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  1. Actually, the French introduced the machinegun in that war, but it didn't prevent their defeat.
  2. Maybe its actual implementation in a game takes a bit longer.
  3. For some reason, I'm unable to download the pack from the depot. Can you send it to prasoc @ navegalia . com? Thanks
  4. Almost the same meaning of the German Panzerkampfwagen: Panzer - armoured Kampf - fighting Wagen - vehicle
  5. What I remember from playing TLD is that lots of German artillery were in fact French and Russian.
  6. The maniple would have served as a way to keep the formation when deploying and advancing, so men would know where they should be. I don't know any battle in which it could have been used as a tactical unit, and indeed would have been too small for that role. As someone stated above, you need a certain firepower (shockpower in this context) for this, plus an efficient command system down to that level. A checkerboard seems to me absurd as a combat formation. Faced with a continuous line, the men at the extremes of each "cell" would have to fight against 2 or 3 enemies, would succumb most of the time, the "cells" would become thinner and the gaps between them wider. That formation would have been used for deployment, that is, between the column (a marching formation) and the line (a fighting formation). I didn't see anything eccentric in Delbruck's work (maybe in his time he was). Granted, after 80 years, it is outdated (particularly the latter volumes), but as a starting point in the study of ancient warfare I know nothing better (not that I know a lot of literature on the subject, by the way).
  7. That sounds more like a housekeeping arrangement. Were the contubernia used as tactical units either on march or in actual battle? </font>
  8. Can reviewers place an overall rating, or is it still calculated automatically? I stopped reviewing precisely because of this.
  9. It is astonishing how, without a new CM release in perspective, this forum has degenerated.
  10. Maybe CMX2 is not so far...
  11. Vehicle models are hardcoded in the executable. Only with a patch can a new vehicle be added.
  12. You can recreate most battles featured on CMBO with CMAK, so there is no point on releasing a new version of CMBO.
  13. You don't need to remove it. An HQ can place as many ambushes as you wish
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