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  1. No, my mind is crashing if i look at the Isometric map. I tried several times to play but its to confusing.
  2. Hi, i need a Patch or Upgrade for SC2 to play it in 2D (MAP + Counters). When will be this done? I need it as soon as possible. Many thanks!
  3. Hi, do we have a finished World Map Mod playable against AI? I remeber that there were a long Thread some time ago were someone buld a World Szenario and collected all the historical info for the mod. But i cant find the thread. Please help. Thanks
  4. As far as i know it will be possibly to build a "world map", but i dont know who in this forum planning to doing this and how long it will take. I´m a single-player-only Player too and would like to have a world map.
  5. Doh! Read the f***ing manual DSEDS!!! I found the description of the options.
  6. Hi all, whats the difference between the options menue Expirience Bonus (+1, +2) and Difficulty (+50, +100) and how affect they the AI? Or in short: What is the Best option if i want a challanging AI but not unrealistic issues like the enemy korps damages my tank group heavily from 10 to 4 with one hit. Thank you!
  7. After seeing more and more of the new game i think the worst things for me are the new graphics, "3D"-like map instead of 2D, The new unit graphics (both options) instead of "counters". The unit look like obscure "giants", and "distubring" the map view. and the Tiles vs. Hexes Drama. Overall i fear that i will play SC2 not as long as SC even with the better rules, larger map area ect. At the moment i dont know whether i can live with the new look that destroys every atmo. And dont hink that "you will get used to it" will work in this issue. I doubt that SC2 will get more buyers just becouse of the new graphics, of course everyone will say that this was not the intend. Any chance that the first the ponts will be patched later or can be modified with the editor?
  8. Hi, if you take more time, implent a 2D map too please. I want SC2 not Panzer General 3. Thank you.
  9. I´ll never play online such a game. Give me Dual Core powered A.I.!!!
  10. The Military Intel know about the attack on perl harbour by 6th Dec, more then enough time for an alarm. But youre right that the US Intelligence are far from beeing "good". Today and at that time.
  11. Hi all. I have a question about a move in this AAR: AAR ISCL: Zappsweden (Axis) vs Avatar (Allies). Turn 4: No ground gains in LC. Allies DOW Iraq just before Italy joined the war. Baghdad Axis but the mines Allied held. My Question: How could the Axis occupied Baghdad in Turn 4? It is occupied with what and where it comes from? Or did i misunderstand something? Thank you! All the Best DSEDS
  12. Okay, here´s my answer why germany loose the war: 1. Chamberlain won the war for Britain in 1937. Chamberlain won valuable time for Britain, France and Poland. The Military Industrie Output of these countries were 1937 too small. If Germany had started the war in 1937, it never had turned into a "world war". 2. In Novemver 1940 Molotov visited Hitler in Berlin. He came as "a friend" and offered germany that the soviet union will be totally neutral and germany could give the soviets almost the half of the balkans. Hitler was very angry about this "offer", he didnt knew that Roosevelt, a few years later, would pay a much higher price (the baltics, whole eastern europe, half of germany, ect.) for the friendship with the soviets. (Roosevelt loved the Soviet Union) In this hour, where Hitler said "No", in this hour germany loosed the war. This was the desicion about the fate of germany, europe and maybe the whole word. In this hour germany loosed the war, Eastern Europe his freedom and Britain his Empire. Roosevelt find a nice way treating the the americans and enter the way. He found his new "lusitania" and sacrificed 4000 americans in Perl Habour. We know today the the US Military knew detailed the Japanese attack plans weeks before the attack happend. They do nothing to have a reason to enter the war. Forget all Battles, Tactics and Strategies. The war was won by the US Industries and cornet beef, the russian winter and the masses of russian solders. Thats it. Be happy with that and dont think about "what if" szenarios. Thanks for reading, im sorry for grammatical errors. Greetings from Germany. DSEDS [ August 20, 2004, 01:42 PM: Message edited by: DSEDS ]
  13. You cant really play Blitz in SC1, the role of the planes in the Blitz strategie is destroying supply lines, headquarters and enemy planes on the ground to isolte them and make breakthrough easier for your ground units, not only bombing the frontline. Optimal in SC2 would be: If you bombing enemie front units you can damage them seriosly but with intact supply lines you cant really break trough. If you use tanks against the enemy ground units in combinations with planes to destroy the supplies, headquarters, trains, and airfields you can make a brakthrough on the frontline.
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