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  1. BadgerDog

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    Thanks.... will do
  2. BadgerDog

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    I can't seem to get "Who's Turn It?" to work on my Macbook Pro. It seems to set up ok, but never actually moves files between my local game files to my shared Dropbox with mu opponent. Does anyone have any MAC screen pics as to how the directories setup should look like?
  3. BadgerDog

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    I have exactly the same problem on my MacBook. Can't even fake it out by creating it under another name. Doesn't see install at all. Is there an answer or are we done? Regards, Doug
  4. Hello folks .... Looking for a PBEM opponents (large maps preferred.. the bigger the better). Most times, I can do 1-2 turns or more per day, depending upon how busy I get at work... I've have had sometimes poor luck with some opponents, in that they play about half way through, then disappear. That can be frustrating, so please send me an email only if you are willing to play the match all the way through, or of course surrender if you're done.. I use DropBox and H2H Helper program from Martin 'GreenAsJade', which I find excellent for making PBEM games easy to handle. So, if you'd like to give it a go, email be at badger@milsurps.com. Thanks .... Regards, Doug
  5. I'm running Version 1.7.6-Beta on my MacBook Pro and it's working great .. Regards, Doug
  6. Thanks Phil .... I also received a response to by trouble ticket, suggesting I do exactly the same thing, delete appstate.txt and restart CMH.. I did that and it's fixed!!! Appreciate the help from both of you .. Regards, Doug
  7. No, I deleted the old version after installing the new one and I think that's the problem. I wanted to make sure the new version workedf first.\\ Most likely one of those Apple config type files that has duplicate info now. Any idea which one it is and how I can edit or clean it up? Thanks... Regards, Doug
  8. Anyone else getting duplicate games showing after updating? I opened a ticket #357 Running v1.7.6 beta on a Mac... Had same problem with v1.7.5 also on same Mac.. Any way to clean up these duplicate entries without losing one of them which is a live game? Thanks... Regards, Doug
  9. BadgerDog

    CM Helper

    Running CM Helper 1.6.3 on a MacBook Pro with OSX ... Yes, I can add under "Installs" a CMFB and point to the executable program, which shows as "not installed" . I then try to ADD a game, but CMFB does not appear as an option to do that .. How do you associate an existing game if you can't click on a game type during the "add game" function? Regards, Doug
  10. BadgerDog

    CM Helper

    Anyone in contact with Greenasjade? It would be nice if we could get his terrific add-on CM Helper updated to handle CMFB. Regards, Doug
  11. BadgerDog

    The shock of the new

    Still wondering where our signature line capability went .. Plus, when I type a post now, everything ends up double spaced. How to I turn ON single spacing between lines? Regards, Doug
  12. BadgerDog

    A guide to A.F.V. Telescopes

    There's an old thread from 2001... second page... A member named Conall there says he has a copy and offers to send a scan to BFC... http://community.battlefront.com/topic/28172-76mm-he-inferiority/page-2 I don't know they're still active or not.. Regards, Doug
  13. BadgerDog

    Grid Terrain Mods

    Thanks.. Regards, Doug
  14. BadgerDog

    Grid Terrain Mods

    So, do I just unzip this file and put the folder into the Z directory? Thanks.. Regards, Doug