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  1. Your WSJ article is an opinion piece with the writer freaked out by Muslims in general. I studied in Leicester and survived and got into curries, and my cricket team in Colchester plays on the Army Garrison cricket pitch with a multicultural inc Muslims team of players - heck Ismail Mohamed picks up the keys every Sunday from The Parachute Regt guardhouse and hasn't been shot yet. The surgeon who operated on me a few years back was a Muslim, and the Consultant Anaesthetist was a handy bat / bowler for oppo club. Yes you get a few crazies but the main problem is with ultra nationists finding folks different to themslves a problem...
  2. Wicky

    how to download

    Have you a Mac or PC computer?
  3. I wouldn't hold out much hope for a patch for CMAK as Battlefront have moved on to the next engine series of games.
  4. Yes two are missing Sitrep @ 8:06 & Sitrep @ 8:07 - are your google permissions for them to be public?
  5. Not in the spam folder? Have you logged into https://battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com to see if there's an answer?
  6. Author Peter Taylor notes that “Follow the Führer Above the Clouds” was just one of the propaganda images offered to the Ministry of Information by war artist Paul Nash. “The Ministry thought they were unlikely to be understood by the public and turned them down,” he writes. “Or perhaps they were trying to avoid starting a panic about flying Nazi sharks.” (Via Imperial War Museums collection. https://www.airspacemag.com/daily-planet/when-war-gets-weird-180970156/#w8gXQtDdJqwqwVsM.99
  7. Wicky

    CMSF2 Demo

    A friend of mne tried to pop into down to Mosul Iraq on his bike, while passing, a few years back but was kindly advised part the way down past the border it wasn't a wise move as ISIS was just kicking off. Something like being a cosmopolitan Plink Floyd loving hippy wouldn't automatically give him diplomatic immunity. Sadly British bike journalist John Cantlie probaby hasn't been so lucky 😞 Excuse pics - they were the best I could do photoshop wise with his overexposed photos, as a consequence giving it an extreme Three Kings bleached look
  8. I'm wondering how the hunt and hull down commands will work with the Archer tank coming soon in CMFI. Everything in CMBO orders wise for that back-to-front SPATG was backwards...
  9. Wicky

    Russian army under equipped?

    Kalashnikov 13ft walking battle robot - the mind boggles
  10. Wicky

    Building degradation upgraded?

    Yup - IIRC these was a case of pixeltroopen getting shot through an apparently solid wall which was due to the abstraction in the visual presentation of damage. Use a couple or three keywords to make a search for the thread and see if it's findable.
  11. Interesting article esp shifting loylaties / pragmatic identity changes - reminded me of a young lad in Colchester UK (a garrison town for Para Regiment) who lived in a hostel opposite the army cricket ground where my team play (not enough army folk around to play so my civvy pub club were invited to use it as our home ground at tax payers expense). He called himself 'Nasser Hussain' !?! and claimed to be Pakistani. After a few games where 'Nasser' played fearlessly even with his left arm in a plaster cast which didn't impede his fast bowling! - he confided to us he was really an Afghani here I suspect dubiously. Then he just disappeared which was a shame as I really wanted to know more of his story.
  12. Some discussion on webmeup-crawler BLEXBot https://www.webmasterworld.com/search_engine_spiders/4847633.htm Not good - as I saw they use hetzner.de servers which are notorious for no good > http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1672855 The only way to protect the files is to make them unpublic to bots.
  13.'s User Agent Strings ninja-crawler47.webmeup.com Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; BLEXBot/1.0; +http://webmeup-crawler.com/) Block the Ip and range / Kindly suggest via robots.txt that it refrains from crawling / email webmeup.com asking them to stop. Problem is there are hundreds of similar 'SEO' webcrawlers operating from all over the world. Can't you make it so only registered users can access and download files?
  14. You probably won't need a mouse in the future...