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  1. Thanks for the update. CMFI sure is a good game. Cheers!
  2. I would only put the downloaded folders in the Z folder. Not in the documents ... Try it, it might help.
  3. Looked for the Scenario in the few good men'd site and could not find it. Any idea as to where I should look for it. Thanks for helping. F
  4. I think I am up and running. Downloaded from the zip file posted and I am getting sounds on my Mac. Thanks CMFDR for making this sound mod and for making it available in zip format for us the few Mac users. Cheers. Fred
  5. Thank you Erwin. On my Mac it was opening a New folder in my Applications folder. Copied all of the contents to where I want them and it worked. Up to now, on all the Mac Updaters we had the choice of choosing where to install the Updates. BF please think of including this feature in an upcoming update, if possible? Cheers!
  6. Im on a Mac. Will this sound mod work? If yes, can you help me in what and how do install the files. Many thanks. Fred
  7. Hi Vein, Could you please send me the link for download. Have a great day!
  8. Hi Vein, Here's another request for the download link. Many thanks for your great mod's Cheers!
  9. Hi Veins, Uniforms look great, is there a link to get them or you are still testing them. Cheers!
  10. Have started to play the scenario as PBEM, first moves so far. Hope we can play it to the end, since emails are getting heavy 12.2 Mb after fopur moves. I do hope our mail serves will be able to send emails once reinforcments start to arrive. Thanks for making the scenario!
  11. Have tried the download link and it takes me to a Dropbox page and the message Nothing Here: "The file you're looking for has been deleted or moved." Is there another link?
  12. This is what I have found out. Before applying the CMBN 1.11 patch I duplicated my previous CMBN+CF v 1.10 game folder. Applied the 1.11 patch to the duplicated CMBN+CF folder, opened the application. In the bottom right corner I see the new version 1.11 number and both icons. That left me with two CMBN game folders, one version 1.10 and the other with version 1.11 Things started to luck funny, when I downloaded TWC Shooting the messengers.btt from the Repository (a file uploaded to the Repository in November). Placed it in the Scenarios Folder in the 1.11 version of the game folder and it would not show in the battles list once I started the game. Placed it in the 1.10 and it showed and was able to open it. Saved it while in the command phase and copied the saved game to the saved games folder of version 1.11, and it was not there and something odd. Other saved games from version 1.10 showed up, although the saved games folder in version 1.11 had only the saved in command phase of the downloaded file from the Repository. I have bought the 2.0 version but will not use it until I find out if I have done something wrong. What I don't understand is the odd behaviour. If the v1.11 patch only applied to CMBN and not the CMCF module, why I could not open the downloaded file in v1.11 and I could in v1.10. The patch must of modified in some way the CMCF module, and also why other saved games show in v 1.11 if they are not there in the Saved Games Folder. Any toughts are more than welcome!. A happy new year to you'll.
  13. For some reason I am unable to open the battle. The file is correctly placed in the scenario folder. But when I open CMFI to play it, it does not show on the battle list. Any idea as to why this is happening? All the best Fred. SOLVED. Had to install the new patch first.
  14. Every time that Apple releases a new update to its OS, CMFI requires a new license. This did not happen with CMBN or CMCF. Is there a way to prevent this or the only way is to request battlefront for a new license?. All the best!
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