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  1. A known issue introduced by the 4.0 upgrade's "01" patch with much discussion about it on the CMBN forums. It's caused by a conflict between the retreat logic code and certain type of bocoage. BF is aware of the issue, but have so far only succeeded in limiting it with the "02" patch. It was far worse with the 01 patch. It's strictly a CMBN issue because it's the only CMx2 game that has bocage. There has been no word as to when it will be completely fixed.
  2. Are you upgraded to 4.0? If so, then are you using the "01" patch for that upgrade? The CMFI "01" patch for the 4.0 upgrade inadvertently zapped the Fallschirmjaeger uniforms. That issue was fixed with the 02 patch. Here is the announcement link:
  3. That is something these games have badly needed going back to CMx1. A "follow-the-leader"/convoy command was on the drawing board to be included in one of the CMx2 upgrades, but somewhere between that upgrade's inception and it's release it was dropped as a feature. It appears they couldn't get to work within CMx2's code. A shame. So, CMx3 is probably only our hope we'll see ever it in one of their games. I agree that plotting road movements for numerous vehicles/squads is a pain in the neck that often seriously detracts from my enjoyment. In fact, I come to deeply resent any scenario/campaign that features waves of reinforcements whose movements then have to be laboriously plotted from the back of the map to the front. All that waypoint setting and use of the pause key to avoid traffic jams, it's got to be one of the worst parts of the game.
  4. I checked every mod for CMFI on CMMODS2 and although some of mjkerner's mods are there (I was mistaken) it appears that some of it is either out-of-date or missing. These mods were made specifically for CMFI: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2089 (This is a partial version of his Sicily uniforms mods covering only the 1st, 9th, 45th, and 82nd Airborne. I could not find the mods that he made covering the 3rd, 34th, 36th, 509th PIR, 1st Armored, and 2nd Armored that were made specifically for CMFI and which I do have. If they're there then please link them for others.) http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=1797 (His Nissei mod.) Out-of-date mods (Uniform mods covering Italian theater divisions that mjkerner made for CMBN. All the files would have to be renamed in order to get them to work.) http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2163& Covers airborne units http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=2166& Covers all infantry divisions from the MTO but only their khaki uniforms (This is same mod that Mord linked above.) EDIT: Mord, sorry to screw-up your thread with off-topic stuff and your new portrait work looks fantastic!
  5. Unfortunately, that mod is out-of-date (made prior to the 2.0 upgrade that changed how uniforms .bmps were labeled). So, everything would have to be renamed in order to get it to work. Further, it's just khaki uniforms. No greatcoats. No winter uniforms. No tropical uniforms. In fact, it was made prior to CMFI even being released for people who wanted to make Italian theater scenarios or quick battles with CMBN. MJKerner did make an American uniform mod specifically for CMFI (ie. works with the 2.0 upgrade uniform changes), but it's only for Sicily scenarios: just tropical uniforms.
  6. There were uniform mods with the American divisional patches made specifically for CMFI by mjkerner. I'm currently using the 45th Infantry ones for a Sicily scenario. Those uniform mods were released in Fall 2012 and probably only on the now defunct Repository. I could not find them on CMMODS2. I could email them to you if you're interested. However, they only cover the U.S. divisions that saw combat on Sicily and only the "tropical" uniforms.
  7. According to BF, that issue now only exists in CMBN due to some conflict between a certain type of bocage and the retreat logic code. Since none of the other CMx2 titles have bocage then it should not be seen in those other games. Currently playing a CMFI scenario and have so far not seen it.
  8. The "Z folder?" On my PC, the only game that recognizes the "Z folder" for mods is CMBN. All my other Combat Mission games including CMFB only recognizes mods placed in the User Data/Mods folder which is the documents directory. From my understanding, there was a change in Windows that caused Battlefront to change the installation location and directories on the games released after CMBN which is why it's the only game that uses a "Z folder" for its mods.
  9. I've seen an improvement with the fleeing behavior. I had a fire team hunting along hedgerow, received fire, took one casualty, and then ran away from the enemy fire. So, this patch appears to have limited some of that behavior. Has it eliminated it? From other posters, doesn't sound like it, but in my experience it's an improvement over 4.01.
  10. Just joining the chorus in the hopes something will be done about it fairly quickly: I'm also seeing this "fleeing towards the enemy by way of the nearest hedgerow gap" behavior in CMBN. Disappointing. Waiting 2.5 years for a patch to fix highly questionable infantry behavior under fire only to see it introduce ANOTHER form of highly questionable behavior? Geez-o-man. Between that, the CMFI patch zapping the Fallschirmjaeger uniforms, and complete silence as to the alleged upcoming modules for CMRT and CMFI, 2019 has so far been a rough year for BF and its fans. I truly hope the year ends on a far better note.
  11. That sounds like included preparatory coding work for the "soon" to be released module for Red Thunder that will extend the timeline to May 1945 and include cold temperatures and snow visual effects. (Hopefully, the extended delayed releases for these 4.0 patches were mostly the result of their being worked on in tandem with the upcoming modules for CMFI and CMRT. At least, that's what I hope caused the problem.) Still, the CMFI patch being released with Fallschirmjaegers missing their uniforms was pretty sloppy.
  12. I'm seeing this too. Fallschirmjaegers are not using their own uniform skins in any scenario or campaign. How did that get by the testers? It's not a game-killing bug, but it is an immersion killing one. I really hope we don't have to wait 2.5 years for it to be corrected.
  13. It's very evident in CMBN too. The first scenario I played with the 4.0 engine was a CMBN one and that bug was noticeable almost immediately. I ordered an harassment artillery barrage on a group of buildings which I suspected harbored hidden German forces. As my forces neared those buildings, I came across German teams just sitting in the open. (They had fled the buildings for the "safety" of open terrain.) Needless to say, it made things easier for my attacking troops. And I played that scenario in January 2017! Almost as insidious is that the 4.0 engine caused the Bren/BAR (and I believe the Breda as well) to be reduced to single shot weapons when fired past a certain range. This really limits their effectiveness as automatic weapons. It especially hurts the already anemic firepower of the Commonwealth forces. Some people claim the above make these games "unplayable." I don't entirely agree. While I have avoided playing Commonwealth scenarios/campaigns due to the issue with the Bren gun, I have continued to play CMx2 4.0. It's still a great game, but I've played mostly CMRT because it doesn't have the Bren/BAR issue. However, it has been REALLY disappointing that BF allowed these issues to exist as long as they have. Two years! Yes, they're not "game-killing" bugs like that saved-game crash that was introduced by a CMRT patch which BF quickly fixed within a week or two, but they do make the CMx2 gaming experience feel less than optimal. I keep checking these forums daily hoping to see the announcement of the patches' release. Hopefully, it'll be soon.
  14. "A war without Mercy- Another pathetic enemy vet vs your conscripts type battle. Takes place in Herrlisheim. Terrible scenario with too short of a time limit. The game began to skip and serious FPS lose to the point of almost not being able to play when the panthers rolled in and were taken out as quick as they arrived. Artillery never ever hit where i wanted it to. Weather was terrible. Allies skills were horrid. Not playing again." Disagree with the above. I really enjoyed that one. The green 12th Armored getting a bloody nose trying to clear-out a town during Operation Nordwind. I thought it was a lot of fun and pretty manageable even for a huge scenario. (I followed the advice in the scenario briefing to flank around the town which is a panzerfaust/panzerschrek gallery. I also ensured that I left flank guards to defend against counter-attacks which the briefing mentions as a possibility.) Overall, I thought it was one of the better CMFB scenarios. Also, I had no tech issues with it whatsoever. My PC/graphics card are both nearly four years old. They were decent when I got them, but certainly not top-of-the-line gaming PC/graphics card even for 2015. Yet, they handled that scenario without any noticeable FPS loss or any "skipping."
  15. Just to be clear, I am asking if the "weapon slot" (the silhouette in the vanilla UI) for DT is missing for everyone else. The DT is IN the game. If you mouse over a crew member manning one then you'll see "DT" as the weapon listed and they will fire them. However, there doesn't appear to be a weapon slot for the DT- no physical depiction of it like for all the other crew weapons of a Soviet tank. In contrast, you'll see the crew manned silhouette of the MG-34 for German tanks and .30 cal. for the Americans. It appears the DT's missing weapon slot was an oversight by BF and just wanted to confirm.
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