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  1. hi starbucc exactly the same thing here. the los/lof thing plus several ai/game routine issues, are killin the game. back to soase aswell...
  2. hidden troops still get targeted and destroyed.
  3. nice aar. realy, but that hitler escape coup, cracked me up.
  4. lo patched tha game, and played a bit after a long shelving period. i have to say that alot of stuff has been improved. the battle generator and the editors will give this game a good chance to have a long life. i realy want this game to be good, since it has so much great stuff in it. otoh, there a still very big issues which makes the game hard to enjoy properly. i played the first mission of the panzer lehr campaign, i think 4 times now, and it still has the same arcadish feeling. imho, the biggest flaw of the game is the borked spotting/engaging abilities of armored vehicles, especialy when they are under fire and on the move. in the first panzer lehr mission, the assaulting cromwell tanks, are just driving through my positions at high speeds, engaging/spotting targets left and right, destroying guns, stugs and jpz's often while on move. i cant conceal any gun or stug/jpz on the map. it is spotted/engaged/killed instantly. what are those british flyers all about? i thought air to ground radar etc wasnt realy invented back then. they are spotting/engaging/destroying my guncrews even after i disembarked them before the battle. i realy hope that the developers are on all of this with their add on. dont get me wrong, i dont think that i wasted my money or something, since there arent realy and good games like this out of there, but pls keep on working on this game. it has the potential to be realy good.
  5. i have the same problem. i played a few battles and the first mission of thepanzerlehr campaign, and i had only one burning tank yet.
  6. hi just played the first panzer lehr mission, and i have quite an issue with this stop/dont move thing now. afaik, tanks without a turrent wont be able to engage targets outside their firing arc, when you have set them to donmt move. this is pretty unhandy, when confronted with a armored assault over a broad front. any ideas?
  7. i noticed that when you put the troops on hold fire, they will go through attack animation anyway. this is the reason why undetected soldiers in prone position, are doing this "hi im here" stand up lie down thing. alot would be won, imho, if hold fire would not just stop the troops from shooting, but from doing their attack routine all together. i guess this applies for the tanks changing their facing constantly too.
  8. the initial barbarossa assault was no cakewalk at all. infact, the russians lost huge amounts of men and material, but they put up a stubborn defense in many places, and even did some fierce counteroffensives, e.g. jelnja, which where extremely costly for the german army. the wehrmacht lost pretty much every tank they started with, by end of 41. the 800k-900k kia/mia/wia is also quite correct.
  9. if the tankers inside have the nerves to stay inside, its perfectly spot on i guess. i had similar stuff happening to me on one occasion, and the opposite on another, where a crew abandoned their intact vehicle and started to run. just yesterday, i had a great shootout in the german campaign. the third mission it was afaik. the last t34 was duking it out vs my remaining pak38 and 3 panzers. he took several hits, and all of a sudden, the crew started to abandon one by one. i think the driver started to bail first, while the tc was still letting it rip!! what a cool scene that was.
  10. As in real life type of terrain doesn’t inflict on units protection only hills, mountains and etc. If your unit is lying behind small hill he won’t be hurt – terrain will stop the bullets. But if your unit lies down in field he will be certainly hurt – grass doesn’t stop bullets. I hope that I understand your question correctly. </font>
  11. thank you very much. i think we all can hang back now, and keep enjoying our tank duels.
  12. argh. so we are stuck with this set of maps? :/ and is it confirmed that all terrain types are just images, and have no influence on cover/concealment?
  13. it was a common thing for tank commanders to leave their tank, and scout ahead of their own, when they where caught in a tricky sitiuation.
  14. same here. had glancing side hits on my pIII in the 'steel torrent' mission from 85mm. this might be the result of some sick random formular too, so i kinda want to know this. if angles arent in, the avf vs afv thing, and therefor the whole game, would be void.
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