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  1. I received a reply from BF which worked. Posting it here for future ref: MacOS Combat Mission won't launch or shows only a black screen Conditions can arise during installation where Apple's installer and the MacOS do not properly set Permissions for Combat Mission. The result is the OS does not allow Combat Mission to fully run or even launch for security reasons. The two most common symptoms are: When the game is launched there is the standard "zoom" animation but nothing happens and the game is definitely not running. The game launches normally, and is running, but there is nothing but a black screen with absolutely nothing showing (note there is a similar symptom, but it isn't 100% black. Check this article http://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com/help/article/136097) What you need to do is trick the OS into reconfiguring the permissions. The way to this may sound a bit odd, but it makes sense from the OS perspective and that really is all that matters! Move the Combat Mission application outside of its folder. Anywhere will work. Select the application and the Copy command. With the Combat Mission folder selected use the Paste command to create a new application in the folder. Launch the newly created application and verify that it is working correctly. Delete the original application that is outside the Combat Mission folder. It is no longer needed and therefore takes up significant harddrive space for no reason. There are several other methods that will work, but the above is the most straight forward and "foolproof" way. If you do the above and it doesn't work, then there is likely something else wrong and you should file a Ticket with the Help Desk.
  2. Hello, I downloaded the latest CMRT ver 1.03 DMG from your website. I moved the file to the APPLICATIONS folder, double-clicked to launch and nothing happens. The CMRT icon jumps in the bar and that's it. I cleared the CACHE, re-downloaded and re-installed the program several times. Ran out of things to try. Please advise. Thank you. MacBook Pro, 13" retina, Iris Intel Graphics, 512 SSD HD, 8 Gb RAM, MAC OS Sierra, i5 2.5 mhz
  3. True, just bought and downloading.
  4. After I posted I realized that this was a trolls thread. Reason why I don't post here too often - unsubscribing. I recommend you get a life.
  5. Someone from BF needs to address this. I have 3 league games that were almost done with large complicated setups.
  6. onodoken

    Combat Mission Gamers Website

    Hello again gang, just a short post to let everyone know that OSTFRONTWARGAMES is hosting the 2nd CMSF League. Stop by and sign up! We are growing rapidly. The main site was moved to a new domain: www.ostfrontwargames.com All the best!
  7. onodoken

    Combat Mission Gamers Website

    Thanks Moon, yes we have.
  8. Hey gang just a note to let you guys know about a new CM website for grogs (non-Commercial), Ostfront Wargames we have 100+ registered users and all kinds of leagues and tournaments for ALL CM titles. The core web is in Spanish but there is a translation function and a dedicated/moderated English forum. Stop by and join us! Take care http://ostfront44.foroactivo.com/portal.htm
  9. onodoken

    Question regarding open source CMC

    "Kill" the bot....
  10. onodoken

    New Mods at CMSFMODS thread

    I DL the Afghani Stan file but the zip file seems corrupted, can you look into it and advise? Thank you
  11. Hello gang, did a quick search but no dice, if this has been addressed before please post link. Also I have not read the term and agreements. If someone from BF can answer all the better. I downloaded the opensource CMC files from Sourceforge.net and it includes a lot of artwork etc. from CM. Can everything included in the developer files be utilized freely and openly for any project, even those not related to CMC? Thanks.
  12. onodoken

    Important Announcement

    Sorry to hear that Hunter. I was really looking forward to CMC. My dream wargame really. Releasing the source code is wonderful to say the least. It gives us CM grogs some hope of it being released sometime. Thank you.
  13. Nice site and effort. Regarding the selling of the books, although interesting, the images are owned by BF, you would need their permission or get other public domain references (not too hard) In either case good luck, will bookmark you.
  14. onodoken

    The CMC Demand Thread

    Yes of course. While I am here: What is BFs problem with perpetuating the modern CMSF franchaise disaster? Let's get back to WWII and CMC would be a nice first step for BF to re-aquire its north.
  15. Jeeezuz Khrist...Trying to play this game is like repeat visits to the dentist...without the laughing gas.