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  1. I`ve had bad driver problems of late and cannot seem to find the best way to upgrade Geforce4 Ti4200 drivers. Please help. I want to go to 56.72. Some say delete from add/remove, others say just run the new driver file.Which one-if either?? Thankyou
  2. I understand that the latest certified drivers are the 56.72. Has anyone had any trouble with them? What do you think are the most suitable ones for CMAK? Does it make any difference if you do upgrade? Any views expressed will be greatly appreciated.
  3. An Alien Invasion of Earth 2133. We`ve had almost every other possibility.
  4. Perhaps "Arab wars" are a bit of a sore point for you at the moment.
  5. All in all I think it`s generally accepted that it was a ghastly weapon to use and rarely hit anything that wasn`t 10m away.Don`t know why we didn`t bin it and buy bazookas from you.Unless anyone knows different.
  6. Think of all the great tanks without too longer ranges. Also N.German terrain would limit things,but not so desert.Anyway got the terrain now! How about:- M48,M60, Comet,Centurion,Cheiftain, Leopard I T54/55,T62/64. BMP-1,ZSU234/4 etc etc. Also 1st generation AT missiles and Helicopters.Last can be abstracted in a way similar to aircraft in CM now. Just hoping.....
  7. Does anybody have the answer why some guns have muzzle brakes and others dont? Can`t just be because it reduces recoil force.Grognards please offer ideas!
  8. Simple question: Are CMBB mods compatible with CMAK? What happens if put non-compatible ones in CMAK from CMBB? I faintly recall someone saying that some mods are not because of bmp nos. not corresponding. I am sure that this topic has been covered before,but i cannot find any references to it.Sorry.
  9. I`ve noticed that after giving "shoot n scoot" orders with a delay in between the pause is ignored.Is this deliberate?Also in normal shoot n scoot the time spent stationary is far too short.They hardly have time to locate targets before the reverse. Also,do you find the "seek hull down" order to be effective ? They were trained Marder crews.
  10. I prefer operations that have the following features:- 1.Last about 20+ turns. 2.4 battles. 3.Dawn-dusk time period. 4.Combined arms.
  11. New mods I would like to see are:- 1.Predominantly ambush cammo for Ger in Italy.I`m fed up with wishy-washy 2 tone PzIII,IV and Stugs. 2. Sandbags on US tanks. They generally are a bit plain usually. 3. Numbering on Ger tanks other than 808.how about 111. 4.More of the blue/sand cammo for allied desert tanks where appropiate. 5.Revamp of the cornfield in Italy. The base seems a different colour to the doodahs so one sees a criss-cross effect .None too appealling. 6.Winter cammo for all!! I prefer the whitewash effect myself. I can`t understand why we don`t get them again. 7.More subdued trees etc in Italy. They seem a bit garish. Rather a lot I realize, but hopefully some may happen.Kudos to all modders!
  12. Thankyou.It all can be a pain in the ass if you let it!!!
  13. Question:What are muzzle brakes for? I gather that they produce a backblast as the shell leaves the end of the tube and this reduces the strengh of the recoil although not the shock transmitted to the gun mounts.Also the amount of travel of the breech backwards is therefor less. So what intrigues me is why not every gun sports a brake? Most allied and Russian tanks do not have them.Exceptions:Russian SP guns generally and the odd very late US tanks (I`m guessing). German 75 L45.L48.L70(panther)and the 88`s do. 75mm L70 on the JgdPZ.IV do not. Brakes were removed from the Hetzer`s during production. The Ger. 50mm never had them. Also what about anti-tank guns in general? There seems no logical reason why as there is no obvious trend.and as tank and gun design was/is so well known I would have thought that the criteria for having/not having one would be quite self-evident. I know CMAK et all doesn`t model it but if anyone can shed some light on the subject I`d be gratefull.
  14. Looking at the posts since CMBO was launched the drivers of choice were the 30.82.Has anyone had problems with 45.23? CMAK works fine with whatever it is I`ve got so I`m a bit cautios to upgrade. Any thoughts anyone??
  15. Really good idea. There was a mod for CMBB that did it well.I can`t mod either but lets hope some other talented modder feels there is a need.
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