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  1. I thought it was introduced a while back that guns can move a short distance (an action square) without resetting up penalty - though it may be just limited to wheeled guns. Try hopping it a short move away and see what happens.
  2. Sounds like a wrong install - Download and use the latest all in one installer.
  3. From the link above Late war camo With the war coming to an end, the economical situation of Nazi Germany was becoming more and more hopeless. Shortages of supplies and allied bombers hit factories hard, so less and less equipment was resupplied for retreating Wehrmacht. Tanks which were provided to frontline units were sometimes unfinished or scrapped from few destroyed or damaged vehicles. Sometimes turret, hull, Schürzen, engine and other components were taken from another vehicle each. In that case, no one bothered to unify camouflage of salvaged tank. Late version of Tiger I tank in yellow-brown camo. In 1944 the painting of German tanks was obverted. Olivegrün became the basic color, while Dünkelgelb became camouflaging one. Another new method, designed to save time and resources, was painted dark green camouflage over anti-corrosion primer hull red (Rotbraun RAL 8012). Sometimes because of lack of either materials or time, some parts of the tank were left in base primer color. Because of that, some late war vehicles, especially those defending German mainland and Berlin, were often painted in very strange way.
  4. I think you'll be hard pressed to find ready made seamless patterns but with google and using appropriate key words ( ww2 german tank camouflage patterns) you'll find various img sources, plus more references i.e. https://agtom.eu/en/content/25-pojazdy-niemieckie-z-ii-ws Along with paint colour charts etc. to begin trial and error with photoshop / gimp image editing to achieve what you're after. Funnily enough I'm working on a project using internet images as a source for different motorycles and stripping out their painted colour so any colour can be added.
  5. Combat Mission - Great Emu War Emus 2 - Australian Army 0 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emu_War In 1932 Australian troops were dumbfounded when they found themselves outmaneuvered by clever birds during the Emu Wars. EARLY ON THE morning of 2 November 1932, the Seventh Heavy Battery of the Royal Australian Artillery alighted at Campion, WA, on to a hot red-dirt landscape about halfway between Perth and Kalgoorlie. There they unpacked two Lewis automatic machine guns and 10,000 rounds of ammunition.
  6. Depends if the scenario maker allows it - some scenarios (not many) have them locked in position, otherwise simply use the move command to plonk em around your setup zone.
  7. Have you scrolled through the scenario listing pages using the 'Next' button?
  8. Best open a support ticket https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com
  9. Too subversive - we got Top Cat instead edit. The series was renamed for British audiences to Boss Cat because there was a cat food called Top Cat on sale in the UK.
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