the upgrade to 3.11 - and it did not ask for the a serial. So up to speed on CMBN. Also did the upgrade to 1.02 for Red Thunder - and had no problems with the licensing for it either. Still wish Battlefront would make this easier - but had no problems.
  14. So I hesitated in getting the vehicle update do to concerns about the license activation, and now there is a version 3.11 that also requires updating. So would like to ask if this is the correct sequence I am supposed to do - after purchasing the vehicle pack. 1) Install vehicle pack 2) Put in serial for 3.0 3) Put in serial for Commonwealth 4) Put in serial for Market Garden 5) Put in serial for vehicle pack 6) Install 3.11 7) Put in serial for 3.0 8) Put in serial for Commonwealth 9) Put in serial for Market Garden 10) Put in serial for vehicle pack Is this correct? Also I have a Mac and the instructions say the activation link for the modules is in the documents folder. That is the the folder inside the applications folder for CMBN? The patch feature list looks great! Thanks
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