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  1. Very nice! Just seeing that logo made me pee myself just a little bit.
  2. Yes, download the demo. Fiddle with it, futz with it. Make it dance with you and it will. I've been playing these games since Barbarossa to Berlin (what's that...2002?) and these series of games have been scratching an itch I never knew I had for these many years. Now. CMBB seems like that crazy Russian girlfriend that I hardly see anymore but still have a deep fondness for. I think I did give CMBB a Russian girl's name but I forget it now. I loved her, but she made me drink and I had to give both of them up. Short story: You will not regret taking this path. It is so worth it.
  3. There is a reason why BFC is still in business after these many years and this is one. Wombie touched on that above. All I do is buy, play, enjoy and trust. BFC has never let me down. Not once.
  4. This is true, Grasshopper. When you can snatch the pebble from that hand, then you know you are ready to snatch pebbles from other hands. This is the kernel of the gem that is CM x2: There are many pebbles and many hands. They all ask you to try to take them. Figure out the best course and learn. This is fun. This is Combat Mission and it's everything I knew it would be -- even in 1999 when I first started watching them. Enjoy. I am.
  5. Oh my gentle, German Jesus -- entire countries are governed by semantics. It's like energy, as it's neither created nor destroyed. It just is. Or maybe it's more like a sport...?
  6. That is the most brilliant line I ever read of this year...and it's already May.
  7. I can't stand him, but the disk is coming to my mailbox anyway. And, yae, I am verily moist about it.
  8. I keep hitting F5 and seeing nothing happening. Nothing! BFC fix or do somefink!
  9. Heh...I thought "Dead Postures" was the name of a band and I immediately went to iTunes to see if I can find any of their songs. Turns out they don't exist (yet). Oh, well...back to CMBN.
  10. I wanna see the well again! Show us the well again!! Squee!
  11. Well, I just coughed up $78.00 for this lovely bit of stuff in a lovely tin box. At first, I hesitated over the order button but decided to click it anyway. I've been itching for this game since 2002. Heck, these are the only games I buy and the pay-per-play value of the $80.00-ish (gotta remember the exchange rate) is worth it. So, in a few months' time, I reckon it will all work out to 5 cents for every hour spent when I get my greasy mitts on that game. ...unt Ich kenne spiel it nekkid if Ich vants to...ja? Hell, ja.
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