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  1. Does anyone else feel that the matilda tank is quite a super tank, at least in the early years, like a kv-2 or t-34 tank ? my PzIII 50mm can't penetrate easily. A Platoon of Matildas are quite deadly indeed. ps. sorry if this has been discussed previously.
  2. ur,...not exactly a war game but Think Tanks come to mind
  3. heh....when my preorder arrives eventually, i am gonna create a scenario with a whole bunch of PSW 222, and create a Paris to Dakkar or Petite Le Man, Love the F1-Whine of the 222, wondered if Ferry had a hand in designing the engine
  4. most entertaining. i won't go into what i did here or what route i took, safe to say, it doesn't deviate from the earlier posts here, what is interesting are the new stuff i noticed: - troop movements in the open desert is quite hazardous! i had to creep/sneak my men among the bushes. What is tough is trying to position my HMGs/off board motars. - richochet city. alot less first time fatal penetration, but alot of non-damage hits. At first I thought the allies had crack tank platoons, but i found out they were just green/regulars. - M3 Grants die like fruit flies up close whilst the ATG in the trench took forever to kill. I reserve my comments on shermans *eyes rolled up* - my pow amerikans surrendered then in the next turn tried to run away, got caught and promptly surrendered agains. *sneaky* - dust storms is a nice touch, yet to read up on their effects on concealment. overall, this scenario is bigger than CMBB tutorial, somewhat smaller than CMBO Chance Encounter but alot of skills needed than CE. Yes, I promptly pre-ordered the game [ November 21, 2003, 09:04 PM: Message edited by: laxx ]
  5. yeah! My "please-convert-to-CMAK" list: -- Chance Encounter (where do you hide the german battalion ?) -- Yelnia Stare (with sand in the eyes...) -- Winter Wonderland (oops, no snow)
  6. Roo: whatcha mean, loosing a dozen german afvs in iron roadblock to a lone KV takes guts ?! the way to play I.R. is to charge all your Pz towards the KV, and when that lone 251/1 finally reaches the KV, dismount your troops and throw molotovs, and route the KV....now that takes Guts. And then actually lose all the men when they try to approach the flag. Real Guts. Available at your nearest 7-11. I used to beat my regular PBEM friend, 2:1, like 20: 10 games, in CMBO. In CMBB as Russians, it has been quite the opposite, currently at 9:6(me). And those six wins was becoz i played Germans! 4Managing the Russians has been a nitemare, i think it's the language, they doan speak Chinese, and I doan understand russian. laxx [ September 10, 2003, 12:11 AM: Message edited by: laxx ]
  7. egad! that shaking is NOT your "euphoria", it's a SU-85M chasing down a Somua S-35 in your living room!
  8. here's another soothing scenario to try out: - Play Quick Battle - Choose Pure Armor - Choose Assault on the AI - Choose 500 to 800 points You get alot more points vs the AI and AI won't even dig-in the vehicles for defender advantage... if you are playing allied, it's like doing a human wave but with tanks
  9. herm.... last i checked, my 44 june boshelvik troops do not have motar with smoke rounds. the only options available were for howitzer with smoke rounds. [ August 10, 2003, 11:01 AM: Message edited by: laxx ]
  10. Hi, found this chapter on Russian Night combat methods, http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/104-3/ch3.htm part of a broader Night combat text, German night combat text: http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/books/wwii/104-3/ch4.htm cheers!
  11. taken from the site: "A free gallery of 50 photographs taken at the Karelian Front in the period from July 1941 to November 1944. The gallery is available in the Internet as a part of The Russian Battlefiald website. Please notice, the gallery is for advertising and introducing purposes and will not be updated!" BTW, anyone know whether smokescreen was used extensively by the russians ? I was led to believe it wasn't at all common. [ August 06, 2003, 09:10 PM: Message edited by: laxx ]
  12. dunno if this has been posted before, but dang, there is a sense of deja vu looking at these pictures and playing cmbb..... Front Veteran Board and Russian Battlefield collaboration. the web site i definitely want an armored train!
  13. i like these pissing contest....really fun to read what folks have come up with as a winning combination. i just played a game in cmbb armor only against a pbem... and with overlapping arcs in one, my su-100 killed 1 x stug, 1 x nashorn and 3 panthers! Hoooo!!!!
  14. hi, i use this sw called snapz pro on the mac to capture the screen output into a QT file. Not exactly the easiest way though. do a search on www.macupdate.com to find the file.
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