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  1. https://rockpasta.com/these-u-s-soldiers-cover-pink-floyds-wish-you-were-here-but-bluegrass-style/
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-46200218 A group of Russian history buffs was surprised to find a reminder of Soviet resistance to the Nazi invasion in the form of an improvised minefield near a busy road. Members of a club devoted to the history of the nearby Krasnaya Gorka military fort almost stumbled across the makeshift mines in a quiet stretch of woodland not far from St Petersburg, the local Kanal 5 TV channel reports. Club chairman Alexander Senotrusov said Soviet forces stationed at Krasnaya Gorka had no mines with which to block German tanks on their way to Leningrad in 1941, so they improvised explosives from pre-revolutionary naval shells and laid them out in rows around the fort. "One pound of pressure, and up you go," he told Kanal 5. "It's a miracle that there's not been a tragedy here in nearly 80 years," marvelled TV correspondent Roman Ishmukhametov as he stood alongside a mine - all the more so as local people have been coming across occasional shells for seven years while out mushroom-picking.
  3. Wicky

    Demo Feedback

    Steve recently commented on that - Pixeltroopen when confronted by a queue, will like shoppers confronted by a busy checkout, sometimes decide to make a dash to a near alternative. A bit like vehicle routing - care and attention has to be made to planning, timing & path making to avoid too many getting funnelled in at once in a rush with resulting spillage.
  4. As Robert the Bruce is meant to have said to his troops ""If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again." CM is like chess the more you play the luckier you'll get (or just bake into a game for your side some 155mm equaliser...) or use Enigma machine simulator to crack your opponents password 😉 http://enigma.louisedade.co.uk
  5. An interesting bit to throw into the mix - as I was reading Chinese sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem in relation to a reference to game design that features in the book - that some games try to attain realism by jam packing in detail though realism can also be (better?) served by a an essential/vital pinch of chaos thrown into the mix - that struck a chord with CM when it can at times be hard to discern if things in the simulation are a bug or a feature! Even in the text book assualt of Brécourt Manor there were 4 dead 2 wounded on the winning side - even in real life things aren't exactly perfect.
  6. Historical sources for pink and blue as gender signifiers
  7. From the linked news article Cross dressing featured in Brit 1970s sitcom It Ain't 'Alf Hot Mum, in which centered on a group of concert party soldiers in Asia. And in movie Colditz with a concert scene, and in real life POW escape attempts! On 5 June 1941, while returning from the park to the castle, some British prisoners noticed that a passing lady had dropped her watch. One of the British called out to her, but the lady kept walking instead of retrieving her watch. This aroused the suspicion of the German guards and, upon inspection, "she" was revealed to be a French officer, Lieutenant Chasseurs Alpins Bouley, dressed as a very respectable woman. And not to forget US Army featuring in 1942 Newsreel in 'Girlie Show' - – an all singing, dancing, and cross-dressing version of “Swing Fever”
  8. Wicky

    Modders: Female Faces?

    Could just put lipsick and mascara on the existing artwork 😉 🙂
  9. His and Herrs: Photos reveal how cross-dressing Nazis loved to wear women's clothes for fun during World War Two "Ich bin ein Holzfäller und es geht mir gut..."
  10. Wicky

    New Computer

    Hook new puter to broadband - Download from your account the biggie all-in-one v4 installers for your games and activate them and each module with the serials etc. You should be good to go. Any problems raise a support ticket.
  11. nah! A set of 4 genuine Bosch King Tiger / Luftwaffe spark plugs trump the plain Teutonic Tiger trigger. > https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-German-spark-plugs-for-12-cylinder-engine-King-Tiger-or-Luftwaffe-aircraft-/221780848023 I'm surprised JK didn't make seperate thread about them including the plug gap specs. At the rate he's going compulsively sourcing militaria odd & ends we could buy all the necessary parts off the internet to group build a bitsa Panzer
  12. A bit like the Jesuits "Get Them Young, and the Possibilities are Endless" First group of Syrian kids arrives in Russia for military education Eight kids from the Syrian “School for Late Heroes’ Children” have arrived to St. Petersburg and are now preparing themselves for studies in various Russian military schools, a popular daily reports. The head of the Syrian Culture Center in St. Petersburg, Waddah al-Jundi, has told Izvestia daily that the eight children are expected to begin their studies in Russian military schools on September 1, as part of the recently signed agreement that allows Syrians to study in Russian military schools for free, given that they prove their knowledge of Russian and pass all necessary medical tests. Russian Forces in Syria and the Building of a Sustainable Military Presence - I Abstract The Syrian Army has inherited a few of the norms and customs the French used for running army affairs following the French occupation. These did not include any provisions on regulating the army. After the Baa’th Party came to power, particularly after Hafez Assad had assumed office, the norms and customs guaranteeing minimum rights for army soldiers, non-commissioned officers, and officers faded gradually, leaving room for cronyism and allegiance to individuals and to the regime as the sole guarantor for the military to gain their rights. Leaders of military units became almost governors of their own units where nothing could take place without their blessings The Russians became fully in charge of the Syrian Army and started to instil rules and regulations that would ensure discipline and transform the army to a professional force capable of actual missions on the ground. Such rules included entrenching among Syrian soldiers, non-commissioned officers, and officers’ allegiance to Russian military officers and meant to subdue and prevent them from exercising their authority. This has established the Russians as the de facto leaders in the minds of members of the Syrian army. This has mainly shifted the responsibility for all the atrocities committed by the Assad forces under the Russian leadership to the Russians together with the regime’s officers and leaders. Despite their inability to make decisions, they are responsible, in terms of political structure and posturing, for all cases of genocide, chemical attacks, displacement, starvation and other violations. It has therefore become difficult in the Syrian context to separate between the Russian leadership and the Syrian Army, except in terms of differentiating between the leader and the follower, a divide that Russia has been working on consolidating in the media and in its diplomacy as an entity “assisting to achieve peace and combat terrorism”, while it undoubtedly deserves the description of “occupier” with its ability to run a lot of important issues on Syrian soil. I'd be surprised if in the past/present Russian allied Arab Officers don't attend or at least visit for courses in Russian Military Colleges / Academies like they do in the West with 'Sandhurst sheikhs' - or the Russian Military way of doing things 'courses' came to them.
  13. That looks like a farmhouse out in the sticks (appreciate it's a WIP) - do you plan adding more houses to it to make it into a hamlet, or a church and even more house to make it into a village.
  14. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Churchills-Last-Wartime-Secret-Airbrushed/dp/1473823811/ref=pd_sim_14_1 Reviews are pretty much scathing it as Kettlerian CT. Plenty of books on the occupation of the Channel Islands if you want that kind of thing or the famous capture of 'vacationing' German troops by Home Guard near Walmington-on-Sea on the south coast.
  15. The shortest quick battle / war in history The little known Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896 is generally considered to be the shortest war in history, lasting for a grand total of 38 minutes. The story begins with the signing of the Heligoland-Zanzibar treaty between Britain and Germany in 1890. This treaty effectively drew up spheres of influence between the imperial powers in East Africa; Zanzibar was ceded to British influence, whilst Germany was given control over mainland Tanzania... ... ...at 9am the order was given for the British ships in the harbour to begin bombarding the palace. By 09:02 the majority of Khalid’s artillery had been destroyed, and the palaces wooden structure had started to collapse with 3,000 defenders inside. It is also around this time, two minutes after the bombardment started, that Khalid is said to have escaped through a back exit of the palace, leaving his servants and fighters to defend the palace alone. By 09:40 the shelling had ceased, the Sultan’s flag pulled down, and the shortest war in history had officially ended after only 38 minutes.