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  1. Wicky

    New Website status update

    Ah - my bad. I see what you mean
  2. Wicky

    New Website status update

    'Old' store site is up and running right now so try logging in and downloading what it is you want.
  3. No wonder BFC don't include motorcycles and the associated pathing issues in their games...
  4. Skipping stone / skipping bombs / skipping shells Barnes Wallis and all that... Funnily enough it's much the same technique to recover test rounds fired at my local test firing range http://www.clactonandfrintongazette.co.uk/news/16287888.mysterious-bangs-keep-our-boys-safe-mp-giles-investigates-explosions-from-across-the-water/ https://shoeburyness.qinetiq.com/about/index.aspx
  5. Very much falling off the edge of any Bell curve...
  6. If I'm not mistaken that Tigger is...
  7. Toy UFO taken off shelves for ‘teaching kids that Nazis achieved space travel’ https://www.thelocal.de/20180619/toy-nazi-ufo-taken-off-market-after-criticism Odd headline as the German V2 rocket was first man-made object in 1944 to to travel into space by crossing the Kármán line, but the only folk to get upset will be the Kettlerians as the model doesn't have underslung Panther turrets... 🙂
  8. Wicky

    Post Cool RCs Here!

    Gamey dastardly Germans using the map edge.... Reminds me of General Jumbo comic book capers in my yoof http://irishcomics.wikia.com/wiki/General_Jumbo
  9. Wicky

    Post Cool RCs Here!

    And somehow they've squeezed in an orchestra and choir....
  10. Wicky

    Mac High Sierra compatibility with CM

    CM works fine with my install of High Sierra 10.13.4 on early 2009 Mac Pro - 3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, 48 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB. Any old 32 bit software will soon get left behind later this year - CM apps are good to go as they are 64 bit. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208436
  11. Wicky

    Ruined Russian wooden church/cathedral

    Or for movies featuring dilapidated Russian architecture watch Transsiberian (2008), Doctor Zhivago (1965) or Child 44 (2015).