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  1. YEs logical place for it to go geared up already ,and with the scene makers and testers
  2. I think CMBO is the best , easiest to run , simple to follow and absorbing to play, the next generation will not run on a lot of our computor`s as i expect the spec`s will take them out of the lower end comp`s, shame as most cant buy a new comp to suit a game, i can run all cmbo , most cmbb and most cmak
  3. I got cmak yesterday a cdv copy , and it work`s a treat no prob`s at all , w98se 500mhz 128 ram 32 ati rage, think game is brilliant, one request please keep patch`s down ,none at all if poss , as it is a hastle getting them at cdv site`s ,well done a fine game
  4. macnab


    Thank`s ,yes research isn`t so bad to handle in this game , in fact now youve said it`s easy ,but in say hoi ,i still dont know what im doing and i must have read the manual a hundred time`s ,still i dont think im alone in that ,some people pick it up straightaway ,, the mod i dont know why ,i cant see the modder`s e/mail to ask him ,
  5. I installed the elite edition 1.1 on top of my SC 1.7 , but then couldnt get the game to run ,and had to reinstall ,i put mod icins etc in correct folder , is it because it was made for an ealier version of SC, and while im here i must say what a good game SC is the a/i in the us alone camp is giving me some stick , i have hoi also but SC give`s you much more time to think and move , how are the research point`s allocated ,ive used the first one`s but cant seem to get any more ? help!
  6. They are on the way to mark ,please pass them on to other ,one missing Riesburg ,enjoy the game `s
  7. Great stuff ,thank`s to all ,yes scenario depot is a good idea
  8. im in cornwall ,but ive been to blackpool ,can i give em one!
  9. can you put a us v1.02 patch on to a cdv cpoy of the game with out adverse happening`s ?
  10. if you are a cdv disc you need a different exe for cmmso ,?
  11. http://www.gametraveler.ch/top_news/tn_index_251102_cdv_combatmis2_patch.html go here
  12. is the threed gamer`s patch compatable with a cdv installation ? thanks
  13. HI Ed dont worry mate it happen`s to all of us ,in cmbo and cmbb it`s normal,
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