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  1. thanks for the aar. looks like you have a lot of canadians heading your way! if you lose the battle, they'll probably make the survivors be the broomer guys in a curling match.. :-p
  2. this looks over. but then, so did the spurs/heat game tuesday night. lol.. seriously, great aar as usual you guys!
  3. well if patton had been running the italian campaign, he'd of been up front leading the charge on that elephant, proving his belief that heavy tanks are a waste of space!
  4. as i recall, hannibal only got 1 elephant through the alps, but it was enough! lol..
  5. it's an intangible maybe the gunner was a pacifist..
  6. your wife takes the kids, all the possessions(except the computer), and leaves. and you don't even notice...
  7. will the heroic allied tanks hold their ground and knock out that pesky feline?? or will the cat pounce on the 2 hapless fools and be licking his chops when the smoke clears?? stay tuned next week cat fans! same cat time, same cat channel!
  8. yet another issue which has been much discussed. not sure if there's a work around for it.
  9. i think there's still spotting issues in the game engine. by the way, is your name taken from steve mcqueen's character in the great escape?
  10. must be a 3rd party project. bfc is too small to spread itself so thin to work on 2 major projects at the same time.
  11. great battle guys! thanks for sharing it. look forward to the next one!
  12. i suppose they could be covered up by the gazillion units on the map, but i don't see any tanks. did canadian infantry not have tanks in their divisions?
  13. and every time the tank gets hit the alarm goes off..
  14. don't worry troopers. these carrier pilots are well trained. they'll get you to the right drop zones!
  15. if i had to surrender, i'd rather have done so to the italians. lasagna and pizza everyday baby!
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