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  1. Its probably best you give it a miss...and check out TOW2 when it comes.
  2. Hey guys....start a new thread so this one can stay on topic!
  3. theBrit


    I've played MP a few times, but the Ai is so bad...I've unistalled!!!
  4. Obviously you enjoy micro management....I find it frustrating.
  5. Ok so the Uber patch has come.... many are rejoicing but for me, fundementaly nothing has really changed. The core of the problem for me is the constant micro management of my 'deaf, blind and dumb' troops/vehicles. The core of this game is still flawed in my opinion... In every department from Pathfinding to simple fire and manoeuvre TOW struggles. Troops ordered to move to a position have to be almost instructed on an individual basis constantly if you are to have control over the action. Even small actions, such as soldier v soldier ends in comedy as two combatants stare at eachother, some 8 yards apart...fumbling for grenades!!! Sadly the tow community and devs seem now intent on this legendary add-on to save the day, well if that's the case I feel cheated....this add-on should be FREE as the game has never really delivered its promises or vision...its still broke! As it stands its a pretty map generator, with the ability to place mindless drones... and nothing more! I will however watch this game with interest as I feel all is not lost...yet! Thanks for listening.
  6. I will check it out thanks....
  7. I personally will not buy any add on until the fundamentals are fixed. Im sure they'd get a percentage of new comers to buy it, but if they want us current TOW owners to dip into our pockets...more work needs to be done.
  8. Can we forget expansions atm...lets just get the game working before we think about adding stuff.
  9. Please please better AI....provide that and 60% of the game will be improved!
  10. Gets my vote, this should be the bare minimum!
  11. theBrit

    JSH Mod

    Anyone, Ive asked this before....what is this JSH mod and where can I find it?
  12. Sorry for being thick...but what is this JSH mod (whats that stand for) and where can I get it?
  13. Link down Http Status Code: 404 Reason: File not found or unable to read file
  14. We played lastnight and found that speed set to 100,000 works well with the use 1 cpu ticked. Smooth play all night! Both systems have duo cpu's, with 8mb net connection.
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