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  1. Dude, $10 bucks to support a company that makes unique games. Just pay it already and quite yer whinin.
  2. Oh please. No one is forcing you to pay for new content. You have 2.0 so enjoy 2.0. A matter of principle you claim? OK. Fine. Go sell your CMx stuff at a - say - $30 loss to maintain your principled purity in the face of a $10 upgrade. Quelle Horreur.
  3. That GI may be singing a different tune after those Shermans crest that hill!
  4. Oh, I pretty much know how this piece of BFC software improves my life; hit decals allowing my Sherman to improve the ventilation on a PkW Mk IV.
  5. You're absolutely right. - Coffee is a perishable item that many purchase and drink every day - Software is purchased once and can be used for years And yet, and yet...some people will spend $50-$80 on coffee every month for their daily hours worth of java rush - and then turn around and complain about spending $10 on software that they can use again and and again. And that makes NO sense.
  6. Honestly, not that I noticed. But you do get the AA guns that shoot at a/c, and the decals, and the AI triggers. ...and it's $10 bucks which is chump change these days.
  7. Yes, nice summation. That stated - 10 pages to rebut a few guys who think $10.00 is a material investment? C'mon. Get real. It's $10 bucks. You don't want to part w/ $10 bucks then feel free to enjoy version 2.0 and stop acting like you are being taken advantage of.
  8. Welcome Lobsterboy - you came in with a bang. Such panache should not be overlooked. Just hang around a bit and you'll realize these crusty old characters are not so bad. I do second Sequoia's comments. Some bones would be nice!
  9. Same issue - ATI card - and CMBN is fine.
  10. Umm...yeah! That's why they switched to the T-34/85 3 man turrent.
  11. No, you covered his comments in detail and demonstrated how shallow they are. +1
  12. Too late for the Rasputitsa Too early for General Winter
  13. Umm...friendly advice. You should pass as: 1. Many of the items you are asking for - and calling substance no less - others, myself included, would call eye candy that's nice to have but not terribly important or not important at all (Cinematography. (huh?***) Various faces for each soldier. Different turret numbers. Foodsupplies during very long battles) 2. Others are in the game - and are present in other CM modules (weather effects, realistic vehicle properties) and as you are not new to this family of games we are surprised that you do not know that. ***Cut scenes are console territory and you must know that BFG is a small company that does not have that kind of budget.
  14. Yea, uniforms by Hugo Boss in fact: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugo_Boss ...and he wasn't the "go along to get along" German industrialist variety either but a full blown Sieg Heiling Nazi Party member.
  15. What happened to the OP poster? He throws a bomb in here and the least he can do is acknowledge the responses. OH, BTW, IMO CMRT is excellent. Worth every penny.
  16. Thanks for the explanation Saferight.
  17. OK slow guy here. What files go into the Z folder? The main file called Saferight's Hit Decal Mod? Or sub files and if so which ones?
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