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  1. Thanks that puts me on track, you and Frey have been very informative.
  2. I have RT, BS, and Normandy. I really would like to know what I need to do to upgrade these to 4.0. Do I buy the patch is it all inclusive etc? Or do I do a bunch of implemental patches then apply the 4.0 patch. Thanks in advance.
  3. Happy to report that with the last AMD patch Breakthrough finally works!
  4. I'm not feeling very confident on future Battlefront sales if BF can't give us a patch to resolve the issue of the AMD drivers. For someone who has spent well over 300 dollars for BF games I think they should express a little bit more customer support. They resolved the issue with CMBB with the vista patch and should do so for their SC series too.
  5. I been wanting to play this game lately but keep getting the tile error. I do have a AMD card in my laptop and the game plays fine but no longer plays on my desktop. I am assuming regardless if this an error caused by a Vid card BF would be working on correcting this problem. Trajan's fix doesn't work for me, any suggestions?
  6. Hi, Was wondering if I can move my BF game black sea, from 1 external HD to another without downloading again. Thanks
  7. Thanks, I didn't realize that you had to click the modules, but now it all makes sense. Just reloaded the patch and it works perfectly. Wayne
  8. Maybe not, should I repatch the game?
  9. I upgraded to 1.21 but now my marine add on won't work at all. The campaign is greyed and so are the marine scenarios in the battle selection. Wayne
  10. I'm using the bittorrent and getting great DL speeds. Certainly is a big patch. now i'm curious will the game search for online players and if so how will it deal with the ip address? Thanks, Wayne
  11. Rambo a bit of an old guy these days of course not the Rambo online. I just can't visualize a white haired guy in his sixties killing off the bad guys. Anyhow, is that 600 dollars taxable?
  12. Thanks for your help I did as you instructed about cutting and paste and Thrawn's mod works perfectly! Wayne
  13. I was trying out Thrawn's new mod and keep getting this error message. "Could not find European theater campaign ini. mod will be loaded without customization." Seems as if everything is where it should be should I just ignore this message? Thanks, Wayne
  14. Just wanted to thank Battlefront for the patch the game runs great with windows Vista and my ATI 850x card. I've played two scenarios and haven't had any problems with a CTD or freezing. Thanks, Wayne
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