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  1. If it helps, my initial 20kb/s speed did not last and the final download was around 4hrs. I was too busy being nerf-gunned by a gang of sugar-fueled 9yo's to notice exactly what speeds I did get up to at the end... Managed to fit in "Brutal" before bed time. Loved it.
  2. 20kb/s. My son's birthday party this afternoon has been saved! :-) Still faster than mail!
  3. Oh dear. My son will be disappointed. I just cancelled his birthday party this afternoon because I have something else to do now. He'll get over it eventually, I'm sure... :-) (Incidentally, the main BTC website portal seems to be blocked here in Malaysia now! Thank the Digital Lord for VPNs.)
  4. Will AeroGavins be in the base game or will we have to wait for an expansion?
  5. pnzrldr, thank you for a very interesting AAR! Modern-era war-games have never appealed much to me before probably because I thought it was a bit too 'clinical'. But I think this AAR (and your side of the story in particular) has kindled enough of an interest that, instead of giving it a miss, I will probably get CMBS. The little insights and details you are giving a modern-era 'n00b' like me are kicking off something. Many thanks. Now, some more explosions please... :-)
  6. Ditto, for what it's worth. I like a nice argument... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnTmBjk-M0c (how does one embed youtube videos so you can view them in the reading pane? - got it!)
  7. A camo scheme like that gives a modeller like me heart palpitations. :-o
  8. Should have dubbed "Jingle Bells" onto the video. ;-)
  9. TMS does CMBN? Thanks, gave me a Monday morning chuckle. :-)
  10. Finish the campaign a couple of days ago and I would just like to say how much I enjoyed it! In CMx1 I would have run a mile to avoid such infantry-heavy scenarios but this campaign really showed to me how much better the latest engine is. I also really appreciated the effort put into the historical aspect by Paper Tiger. The briefings were interesting to read and I really liked the way the whole thing gave you a sense of pushing the front forward. Icing on a great cake! The only thing I would change is upping the level of difficulty a bit! Overall I reckon at extra 50% enemy would have
  11. Completely agree. I would have avoided these type of infantry missions like the plague in any of the CMx1 games. Now I'm finding infantry more interesting to play than armour.
  12. I don't know how you chaps do it. I've been playing for 4 days now and I'm still on mission number 2... ... and thoroughly loving it. :-)
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