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  1. I am playing a ME with an excellent map that we would like to reuse when we switch sides. Is there any way to do this. I know that I could create my own but it wouldnt be exactly the same.
  2. Is that true that you cant have Armies, HQs, Air within 3 hexes from the border?
  3. Tactically the russians would have had an advantage with tanks and experience. Lets assume that the Allied vs Russian fighting would have broken out after at least 3 months time. ( the USSR threw all it had into taking Berlin asap and needed refit and resupply ) The war against Japan would have been over with the Soviets holding Manchuria and Korea.In Europe assuming the allies could see this coming they could have set up defenses on the west side of the Rhine. On the strategic level the allies would have had the Soviets nearly surrounded with most if not all of thier oil and industry east of the Urals in bomber range from bases in the middle east thru India. The tactical air war would have been an advantage for the Allies in better planes/training/pilots. The German airforce was able to operate against the soviets long after they were done in the west. German pilots with 100 plus kills against soviet air was not unheard of- ( one as high as 352 ) The Soviets supply lines would have been thru lands where the people would have been very unhappy thinking they were now looking at a new occupier. Troops would have been needed to control massive populations and areas. They would have had to fear raids/ or coastal areas such as in 1920. Their navy would have been totally out-classed and not much threat. What about combat losses at this point- the Soviets with a population similiar to that of the USA had lost 7 million combat deaths. The USA lost 400,000. That has to figure in how long and how many more losses they could take in the USSR. So the bottom line is could they push the allies back from the Rhine river defended by a few million troops ( maybe even german troops defending France? ). Could they force a river crossing contested by such numbers? Would they be able to fight a protracted war while facing massive bombing? Certainly the allies never had faced numbers like the russians would have used, but would that be enough? They were not sure for nearly 40 years after, when they would have had the same or similair limitations.
  4. yep- "Lets get digging" could have a whole new meaning
  5. JJ- you spoke of Lords of the Realm 2- this is where my game name came from. In Lords1 there was a computer player- the white earl that didnt make it to the Lords2 game. Getting back to the topic- you said you liked the music - did you ever hear the disco music hiden in the wave file. Look for the setup2 file and play it. BTW some of us still play that game online and there are more than just me playing SC from that gaming community.
  6. merry christmas and thanks for creating a game I spend (gladly) way too much time playing
  7. btw I know its AAR- I feel my age after losing this one
  8. I dont know if this is where you had in mind for a after action report but here it is anyway.... Bill101 who has caused me more losses than any other, and I played mirror games. The settings were 0-300-1000 with France and the UK starting IT level=1. Rules no invasion of the UK before 1942 and no landings of Canada/USA before the UK is taken. I took France one turn before Bill ( 7-14 vs 7-28) and losses were about equal but I had handed out heavier losses on both sides to his navies. We took Norway on the same turn but I took Sweden 7 turns faster while he also took Greece. USA and USSR came in 3 turns prior to them coming in for him. Both attacks on the soviets were weaker while mine being weaker than his- he had maybe 3 border armies escape. I took Finland 2 turns after and Egypt the next turn after that.During this time he was taking Spain.His progress in the East was a turn or 2 better at this time. I took Iraq with the axis and not long after with the allies as well.I had all 3 of my carriers and he had none.Air tech was very even on both sides with us playing most of the game at level1 but I had plus 2 on range with the germans. Once the soviets took Iraq I was feeling like my plan was going well but in just a few turns later he killed 6 soviet units in one turn- 2 tanks and an army included, not to mention he had invaded France the turn before with a strong land force.My axis had taken Rostov and were ready to cut the Reds in half when the Siberians counter- attacked. In his second monster turn he killed 6 axis units in one turn. The game was winding down as my eastern axis attack was stopped and I couldnt attack his invasion force in the west. My allies still held Egypt even as he pounded it with 6 air units. My soviets were still strong but his 12-13 air units were more than I could handle for long. His allies were raiding and landing all over and he was breaking out in the west as well as the east.
  9. In many games that I have played at the end of the game the fog of war is lifted. It would be nice to see how much experience his air had or how much he had invested in research, ect. This would occur whenever the game is over due to the turns or by quitting. Just hope its not something that can be exploited by hackers.
  10. I agree totally with the idea of cooperation between Japan and Germany. What if the Japanese had given their air torpedo specs to the germans in return for tank plans. Imagine the Japanese with modern tanks/divisions attacking Siberia or Australia. What if the germans had those torpedos on the Stukas- would the Brit navy have lasted. Would the Murmansk run have been possible? Also there is the fact that the Germans never did seem to understand mass war production- on a scale anywhere near what the USA and USSR were doing. Think about all the different types and variations of just tanks alone the germans tried to produce. I dont know if any of these ideas plus the ones offered by you guys above would have won the war- but it could have been alot more costly for the good guys.
  11. Mac I saw that movie and read an article about it recently- wasnt that battle an attack on the town for water? Boring movie too. Those turks in the arabian theater would have run if troop of green berets ( worn by girlscouts ) skipped up to their trench.
  12. Oh ya that Rambo in Afganistan is such a great movie- lol. What about Cross of Iron? Also missing are The Longest Day and A Bridge Too Far. For me Platoon is my favorite war movie of all time. I just missed being old enough to go there and later became an Army officer. It explained alot of stuff to me.
  13. I would love to see the ability to replay the game in a fast motion so you review the game to the current point in time or to review a certain series of moves by both sides in that critical series of turns that made or lost the game.Many real time games have this feature and it may not work in a turn based.
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