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  1. Send a set-up when you have time. My email is kenfedoroff at comcast.net I am usually on the computer every night for a file/turn or more. Cheers, Ken
  2. Hi All, I still play CMBB and CMAK, but am down to only two pbem opponents right now. If anyone needs an opponent in North America, then I can play. I just got my new computer, so I will be ordering CMSF and CMBN shortly, but will keep playing the old classics... Cheers, Ken
  3. Sir, Thank you for your patient answers to all my questions. Best regards, Ken
  4. Ugh... Now I see why RedWolf was recommending picking up a used notebook with WinXP, just for playing CMx1. Doh... Is the fog and smoke still in the CMx1 game, but it's just that I won't be able to see it with Win7...? My LOS tool would still show the degradation of visibility...? Is it possible to somehow wire connect a WinXP laptop to the new Win7 desktop I plan on getting, so I can stay connected to sending and receiving turns via e-mail, through the desktop that will be connected to Comcast...? Sorry for all the stupid questions... Sincerely, Ken
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for the updates as far as how the card handles the old CMx1, as well. Does the card handle weather effects, fog and smoke, etc. in CMBB and CMAK...? I still want to be able to play the old classics. Thanks in advance, Ken
  6. Hi Medex, I am stuck with my old computer rig from 2005 right now (so I haven't even bothered to DL the new CM:BN). I am all over the forums asking questions about what video cards people are using, as I gather information for the purchase of an up-to-date computer and monitor. I just started playing the CMSF demo that has been sitting on my hard-drive since gawd knows when. It looks like fun since it has We-Go (in the demo, at least). I look forward to hearing how the old CMx1 plays with the newer video cards. If they can't handle smoke and weather effects, then that would be disappointing. Everyone has been a great help so far. I am getting an education on new rigs. Cheers, Ken
  7. How does the old CMx1 look/work with that card...? Does CMBB and CMAK work okay with it...? Cheers, Ken
  8. Hey man... How do you like the your GTS450 with the old CMx1...? Does it do well with CMAK and CMBB...? What kind of a rig do you have to run that...? Sounds nice... Cheers, Ken
  9. Hey Drew, I was considering purchasing the same thing you got...! How is CMAK and the rest of the Combat Mission series working, now that you got your error fixed...? Thanks, Ken
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for all the very down-to-earth advice from everyone. I love this forum. Everyone here has some good ideas that they have acquired through years of experience, and they aren't afraid to share them. btw, the only reason I was sticking with nVidea was because that's what I have in my latest Dell (from 2005) rig, and it is able to generate the fog graphics, etc., for CMx1, that I have heard some graphic cards don't support (not sure about that). I still have a lot of good Combat Mission gaming opponents over at The Blitz site that still play a lot of CMx1, so I want to be able to continue for a while with CMBB and CMAK, while I come up to speed with the new CM:BN. With a new rig, I also might try the CMSF series as well, as the Demo looks interesting, but my rig doesn't support the graphics as well as many of the screen-shots for CMSF that I see posted around this forum site. Thanks again, Ken
  11. Thanks for quick answers, guys. I had good luck with my previous Dells (my current rig is from 2005), so I wondered why some people were so down on their desktops. I wasn't aware that they may have skimped on their components since then, as well as making it more difficult to swap parts for upgrades. Sincerely, Ken
  12. Is there an "off-the-shelf" system you can recommend for the old CMx1, as well as the new CM:BN...? ...or would I be looking at custom gaming machines...? I still like my old CMBB and CMAK, but want to play the new CM:BN, as well... Thanks, Ken
  13. Hi Redwolf, Thanks for the advice on the monitor, Gpu, PSU, etc. Is there any chance you could offer specific "off-the-shelf" examples that would work well with CMX1 and play CM:BN, as well, or would I be looking for an outfit here in Michigan, USA that can custom build a PC...? Am I looking in the wrong place when I look for an "off-the-shelf" solution...? Thanks in advance to all, Ken
  14. Thanks Handihoc. I do play larger battles with lots of units on big maps, so it's good to have an idea of what should work for the next few years. Sincerely, Ken
  15. Thanks Phil, I don't play the heavy-duty first person shooters, But I do want something that can make the old CM scream, and still keep up with CMBN and future add-ons... Best regards, Ken
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