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  1. Uh oh, the SF2 AI have become self-teaching, SKYNET protocol initiated....time to head for the bunker!😲 😱
  2. Oh goody, these threads are almost better than playing the game itself. 😎
  3. I'd cast my vote for Early war too. Always found that period more interesting than the late war scenario.
  4. Nope And you can almost always use this: The Spanish Inquisition
  5. Looks a bit like Artkin have been shocked by a force of 2.....
  6. I can only speak from training environments with full caliber ammo for the 84 mm Carl Gustaf.But considering I got blood taste in my mouth and clear pressure change feel all over the body, particularly the torso, when leading the squad and being 5-10m to the side of the damn thing (much less uncomfortable to actually fire it yourself) wearing double hearing protection I can only imagine the "discomfort" of being in close vicinity of a tank 120 mm gun fired in an urban setting.
  7. You should travel without internet access more often then...
  8. "Two gold brown eyes and the smile you gave me....." Will probably have to be Swedish to understand the giggle in that song phrase regarding to a hyena.
  9. @MOS:96B2P Holy crap. That's a lot of effort you put in to put that list together. As an owner of both SF(full bundle) and BS even I learned a lot from it. Give this man a medal!... or at the least a cold beer
  10. How's the weather in St. Petersburg today?
  11. I'm probably not the only one that wished CMFB had been a module to CMBN rather than a stand-alone in this regard.
  12. CMBN+modules. Its the most fleshed out game of the CM2 family.
  13. Thanks a lot for this tip. Been looking for something like this with little success myself. Found it and several other very interesting reads on the same site.
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