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  1. Can't believe I failed to change the title. Doh! Yup Il-2 1946 is still great. BEFORE you re-install check out BAT: https://www.sas1946.com/main/index.php?action=collapse;c=15;sa=expand;e9d3f700=271a9c2ed88688b0703a4bcac35aec44#c15 ...2nd section down. Sure it's A LOT to install from a volume perspective but pretty straightforward and it provides a TON of new content (planes, ships, maps) and enhanced features. Highly recommended.
  2. TY Schrull for the great info. And, nope, no built in Windows Defender for me. I pay for something that works.
  3. So, I'm finally buying a new rig. My questions are; - What is the best way to go about installing CM? - Need to go module by module, right? - Can I re-download from the store to get the latest patched install packages? - Anything I should know about W10? (My current rig is running W7.) Thanks in advance.
  4. Ummm....don't think your going to get an in-depth discussion of Battlefront competitors on thee Battlefront FORUM. You should ask your question on a non-publisher forum.
  5. Pretty much. "Tigers" and "88s" just everywhere!
  6. Very true and Peiper was following his orders and counting on the preparatory barrage and the attack of a FJ regiment to clear the US thinly held front line forces away so he could commit his KG as the exploitation force. Unfortunately for the Germans, a well positioned I/R platoon coupled with an unimaginative frontal attack by the FJ troops gummed up the works and put Peiper's forces behind schedule by a day. So...you may not have had much historical information but you did indeed have the salient points in mind; speed & surprise. Peiper knew this as well but stuck to his orders
  7. TY for the info. Rinaldi. Good stuff. I wonder if the 3rd Army ADs would have been so successful during the Arracourt battles if Hitler had devoted the Pz Brigade resources to refitting the 11th Panzer, 21st Panzer and the 17th SS PG divisions. The decision to form these brand new armor heavy formations made little sense when veteran formations were allowed to wither.
  8. Yes indeed! Nice update. Rinaldi; Can you tell us which German unit the 37th AB is up against? Thanks.
  9. Great AAR. Great info. So how does one acquire this community-driven package?
  10. Need to enter my license key to complete the 4.0 upgrade. Activate New Products utility will not run. I get an unkown application warning message and I click OK to run it anyway and it flashes and closes. Anyone have a solution? PS: I followed this procedure for CMFB and had no issues.
  11. Well Barkmann (tank ace) is the first guy and Barkhorn (fighter ace) is the 2nd guy:
  12. OK TY for the responses guys. I am buying this weekend!
  13. TY but have an issue w/ this part: So, what do you do if you don't have your Engine 3 license key?
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