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  1. Mmmm yes from that position it's a challenge with the already whittled and brittle low quality troops at hand against the Veteran troops - plus it was real time (not my fave way of playing) - I wondered what was going on for the first 3 minutes! Noticed that some buidings don't block 100% and shots pass through both ways If you have got an earlier turn before contact is made I'll have a look but I wouldn't hold up much hope of turning the allies over.
  2. So you haven't got a save from closer to the beginning? Still it sounds like you got as far as possible in the end with time and ammo expended.
  3. That looks like the reaction to HE bug in 3.0 but 4.0 fixed that, however that introduced the hedgerow bug...
  4. Yes as SS suggests look online for: file upload free
  5. Have you a save turn you could share so folk could see what is happening and continue playing the problem out?
  6. https://www.arch2o.com/architectural-design-software/
  7. https://www.tor.com/2015/09/29/star-trek-the-original-series-rewatch-operation-annihilate/ Star Trek predicted Trump's sunlight cure for pesky pandemic 😉
  8. The Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming also was only a few days ago speaking on the BBC denying Huhan China was the source and pointing the finger at the French as the source of the infection. He also denies there are no camps in Xinjiang holding Uighurs despite all the evidence to the contrary. Also what was interesting was how quickly it spread from China to Iran suggesting close contacts between the two esp the Iranian higher ups who came down with Covid-19 in quick sucession.
  9. Numbers are starting to accelerate and blow up in Bakersfield, despite these two doctors (who, seem to be worried about their private business as they urgent care business owners). Their claim that the hospitals are empty are false Yesterday morning (28th April) , 31 county hospital beds are full from covid--(the ones testing confirmed, with 5 dead now, 856 "tested" positives, local prisons infected, 3,615 tests still pending results. Their arguments are already falling apart. Every county agency has blasted them and a gaggle of local doctors, hospitals and virologists have had them on the carpet. This video has been making all the conspiracy/alt-right site rounds of late
  10. Difficult to tell - tree in the way? Have you file save you could share.
  11. Disagree, like Astronomers warning about meteorites and Geologists doing the same about earthquakes, it was foreseen “Most experts believe that it is not a question of whether there will be another severe influenza pandemic, but when.” (The UK Government’s Chief Medical Officer, 2002) 
“Wherever in the world a flu pandemic starts, perhaps with its epicentre in the Far East, we must assume we will be unable to prevent it reaching the UK. When it does, its impact will be severe in the number of illnesses and the disruption to everyday life. The steps we are setting out today will help us to reduce the disease's impact on our population.” 
(Sir Liam Donaldson, UK Chief Medical Officer, 1 March 2005) And US even had pandemic prep exercises, and a prep handover between Pres. terms but IIRC all the staff involved since have departed their jobs. CDC Epidemiologist Embedded With China’s Disease Control Agency Left Post In July Before Position Cut In September Reuters: Exclusive: U.S. axed CDC expert job in China months before virus outbreak“Several months before the coronavirus pandemic began, the Trump administration eliminated a key American public health position in Beijing intended to help detect disease outbreaks in China, A bit like in the Cold War letting CORONA GAMBIT reconnaissance satellites lapse 😉
  12. It's like being prepared for a once in a generation natural disaster like a Tsunami. When the boxing day one struck most folk had never seen or even heard about them, so when the sea simply disappeared without warning some folk wandered down to explore the exposed seabed - not knowing the sea was going to rush back in... At least we've had zombie / apocalyptic movies as a kind of cultural innoculation 😉 http://www.contactmusic.com/film/review/secret-cinema-28-days-later The set-up is very clever: you are given an appointment at an NSH hospital in a secret London location, and told to wear scrubs or protective clothing. On arrival you're handed a surgical mask and ordered here and there for interviews, physical examinations and eventually an oral vaccination that seems to make everything go blurry and then pitch black. When you "wake up" all hell has broken loose, and you are sent running through a series of blood-drenched corridors and stairwells, encountering characters and settings from the film as zombies (Covidiots) lunge from every corner. In the safe zone, food and drink is for sale, and you get a chance to relax a bit, play a game, have a dance. Finally, you're led into an inventively themed cinema to watch the 2002 film as on-screen elements are performed around you.
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