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  1. Hej Erwin! I remember you, you were funny. Nice to hear from you, more people still here?
  2. Anyone of the old guard veterans since 20 year old back still alive? I'm still here, still alive. Moon? Hubert? Rambo? Terif? Dragonheart? Immer?
  3. I'm still alive. Any battlefront veterans from the 90's still left here?
  4. Should'nt be whining that there are no tiles in sc3? You have after all said you preferred them over hexes on countless ocassions. Now stand your ground and sit here at BF and play "tetris" while us true wargamers finally after 10 years of waiting get to play hexes and european theatre.
  5. Yes all this is great news. Hubert and Bill, Colin made a good point in here about massive troop concentrations. It is a must we go from these hordes of units to continous frontlines.
  6. Of what i can find out sc3 seems to be released 2014.
  7. Lol are you a complete moron or something? It should be obvious for everyone with a sane mind that these screenies were tests and not whats gonna be in the game. Congrats on the most inane post ever.
  8. Never mind it's confirmed by matrix and on twitter by wargamer. Looks like it's gonna be ww2 european theatre depicting from screenshots.
  9. Read more, seems confirmed. Matrixgames will release sc3.
  10. Matrixgames is giving a sneakpeak that sc3 is to be released by matrix? Is it the same game fury software is in development of and whan can we get some official confirmation?
  11. I'm no graphics artist but I can't believe it would be that difficult to get really good graphics for a strategic game. Heck the operational art of war had somewhat ok stuff back in the 90's!!! Surely some improvement must have happen since then. As I mentioned before, For my nach stalingrad scenario for sc2 pacific I used blitzkrieg bitmaps for the katyusha and nebelwerfer slots. That game was old but was still 10 times better than all of the current bitmaps. And that game was old.
  12. Yes i can see it now, Lordz and Slitherine seems to be partners. I agree it looks unready but it is hexes anyway, which is a good thing.
  13. What are you talking about? What screenies?
  14. I think Al is one of the best scenario designers and AI programmers. His earlier brute force shows he knows a thing or two about this. However there are some flaws with AoC, there are too many units, the game do not simulate the war of mobilty instead 2-3 lines of hordes moving towards each other. Partly that is due to flaws in the sc2 engine but also that the scenario was created that way. I firmly believe that this type of scenario should be at corps not divisional level and that unit-types ought to be reduced.
  15. Sorry but whan I see these pics, I have a hard time see how this reflect the war of manouver. Where are the huge panzer sweeps? The map is too crowded, besides that the OOB is completly off it's too much units this is just boring.
  16. I was a bit baffled that no change was made to Biyalostok in the patch. Biyalostok should NOT be in german hands at the start of 1941 scenario. Not to mention that Biyalo and Grodno is way off on the map, with Grodno south of Biyalostok.
  17. Someone here is perhaps using a bit Moon-shine?
  18. Bill, it would be cool if the SC1 remake would be included in sc3.
  19. I agree with ancient demon, I can't see how a german force that failed so terrible at reaching any objective of strategic importance during 1941 could recover.
  20. Yes I think towns should be destroyed as they represent "railroad hubs" and supply source for ongoing operations. On the eastern front the rail raod supply sources would be targeted and destroyed as often as possible as both sides knew railraod was key for offensive.
  21. - Biyalostok should NOT start as a german town at the beginning. The city was in the center of the soviet bulge facing army group center. Grodno should be at the northern tip of the bulge but is located far southeast of Biyalostok when in fact it is to the north east. - Königsberg far off to the south west from memel when in fact it is directly to the south. - The Highway to Moscow should be redrawn with the roads moving through minsk-smolensk-vyazma-mozhaisk-moscow - Batumi should be a port, it was the most important naval base of the black sea after the fall of Sevastopol. Also I won't comment on the OOB as I don't know the designers choice. But one error is clearly to have AGN include a 58th pz corps when that should be the 56th Pz corps under general von Manstein. Also Ciuperca and not Constantinescu should lead the 4th romanian army at the start.
  22. Must be some kind of flaw, Germany is nowhere near to reach it's objectives on any part of the frontline. Far from Moscow, barely captured Pskov and no Rostov.
  23. Great answer Al. It feels good that you are looking at retreats, that is very good news and it looks like you and Hubert will get it right.
  24. Awesome AAR. I rank this scenario as perhaps the best one of the standard scenarios of the whole sc2-series. It's right up there with spanish civil war.
  25. I believe there are two major flaws with the sc2-game that seriously effects gameplay. It is something that need to be adresses to get that real "ww2 feel". First of all tiles with diagonal movement makes map unproportional. I've been starring at the barbarossa map and distances seem so far off, Warsaw to Moscow etc. And it's because of diagonal movement that stretches the map. With hexes this will be adressed and maps will become more correct with distances. The second manor flaw got to do with game mechanics. With the sc2 and sc1 engine units move and then strike or vice versa. However there are no possiblity to move, attack and then move again. That makes it very effective to put "speed-bumps" in front of strong units to slow their movement. For instance a panzer corps out to capture a city only defende by a weak garrison can't move, brush enemy aside and then occupy city. The only way the panzer corps could capture the city would be if it started next to the garrision, destroyed it and then moved in. I'd very much would like if in sc3 units had a number of action points they could spend on either attack or movement, or perhaps the ability to move some of your action points, strike and then move again. That would also mean that units sholud always retreat after taking a certain amount of casualties. Say a 10-strength corps would retreat when losing 3 points, exception to this would be in cities or perhaps the option to tell units to stand fast at all cost. As it now stands the current game engine forces this huge groups of units moving like a swarm of grasshoppers from one prey to the next. It would be better if we had a more spread out front line.
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