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    TJT reacted to 37mm in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
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    TJT reacted to 37mm in RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread   
    Getting ready for 'Fire & Rubble'...
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    TJT reacted to danfrodo in Rome to Victory Release Date   
    good god, is this really even happening?  this false equivalence bulls-t?  "oh, well the allies did bad things too so everyone is equal." We are not blind or stupid as Aragorn likes to imply.  We KNOW THE ALLIES DID BAD THINGS.  But the allies weren't on a campaign of conquest and murder for all the resources of Eurasia, were they?  And the allies were extremely merciful to their vanquished foes.  The germans planned to impoverish, enslave, banish, or exterminate their vanquished foes.  They did in fact impoverish/enslave/banish/exterminate everyone they conquered.  THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE.  The allied bombing campaigns of german and japanese cities constituted war crimes, there's no way to deny that.  The allies did NOT do this to enslave those countries, they did it because they (wrongly) thought it would end the f___ing war and end the suffering sooner.  Intent matters.
    And having said that..... I am currently playing CMRT campaign as the germans.  Because they have nice gear.  and I already did the russian campaign.  
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    TJT reacted to Warts 'n' all in Another contentious topic: CMx2 vs Mius?   
    I don't wish to be contentious, but I've yet to see a Mius Front video as entertaining as this.
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    TJT reacted to Warts 'n' all in CMFI Rome To Victory Beta AAR - Indian Infantry / South African Armour   
    Perhaps he is hinting that he would like an early war CM set in Pole-land. Well, someone had to say it.
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    TJT reacted to Mord in Is there anything that comes close to the CM games?   
    This is all that you need to know for why you need CM in your life...
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    TJT reacted to FoxZz in A plea for a French Army DLC   
    Hello guys it's me again !
    In this post I aim to present the grounds for a French campaign fitting into the story line of CM:BS.
    Let's first look at the 2013French defence white paper (link in english) : https://www.defense.gouv.fr/english/dgris/defence-policy/white-paper-2013/white-paper-2013.
    In it you can find the operationnal contract of French armed forces which will be our guideline to build a credible French Orbat for the CM:BS campaign.
    In this document its stated p88 that French forces must be able to deploy their forces in three different context, in addition to soverignity and abroad permanent deployment:
    A National emergency force of 5000 troops on standby allowing the deployment of 2300 troops in 7 days in a radius of 3000km. This immediate reaction force is made of: A combined land group of 1500 men (rougly 2 GTIA) with armoured vehicles and helicopters A naval group made of one LHD and its escorts, and one SSN An air group of 10 fighter jets as well as supporting transport, refuelling and maritime patrol aircrafts. Three foreign long term non permanent operations of crisis managment (such as Mali or Iraq) with 1 as main contributor. All those operations together represents A combined arms brigade (7000 men), special forces, one LHD and its escorts, approximately 12 jet fighters and appropriate support planes A Major coercitive operation against a peer ennemy in coalition in with "first entry" capability where France would assume partial or full command. With a notice of approximately 6 month and for a limited period of time, France is able to deploy the following components: Two comined arms brigades (approx 15 000 mens), reinforceable by allied brigades to form a NATO type division under French command Up to 45 fighter jets ans supporting aicrafts A naval group made of the Aircraft carrier, 2 LHDs, escorts and SSN resources needed to guarantee the functions of command, intelligence and logistics for the operation (transport, health, fuel, munitions, spare parts). On completion of this engagement,  a remaining force capable of participating in a crisis management operation
    over a long period. Those 3 contexts add up together, which means French armed forces are supposed to be able to engage in the 3 at once. As you can see, the third context fits perfectly the Ukraine scenario of CMBS. 
    I also used the RAND study on the European generation capabilities posted just above: https://www.rand.org/pubs/research_reports/RR1629.html
    With this in mind here is my proposal for the deployment of French forces in the fictionnal CM:BS scenario found in the game user book :
    Early 2017
    In light of the recent developments in Ukraine, the rise of tensions with Russia and the possbility of a conflict, France reduces its footprint the overseas operations to the minimal requirred and cancels the homeland anti-terror operations which overburdens the forces. Armed forces are intensively prepared for the possibility of a conflict with Russia.
    France, as the main European military power, also decides to take part in the NATO Task Force in Poland and sends an armoured GTIA  (combined arms battalion approx 800 mens) [represents the 3rd abroad comitment of France as of 2017 with Sahel and Iraq, within the contract]
    June 2017
    When learning of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the new French president, elected on a "strong EU" promess, decides to uphold his engagements and to send the immediate reaction force.
    Within 48 hours an Airborne GTIA (800 mens) is air deployed to reinforce Kiev defenses [Airborne troops part of national emergency force are able to pe deployed at 6000km in 48H, they constitute the QRF of this force :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3q-fh-V3gY]. Air strikes are conducted from mainland France [see operation Hamilton or opening of the Libya campaign] and special forces are inserted. French battalion part of the NATO task force moves into Ukraine and engage combat with first Russian elements.
    Within a week, an Amphibious GTIA is assembled and embarks onboard 2 LHDs to sail towards Odessa with the NATO Marine fleet. An Air element of a dozen of Rafale and Mirage fighter jets and support planes are deployed in Polish airbases neighbouring Ukraine [second component of the immediate reaction force, and part of the fleet of the major coercition force].
    A French combined arms brigade starts to be assembled to be sent to Ukraine and reinforce the already deployed troops. While plans are drawn for the mobilisation of a second [major corecition scenario]
    July 2017
    The 1st French Brigade arrives in Ukraine just in time to relieved pressure from Russian offensive on Kiev and takes part in the NATO counter-attack towards central Ukraine [in line with RAND estimated deployment timeline]. Around 45 fighters are now deployd in the AO. French airborne battalion in the North and Amphibious Battalion in the South keep defending Kiev and Odessa respectively.
    The 2nd Brigade is assembled and gets ready to be sent to Ukraine under short notice. Reserve vehicles are sent to the front to replace losses.
    August 2017
    The 2nd French Brigade arrives in Ukraine joins 1st Brigade to form a NATO division under French command with some extra European battalions. The newly formed division take part in the central offensive and races towards Luhansk to cut Russian escape routes. [Maximum French effort planned in the operationnal contract]
    Airborne and Amphibious Battalions take part in the general offensive. Amphibious battalion takes Sebastopol again 162 years after the first time.
    September 2017
    After the cease-fire, most of the French forces are disingaged but a remaining forces stays in the country as a stabilisation force [in line with te white paper].
    Here is my realstic scenario, aren't you thrilled ?
    EDIT : Post is now complete.
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    TJT reacted to MikeyD in Minor visual Obdervations Full Game   
    AAAAH! I recreated your problem!
    The German Leopard crews in the full TO&E carry the G36 rifle. The 'single vehicle' select Leopard crews come with the C8A1. What a bizarre bug! Am running off to report it now.
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    TJT reacted to borg in Semper Fi Campaign glitch   
    THIS SIR, is nothing short of amazing. Really. 
    Happy weekend folks ! 
    When can we get Zero Dark Thirty in SF2 ? @Combatintman 😇
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    TJT reacted to Splinty in Semper Fi Campaign glitch   
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    TJT reacted to MOS:96B2P in Semper Fi Campaign glitch   
    +1  AIRBORNE!!!
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    TJT reacted to Vet 0369 in Semper Fi Campaign glitch   
    Me too😀
    a friend of mine was a cannon cocker in Vietnam. He told me they’d get a fire mission to fire a star burst at a specific location. He’d turn to his gun crew and say, “We’ll, looks like Recon’s lost again!”
    We in the military are like a family; we might fight among ourselves, but if someone from outside the family jumps one of our brothers, the rest of us will “Read them from the book!”
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    TJT reacted to slysniper in Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale?!?!?!   
    It sure is funny how most of the people who complain about price and why is the games not on sale for bargain prices are people who have a handful of comments on the site and are recent new members.
    In other wards I see them as typical gamers expecting the same thing they see with most of the rest of the industry. Expecting to get something for almost nothing after a short life span of the product , with a newer version out and selling again for that company.
    They have never played any game for any extended period of time and are just waiting for the next thing on the market that they can consume.
    The concept of a game with depth and years of endless playability is not a possibility in their thought process. Let alone a fact that the company is not capable of putting out new versions in a year or two with staffs in the hundreds to do such things. A product with only a handful of guys working on and making adjustments to and no ability to try and push the graphic limits of the present home computer each and every year.
    They see it as a unknown logic in the world that they live in and cannot accept it.
    I find it funny. BF is two guys that came from that world and hated it, created their own way to run and manage their game and have done what they wanted and made the life they wanted for themselves and provided us with games no one in the all powerful industry want to do.
    So Bf keep selling and doing business how you want. I appreciate the games too much to care about sales and how they do business.
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    TJT reacted to Erwin in Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale?!?!?!   
    +1   The CM series has saved me literally thousands of $ that I would have spent on other lesser games that used to last maybe a week or two b4 I got bored with them and deleted from my HD.  15 plus years ago when average game cost was about $30,  I calculated that each CM title was worth at least $350+ when you looked at the value for money.
    As pointed out earlier many/most people these days are obsessed with "cheap and disposable" and do not seem to understand/appreciate the concept of "value for money" when amortized over many years.
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    TJT reacted to DerKommissar in Concept: Forum Operational Campaign   
    The idea is to make a turn-based (WEGO) operational layer campaign here on the forums (or potentially a different platform like roll20). It will be on a square or hex-grid graph of a map -- depending on game and theatre. You will be able to make your own units (companies or platoons) and move them around once per turn. Whenever two units (or more) on the map bump into eachother, the GM will post parameters for a Quick Battle you can put into your game and play out. The player (s) then would report the results of their Quick Battle and the operational map would be updated accordingly. A turn can be a week, or bi-weekly, to allow everyone to declare their move, play their Quick battle and report their results on the forum.

    I had this crazy idea while messing around with my roll20 RPG campaign. Instead of making a character sheet, one could make a company/platoon sheet. Recently I saw a lot of people wanting an Operational Layer and someone even mentioned a system that they came up for themselves. It's all still very much in concept phase. At first, I was thinking the campaign should be cooperative and all enemies be managed by GM and be played by AI in-game. Though, I'm sure a lot of people would like to play OPFOR and provide an opponent for those who do not enjoy sparring with AI.
    I'm curious what you guys think! Interested? Not interested? Comments? Concerns? Ideas of your own?
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    TJT reacted to DerKommissar in Concept: Forum Operational Campaign   
    How would units be abstracted on the map?
    They could have bigger radius of movement depending on how well they are motorized. Different units could also have different sight radius that would allow them to see and identify enemies. Units could also have the capability to fortify, resulting in more points for trenches, mines, etc. I was thinking that the most basic unit on the operation layer should be the platoon. 4 platoons can stack into a company, but companies cannot stack into battalions.
    How would units persist between the game and the operational layer?
    Some abstraction would be necessary. There's two ways I thought of doing this:
    a. Each unit has a TO&E. When a squad (or a single vehicle) is destroyed, it gets stricken from the TO&E. It would require the player to keep track of WHAT got destroyed. Potentially claiming kills, as well -- as enemy units need to take losses too.
    b. A points-based system where you only need the final result screenshot. Just the raw numbers of losses (vehicles may weigh more than infantry) would translate to the loss of points for a units deployment. This would allow a player to reorganize their troops for each battle.
    How will objectives be handled?
    Again, 2 ways of doing this:
    a. Victory point control. Holding a single objective for 1 turn will add 1 to the victory tally. Once a threshold of points has been reached, you win -- or lose.
    b. Hold all objectives to win. Game is just about taking each objective.
    The main debate in this whole concept is the level of complexity/simplicity such a system should have. Interested in what you think about all this.
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    TJT reacted to Falaise in Gauging Combat Mission Interest   
    I would be curious to see the average age of the players of "combat mission"
    I think it's 40-50 years
    In France for the blog of mister Hardenberger, the difficulty is the language
    Here almost nobody reads English, especially in the generation of over 40 years
    There is here an equivalent of blog  which is a true mine and it recommend  the reading of "battle drill blog" it is like this that I discovered it and that I came after on the forum and whith this i can improve my english like the say EWR
    i play almost exclusivly at "Normandie"  and for the french units 2th Armoured Division Leclerc it's the same of US armoured troop. But i play too at "shockforce" and there the french troop could be a "plus"  whith the foreign legion for exemple and probably more french player were coming
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    TJT reacted to sburke in Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video   
    LOL yeah, which leads to a story I just have to tell.  My neighbors have 3 kids. 5, 11 and 12.  The 11 year old is their daughter G, really bright loves animals and totally into caring for them.  Apparently in Minecraft she had a pony.   had....   The 5 year old O is miss mischievous.  A 50 year old smart ass in a 5 year old body.  Apparently G pissed her off so she goes into Minecraft and beats the pony to death.  Combat Mission Minecraft- where we find out why the horses in CM are all dead.....
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    TJT reacted to IICptMillerII in Shock Force 2 Beta Showcase Video   
    Hi everyone,
    Here is a cinematic video featuring Shock Force 2! This is meant to be a showcase, similar in concept to a gameplay trailer. Keep in mind this is footage taken from a beta build of the game, and things are subject to change and all that. Hope you all enjoy!
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    TJT reacted to Mord in Massively Dumb Question   
    SF1 $15.00
    SF1 + all modules $35.00
    SF1 + 1 Marines Module $25.00
    SF 1 + British OR NATO Module $25.00
    SF1 + British and NATO Module $35.00
    SF 1 + Marines and British Module $35.00
    SF1 + Marines and NATO Module $35.00
    That should cover everything.
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    TJT reacted to DerKommissar in They meant september of next year!   
    It's like you got a bunch of fussy grannies waiting at the bus stop. 
    "Oh, it's those bus drivers, again. They're always late."
    "It's not their fault! The traffic here is always bad."
    "Oh? You're in love with them, then? You always defend them."
    "No. You're just putting blame on something they can't control."
    "Oh, the bus company should at least give us better schedules."
    "No, no... Then you would complain about that schedule when the bus is inadvertently late or early."
    "Well, I have a right to complain if the bus is late!"
    "If it isn't convenient to you, learn to drive!"
    "How about /you/ learn to drive! I expect these bus drivers to do that, that's why I buy the tickets."
    "It's a busy road, even if you're the best driver you couldn't always be on time."
    "Oh, so you're defending them, again?"
    Other people waiting for the bus have heard these grannies argue the same points yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that...
    If you want to amuse yourself, read these discussions in the voices of John Cleese and Eric Idle.
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    TJT reacted to ratdeath in The state of CMSF2   
    "A CM2 release is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when Battlefront means to!"
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    TJT reacted to MikeyD in New Uncon Models?   
    Eh, I don't see any harm in posting a pict since early models had already appeared in the AAR.

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    TJT reacted to sburke in Will their be a sale when the website comes back online?   
    Nah that happens every year. 
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    TJT reacted to c3k in CMSF2 - UK-Germany Beta AAR   
    I just re-read my old CMBN "Better Beta Beater Reader" AAR against Bil. (Photobucket is back to allowing links, so that prompted me to check.) Anyhow, there was one turn or two where I lost all but one of my tanks. I think this was similar. 
    Anyway, get posting! (And stiff upper lip and all that.)
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