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  1. Don't think Guiness Book of Records has that...
  2. Replaying through Out on a Limb I did notice the wooden bunker seemed easier to take out than previously where it took a while. Maybe it has been tweaked
  3. Playing test range - As US noticed on left hand field Germans had come forward into the field through hedge gap and duly got shot up
  4. However you can't apply that bodge to Lemming hedge oppo when playing solo.
  5. Don't necessarily seem to be always in Panic to do seeming daft things - In the example I saw (save file back on Page 2) it was an enemey German HQ unit that dashed out forward into the open bocage field which was indicated to be 'Nervous' - just moments after a colleague got shot) and as the turn ended.
  6. What time of day is that happening? as I recall night time / dusk gives a distict possibilitiy of friendly fire occuring. Was this the Panther and HT getting shot at? Whoops.. Give em extra carrots in their rations 😉
  7. Russian steel shortage lead to desperate measures on tank production lines... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-48227887
  8. domfluff's screenshots look like they are also from the 'Roadblock' training scenario.
  9. Right I've seen it whilst playing Roadblock scenario and netted it as best I could > https://cl.ly/ff62313f129e/download/Roadblock%2520001.bts Screenhots and game save just when the German HQ unit has run forward 1) As turn starts 2) A few seconds in 3) and just before the turn ends the HQ until comes dashing out forward into the open
  10. Most odd - Just played Buying the Farm (patched Mac version) and everyone seemed to go back towards their own lines when bug out AI intervened - though an Allied HQ I placed right at the back did creep forward when shot at from down the road - I put it down to them having nowhere else to go. Axis troops what I could see when shot up during and after the battle doing nothing noticeably weird.
  11. Churchill vs Hitler paint off? http://www.artnet.com/artists/sir-winston-spencer-churchill/ https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-making-history-winston-churchill-made-paintings
  12. Isn't a there problem with text scalability with CM on hi-res monitors? - IIRC CM uses bitmap fonts rather than vector SVG based ones , which work fine to a degree on common resultions but leads to breaking up and illegibility on 4K.
  13. Source here https://www.kcl.ac.uk/news/new-study-finds-river-wildlife-contain-cocaine-pharmaceuticals-and-pesticides
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