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  1. tracer

    Is the Mod data base down?

    Thanks for the link, I'm able to get into the site again.
  2. Great job, very realistic, thanks
  3. tracer

    Is the Mod data base down?

    I'm still not able to connect,could someone who is connecting put up a link? thanks
  4. I have been having problems getting on the Mod database. Is the site down or is it my puter acting up.
  5. Thanks lost my old files in a computer crash. Great work
  6. Try this site may help you out. http://www.feldgrau.com/
  7. I believe that there are some 251s done in this camo scheme on the data base. Great job on the mods.
  8. John Great site thanks for the link. I collect more of the eastern and western front german militaria. After viewing the site, I may start picking up dak items.
  9. tracer

    Theatre of When?

    I myself don't mind the wait. The less patches to download the better. My money is here waiting for the game to come out. One question though, will folks be able to mod the vehicles and such in this game?
  10. very nice work, thanks for modding it
  11. tracer

    Posting some lost mods

    KG_Jag I believe those are for mac users is the reason why they can't be read
  12. Been a while since I have posted anything here at the forum. But I have been stil visiting the mod data base and picking up a few miods from time to time. I have posted some mods that I had picked up over the years and found the other day on a back up CD. I figured when the database crashed there were a lot of very good mods lost. The grassy road mod is one of them. And the flag mod is from a unknown creator, But I have listed this in the "readme" doc with the mod. As I find more of the oldie but goodie mods, I will list them so the new folks at combat mission and also the veterans can pick them up if they like.
  13. Well been kinda busy, hurricane and all hitting as hard as it did. Other then that been doing pretty good
  14. Thanks Gautrek for emailing me the complete list.
  15. The bmp list i have found on the links are helpful but not complete. Does anyone have a complete list? Thanks