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  1. I would like user defined length WEGO turns where you could specify how long a turn is, e.g. 2 minutes, or something else instead of the 1 minute setting now.
  2. I know there is already a bundle where you save a whopping $5, but I am hoping for a better package price for this bundle. These add-ons have been out for several years now. Marketing.
  3. Make sure you have declared war against whoever you're invading. I learned this from experience.
  4. Nice to have way points where ships will follow a pre-set course from turn to turn unless they are attacked. Maybe loops wouldn't be as needed?
  5. The horses aren't dead, they're just pining.
  6. I agree - Belgium should activate for the Allies if Holland is invaded.
  7. I definitely agree on having Command Delays. It's just not realistic that a squad or platoon can instantaneously change their plans and course. It will take a little time to organize things, longer if using green troops.
  8. I already have CM Normandy 2.0, so the bundle upgrade to CM Normandy 2.0 with MG + CW doesn't work for me. I would like to see a bundle where I can have have just the MG+Commonwealth bundle. CW is $35 and MG $40 separately. How about a combination for $65? Finding the separate add-ons a little pricey.
  9. I would love to get the Commonwealth module. Can it be upgraded to 2.0? I find the $35 price a bit steep, so I'm wondering if there is going to be a Christmas sale, or will it be price bundled with Market Garden?
  10. 55. Since CMBO. My back hurts and my knee needs an operation.
  11. I like to go away from the PC while the AI makes it turn. When I return I can't always tell what happened during the AI turn. I would really like to be able to replay all of the action in the opponent's turn so I don't have to standby the computer.
  12. Sapare, your unit in Venice is a detachment, which probably means that it cannot be upgraded further.
  13. I would like to see the AI attack the highest value targets before considering the easiest targets it can defeat. I have noticed that the AI seems to go after the easiest target, such as a garrison instead of targets that are the real threat. So I would just keep rebuilding cheap garrison units and watch the AI pound them rather than go after my tank which was going to cream them the next turn. The AI, especially the AI's aircraft should go after Leaders, Air Units, Tanks and Ships, even if it cannot do as much damage as it could do against a lesser target. Perhaps this could be changed for the current SC2 games too...
  14. Is there a way with multi threading to have the AI opponent plotting its moves while the live player is plotting their move? That way the computer would not take as long when the AI turn starts? I also like the idea of simultaneous moving where both sides plot their moves at the same time and then execute to see the result. Perhaps that is too big a change?
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