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  1. Fion's AARs on the old website made me aware of it. Valley of Trouble was my first scenario. The graphics were a little off putting at first but I remember dropping artillery on the town and it arriving at just the right moment and I was sold.
  2. Things go a lot better when you install 2.00 before 2.01. http://i.imgur.com/nyfQCZG.jpg Doh.
  3. ...and when I roll back to 1.11 the unit names are all wrong. Machine guns are tanks and my US infantry squads are listed as field guns. Hmmm.
  4. I have the same situation as luckyhendrix. Been away from the game for a while but reinstalled Windows and CMBN at the end of June. Latest NVIDIA drivers, OS (win7-64 SP1) fully patched. I have CMBN + CW. I had the 1.11 patch installed. Everything was fine. I installed 2.01 today and now I can't see infantry, though vehicles seem fine. Some of the floating icons also appear as black squares. Combatibility mode is off. edit - Here's a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/h1xsjST.jpg
  5. Couldn't agree more, it really is good. There was a point last week where I was very frustrated with it and was almost at the "sod it, I'm writing my own" point. But now that we have our heads around it it's working wonderfully well and is a tremendous time and effort saver.
  6. I'm happy to report that with v1.46 and a new game we now have this working. Couldn't get the ongoing game working, but honestly with chat and the incentive to finally getting around to installing Dropbox it still proves quicker and more useful than email. Thanks to the author for putting in the effort on this.
  7. That explains some things from recent games. I shall now be paying more attention to what my little dudes are shooting at.
  8. Ooh, thanks for the bump. I missed the last update.
  9. I'm playing para. It's very odd behaviour, it must be detecting the files because it lists the game in the app. I've tried it with "Incoming" DB folder set and with both incoming and outgoing set, but it neither copies out or copies in. Fwiw, we had already exchanged the first couple of turns when we started using this. I tried starting a game from scratch so that I could go through the process of having h2hh set up the DB folder for me, hoping for better results. It didn't detect file at all on my system, so I didn't get the context menus to let me do that. We're both on 1.40 btw, I couldn't find 1.46.
  10. Yes, but in some cases it seems that a hotkey for a command also "works" for another command on a different menu where the button is in the same position. For example, on the Movement menu the "hunt" command is in the same position as "bail out" on the Special menu. If you're in the Special menu and you absent mindedly hit "k" expecting to be able to set a movement waypoint for hunting forward you'll likely find you've just ordered your guys to bail out. This doesn't seem to happen with all commands, just those that sod's law dictates will be most annoying. I picked up the habit in CMSF of hitting "N" for move before hitting any movement key because it switches you to that menu no matter which menu you are currently in, and I hit "T" for target before issuing any target command for the same reasons. Bit of a pain but it works. I seem to use the mouse for the Special and Admin menus, unless issuing the "deploy weapon" order.
  11. Really? I thought this was only true if they were passengers (i.e their icon shows separately) rather than for drivers and crew, as a MG team would be in an otherwise empty Jeep or the driver and gunner from a half track.
  12. Are you sure you hit "I" for quick? It's quite close to the dreaded, evil "K". You're quite correct to say that you cannot dismount and move at the same time though.
  13. It does work. A Sherman will create a hole in about a minute. I've made some firing holes out of farm compounds this way. I've also carelessly wiped out whole squads of my own this way too.
  14. A stopped calender is right once every 12 months.
  15. Only a Brit or an Australian would wear shorts like that. edit: I'm going with Australian. If he was British his socks wouldn't be down round his ankles.
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