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  1. Mies

    Meijel Mayhem

    Ha, well there I go making an idiot out of myself....CMFB has been on my HDD since release. And I was googling around to find it. Will have a look, thanks!
  2. Mies

    Meijel Mayhem

    Call me stupid, but where would I be able to get my hands on this scenario? Thanks!
  3. Same here with work ip. I tunnel home for access....
  4. Mies

    US MG wont move

    Unfortunately no game save. It happened in the first battle of the campaign if that is of any use....
  5. Mies

    US MG wont move

    I would think after I installed patch 1.02. I was tempted to fire at the team in the end to get them to move ;-)
  6. Mies

    US MG wont move

    I have seen this in a campaign (can't recall the name, but I think it was one of the bundled ones where Patton's forces had to fight towards Bastogne). I dismounted a US 2 men MG team from an HT and they spent the rest of the battle sitting it out in the snow. I'll check if I have a save somewhere tonight, but probably cleaned those I had.
  7. *** SPOILERS *** Playing as the Germans I managed to squeeze out a minor victory. Splitting forces worked ok although bogging, mines, US air attacks and excellent keyhole positions took out the better part of my forces. Progress was agonizingly slow, completely bogging down on the small open clearing south west of the chruch where it turned into a Panther workshops of broken down equipment, and mangled crews. Had to slug through the farm complex and forrests on the north side of town to get anything going. Very well done to the scenario designer!
  8. Thanks for the write up. Good to see how dawn circumstances affected the battle. Will try to remember that one.....
  9. Mies

    Axis Ammo Dump Found

    Nuts! Driving me crazy.
  10. I think I remember reading one of Harry Yeide's books years ago where it said that in the Overlord time frame tank -> infantry communication was basically non-existant. During the last months of 1944 however (platoon commander-)tanks were being equipped with infantry radio sets to overcome that. So around the time of the Ardennes it wouldn't be out of the ordinary I suppose that there was proper tank -> infantry radio communication.
  11. Mies

    Legacy of the Veterans

    Thanks, going to watch that!
  12. C3K will claim that as his doing.... Thanks for another entertaining AAR!
  13. Much appreciated, I enjoyed your efforts over the past month or so!
  14. Beautiful work! can't wait for the end-game turns!