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  1. Ive been sending these out like I was a spam server!!!! I hope everyone is liking them. Sorry about the unit icons though, I forgot to extract them, so the terrain pack is packaged with JBunnelle's unit pack (my personal fav). I will see If I can grab the unit icon .bmp soon, and Ill post here if and when I get it. DaViLLaN
  2. Glad you guys are enjoying them as much as me!!! It makes the game take on a more serious attitide with the new terrain, plus it looks damn good also. Da\/iLLaN
  3. They are on this page, some are small, but there are a few that show it. http://www.most-wanted-games.com/ http://www.most-wanted-games.com/strategiccommand/ DaViLLaN
  4. If you want the new terrain pack like the one in the european demo, email me and Ill be glad to send the .zip file. celozzi@optonline.net Im going to try to mail Otto and see if he will host it also. DaViLLaN
  5. Then make it yourself. Whew....picky picky picky. Man, everyone wants everything. Hey Hubert...... I like the game Just the way it is. Youre the man. Thanks!!!
  6. I love his style and his attention to detail(SC doesnt have useless crap in it) in this game. I am just wondering if he has been the driving force behind some games in the past that have kept me very occupied. DaVillan
  7. I can only assume the magnitude of a WORLD theatre would be too much. With all of the strategic possibilities currently in the game. I think a world theatre would be great, but extremely complicated and maybe too many units to control. Dont get me wrong, I would love it, even though 1 scenario might take 2-3 weeks a la TAOW. I think that playing one year of the demo does not do justice to the scale and complexity this game could have. I guess well have to wait and see when it comes out. just my 3 cents. http://www.plauder-smilies.com/rough/awm2.gif]
  8. I second that, or third or fourth that, whatever. I can only imagine how many hours Hubert must have slaved over the code for this game, But it was well worth it and it is much appreciated. Chalk me up for 1 or 2 copies!! THANKS!!!
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