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  1. Maybe RU will follow Musk with the use of simple stainless steel with his Starship rocket able to handle reentry temps instead of expensive & complicated composites. I'm more experienced with papermache composites TOP SECRET - PROJECT DODO :-) UK Drone research project similar to the Russian Owl Its stealth is purely psychological based on the fact it doesn't exist therefore it can't be seen...
  2. Odd as I thought the imported Toray composites were exclusively for use for a civilian airliners' wings not for using to tool up on military projects... Still, can't Elabuga fill the gap - or AliExpress 😉
  3. To my eye German troops are up to the hedge from the start - then when brits are moved up some spot the bunker a way back and target it - some rounds pass through near gap in hedge. Then when some more fire get laid in at Germans when they open up esp HMG and green squad as get occasionally spotted - it seems to be enough to send em forward. Others remain behind the hedgrow like the sniper and fall back if it gets too hot for them.
  4. It happened in subsequent battles in that campaign as well - either noticably occurring like in the 1st battle or when looking at the battlefield afterwards and finding slain enemy suspiously forward off hedgrow gaps towards my lines when they were in fixed defense - plus pixeltroopen under my command making an occasional forward dash when spooked (not panicked) and if not killed by their impulsiveness, needing careful herding back. I would have made a note if these occurances and sent saves on but I thought it was recognised as a problem still with 4.02 and I finished the still enjoyable but tough campaign last week.
  5. Isn't that the area that the LRDPG were involved in after oddly being repurposed after North Africa involving retraining for mountain warfare in Lebanon/Syria...
  6. A bit of photoshoppery to bring some sunshine on the situation.
  7. It was turn 3 of the Scottish Campaign that somebody posted, here it is again - I didn't give any further orders and let it carry on to turn 4 when out off the blue a squad comes dashing out lemming like to be picked off by Churchill HE. https://cl.ly/f569c9394889/download/The%2520Scottish%2520Corridor%2520003.bts.zip
  8. When someone posted the Scottish Corridor campaign save file (in one of the CMBN threads) for examples of forward rush occuring I continued playing through the campaign with 4.02 and in almost all the battles the behaviour continued to obviously appear. Esp with enemy (German AI) coming forward through hedgrow gaps to be mowed down. I figure motivation is set very high as otherwise enemy remain in place to last man and need persistant winkling out apart from when they appear spooked / provoked minimally with just gun fire near them as a trigger to their dash of doom. Surprised to hear here that the aberrant and stubborn bug is thought done & dusted.
  9. Moving troops through certain constrictions i.e.doorways wall gaps, hedge gaps, bridge ways in CM has to be done with a certain finesse like pouring beer from a bottle - don't pour too quickly and overwhem the glass or you'll find there can be messy frothy spillage...
  10. Out Armata Putin... or counter their new T-34s- Is Russia Bringing Back the Legendary T-34 Tank That Crushed Hitler? 😉 "Trump tells pool in Oval Office there will be tanks at July 4 celebration, as we reported this morning. "And we're gonna have some tanks stationed outside... So we have to put them in certain areas but we have the brand new Sherman tanks and we have the brand new Abram tanks." https://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2019/07/trump-orders-sherman-tank-reactivated/ New model Sherman tank, serial number 000001 with special solid gold barrel, for Trump to ride around in on the White House lawn.Department of Defense
  11. IIRC from CMBO and CMAK gun truck portees I wonder how it handles Hunt and Move to Hull Down commands...
  12. Expect confusion in WW2 night battles This extract is from the Bruneval Night Raid on a moonlit night at 2am.. "British parachutists were in the area but they had no idea how many, where they were or what they were trying to do. They heard firing from the cliff top, and then the sound of battle coming up from the beach about five hundred yards away. But they had received no clear orders as to what they should do. So the sergeant sent out small patrols to reconnoitre and bring back information as to what was going on. It so happened that one of the patrols went south in the direction of Charteris and his men, who were advancing towards them. Moving quickly through the woods on either side of the steep little valleys it was dark and confusing, and the German patrol became split. One man separated from the rest saw the familiar sight of soldiers moving through the woods and fell in behind them, trailing them for some minutes. It's not clear who spotted whom first, but the British Paras realised that the man at the rear of their squad was not one of their own when he suddenly called out to them in German. At pretty much the same time the German realised his dreadful mistake and screamed out. Charteris, near the rear of the group, turned and pulled out his revolver to shoot the man at about five yards, almost point blank. But in the flurry and speed of the incident he forgot to release one of the safety catches of his pistol and the weapon did not fire. The terrified German soldier fired his rifle but was too distraught to take proper aim and missed. Sergeant Gibbon, who was at the front of the group with his Sten gun, span around in a flash. Private Tom Hill, at the rear next to the man with whom he had been advancing through the woods, was amazed to find he was a German. He saw the sergeant move and threw himself to the ground. Gibbon fired his Sten gun over Hill at the German, who dropped instantly."
  13. Any indication that that the refitting II SS Panzer Corps in sunny Holland had succesfully decontaminated themselves a year after the unfortunate Eastern Front incident involving the truck/ halftrack...
  14. Okay - show us the coding you can do to to implement necessary use of motorcycles on front line - including reversing 😉 animations showing pixeltroopen putting the bike on its centre stand when parking up, shooting on the move and importantly jumping over barb wire fences. Again if you want to mimic motorcycle reccie riders get a nominated driver & pile em up in a jeep or Kubel - park up behind behind a house or trees when approaching suspected enemy locations, disembark and walk a bit further to watch & wait rinse & repeat....
  15. More work for BFC to work on complex motorcycle animations when gamey recon 'sploding jeeps & kubelwagens can do much the same job...
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