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  1. This may have some useful reference material (maps & photos), albeit it relates to later actions. http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/USA-A-Utah/USA-A-Utah-7.html Cheers
  2. +1. This is really great. Keep up the good work.
  3. In terms purely of the action at Arnhem, Middlebrook takes some beating (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Arnhem-1944-Airborne-17th-26th-September/dp/0670835463/ref=sr_1_29?ie=UTF8&qid=1336068581&sr=8-29). Comprehensive research and an elegant, compelling narrative. Seriously good IMHO.
  4. Just stumbled across this Paper Tiger. Your campaigns all rock (loved Montebourg and currently loving Scottish Corridor). You mentioned the possibility of doing a German Campaign for Market Garden. That would be cool, but I'd love to see a Brit campaign around the 6th Airborne's attempts to get into Arnhem, the battles round the bridge and the defensive actions around the Oosterbeek perimeter. I think the size of these actions and the force compositions (predominantly infantry) would be perfect for the type of stuff you design. Any interest in that sort of thing? Anyway, that's an entirely selfish request as I'm particularly interested in Arnhem and have visited a couple of times. I'm sure whatever you design will be incredible - I would never have expected to get as much enjoyment as I have from the infantry slogs of the Cotentin and Epsom. Testament to your design skills and, of course, the game itself. Looking forward to the Road to Carpiquet. Cheers
  5. I downloaded CW about 10 days ago, having not picked up CMBN for several months for a variety of non-game-related reasons. I've had no problems with it at all on my iMac, and must have put it an average of two to three hours per day on it since I bought it. I hadn't realised there'd been lots of Mac issues so don't know whether I'm an outlier, but I haven't regretted it at all.
  6. OK - will do. Any suggestions as to whom I should send it? Thanks
  7. I've mentioned this before and was just wondering if it is being looked at by Steve and the team. The screenshot below shows a trooper who has somehow ended up apx 500 metres away from his squad (even though the game's in its early turns and the rest of the squad has only moved apx 100m from its start point). He's also some distance off the map edge, though that is incidental to the main issue. Happens to me relatively frequently - I've now seen it three times in about 10 games played. Is this something that's fixable? Thanks PS The blacked out bits are to hide intel from my PBEM opponent!
  8. That's great to hear - many thanks Steve. One in the eye for those who claim BFC doesn't listen to its customers...
  9. The OP used the term ridiculous, not me - I don't agree with it. The point I was making is that when someone is reporting behaviour within the game that is unusual, it doesn't really matter that other people haven't seen it. The people who are reporting it still have a valid issue. I have also seen accurate fire mission much more than I've seen inaccurate ones, but i'd still like to understand why a spotter would call for fire-for-effect when he hasn't seen any spotting rounds land on target; after all why bother with spotting rounds if the mission just goes ahead whether they're hitting the target or not. If it's to reflect the occasional incompetence of spotter or whoever's commanding the battery then that's fine. It would just be good to hear from someone "in the know" if that actually is what's happening.
  10. Not quite sure why this is relevant. Are you saying the behaviour that people are reporting is made up?
  11. I know nothing of military procedure, but the principle of the spotter calling fire for effect when he knows none of the spotting rounds have landed on target seems deeply flawed. Does this really happen IRL? Can't help thinking if I were calling for artillery on a target, the last thing I'd be doing is saying "yeah go for it" when I knew that no spotting rounds had yet found the target.
  12. This has been remarked upon elsewhere. I've experienced it in that campaign too. However, i've also had extremely accurate off map mortar fire - in the same games as i've had wildly inaccurate barrages. AFAIK Steve hasn't commented yet on whether this is by design or might be a bug.
  13. I have had precisely the same issue - I know exactly where you mean. I tried about 5 or 6 times to get a half squad through it, including setting waypoints directly either side. Most frustrating... Bizarrely though, I think the other half of that squad actually made it through the same gap a few turns earlier - I am not certain of this, as I wasn't monitoring them closely, but they made it into the orchard safely and I'm sure they'd have been cut to pieces if they'd taken the alternative route into it (i.e. running through the adjacent field, round the corner of the hedgerow and back into the orchard). It's a really great campaign and I don't blame Paper Tiger (the designer) for this at all - seems to be just a weird bug. I have saves.
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