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  1. I bought Shock force back in 2008 and probably installed it on my laptop and another workstation at work at the time, i dont remember. Anyway it had been several years and i wanted to play again so i managed to log back in go to the download section but when i tried to download it said i had already downloaded it too many times. i sent a ticket about that and it was never answered, that was like 3 weeks ago. so i actually found the install .exe and the receipt on an backup hard drive and went to install it but it wouldnt accept my license, it kept asking also for an order number...when i entered the order number it said it was incorrect...i sent a ticket about that too but no answer. so i gave up and bought the entire game again, along with the marines expansion...my question is how many times can i download and install it? is there a way to deactivate an old installation if i reach the max installs without having to rely on the support ticket process because its not very supportive.
  2. we never had javelins on board, but we did have at4's
  3. still having this problem actually havent played since it got so bad and thought id try v 1 08 but first game it did the same thing, i started a scenario real time and set my first moves, hit the red button and started panning the camera around then the vehicles that were moving all warped to the corner... i tabbed over there and stopped them, gave new movement orders and panned around the camera...poof...to the other corner. i did send a saved game file last time but it must be only me having these problem, makes it unplayable on my gaming machine. it does play fine on my crappy old machine but for that to work it has to be on the lowest graphics setting possible. any updates?
  4. I dont think it all CM because my good pc crashes a lot when im playing and my old crappy one with old intel graphics card has no problem, the graphics just suck. My good pc is AMD x2 64 dual 4800+ 2.41 ghz 2 gig ram, 8600 gts with the lated drivers, all in an asus a8n premium board. I dont even know what my work pc has, but its crap and i have zero problems playing on it. I may try tolling back my grpahic drivers to see if that helps, as some have testified too.
  5. Thanks Yankee, this is happening at the very start of the mission, in turn based, as soon as i click the button to start round one. If i dont move the vehicles it works fine but as soon as i set a waypoint and click the red button to start, they warp then it crashes. I purchased the download BFC version and yes it is pathed to 1.07. How about the gigantic, hugenormous crater crash? Please tell me im not the only one getting that! Its like i get nuked, no kidding.
  6. This has become such a problem now i cannot get past one mission in my campaign because as soon as i press the go button all the vehicles warp to the corners and then the game crashes. Im using 8600 gts nvidia, asus a8n premium board, 2 gig ram, amd 64x2dual core. Still having the problem with the game freezing up and then going to the end of the round with a big gigantic huge crater somewher on the map...also makes the rest of the mission unplayable and have to start over from a save.
  7. Anyone else having problem with vehicles randomly warping to a random corner of the map, sometimes more than one and often over and over and to different corners? happens about every other turn in turn based games for me, kind of makes things difficult.
  8. Yes i feel stupid, just wanted to clear that up for efficiency! thanks@! By the way, ive been playing non-stop since i installed. have had a few crashes all the same thing, its not actually a crash the game freezes for about 3 minutes then i am at the end of the round and there is usually a gigantic crater, i mean mean huge, somewhere on the map. you can keep playing but the crater wont go away, very weird. i have screen shots, looks like perhaps i got nuked. 8600 gts with the latest drivers, dual core, 2 gig ram, a8n premium asus board.
  9. I played the 102 demo and waited until 107 to purchase, its a very sweet game! I purchased the digital download but cannot find the manual anywhere on the website and i dont know what some of the control are for on the HUD. Can someone sort me out with an online manual or at least an explanation of the screen controls? thanks!
  10. I cant seem to find anything about it, did a forum search. Anyway to remap keys and camera zoom options?
  11. Git' back to werk!!! :mad: But seriously, looks nice, cant wait!
  12. In game i seem to have much more luck with the pshreck than with the bazooka or the faust. I just wish there were a way to ambush 'armor only'... i cant tell you how many times my bazooka team, lying concealed in the perfect firing position..has fired on a recon squad probing the defense. :eek: Never fails to cause me to spend the next five minutes wiping the spit of my monitor after cussing the squad in question.
  13. How many years has it been? I put the game away...and i keep coming back to it. There should be some kind of law against this type of subliminal mind control. I know somewhere in the code it is programmed to flash "play combat mission"..."no need for supper"..."that's not your wife you hear calling your name" Perhaps you have developed a quickie mind control apperatus for brain washing the wife? Cant wait for Barbarossa!
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