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  1. Euri

    Armor Precision Arty

    My observations were for Precision -> Armor. I had many instances of a direct hit (I am not debating the accuracy - I am talking only about the rounds that they hit the target). None of the hits resulted in killing a Syrian Tank. But as I said, I might have been just unlucky.
  2. Euri

    Armor Precision Arty

    Probably this (of the extreme version). Was your kill with "Armor" rounds?
  3. I am wondering if anyone has managed to kill a Syrian tank with precision artillery (armor). Not me, after having spent around 15 rounds in numerous occasions many of which were direct hits. I suspect a glitch because these are too many events to be a coincidence.
  4. Euri

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    1.Has the reinforcement issue in Semper Fi "Flirting for Disaster" been fixed in the latest patch? 2. If so, would one have to replay the campaign from the beginning or just start the specific mission from the beginning
  5. Euri

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    Same here. Waiting for 20 mins now
  6. Euri

    First impressions

    - Syrian tanks and BMPs turn instantly towards incoming projectiles as if they were "high tech" Black Sea units. - infantry that, after receiving fire, decides to abandon current position and run for a safer place, often chooses a path TOWARDS the direction of enemy fire instead of away from it!
  7. Euri

    First impressions

    AAA guns and portable AA missiles are too strong, if you ask me.
  8. Euri

    Civilian Spies

    The above is a case of petitio principii (begging the question). I am arguing that these kind of "civilian" units are not expected to be assign red tags that easily (each and every time is my experience) but rather exceptionally, or else remain unseen.
  9. I have the feeling that in this new version of CMSF, blue are able to automatically tell when an unarmed civilian is sided with the enemy. I draw this conclusion from playing 2 mission of the Marines Campaign where my troops detected two such poor guys in buildings in "my side" of the map and they proceed to summarily execute them with no questions asked.
  10. At long (snipping) distances, only the sniper engages. Make sure not to issue target (normal or light) orders
  11. Euri

    License failure problem on install

    It confused me as well. You have to insert the key that you got when you purchased the upgrade AND the original CMSF1 key
  12. Euri

    How to get the discount?

    Does one has to have CMSF1 actually installed or just the license key from the past purchase?
  13. Which I believe is wrong because it does not reflect a situation where blue operates with full air superiority. AAA assets are useless against jets except if the jets operate at low altitude. But there is no reason to operate at low altitude if one dominates the sky. I have written a longer post about it a month ago or so
  14. Euri

    Best order for building entry

    It better to resist the temptation of entering and clearing buildings. Better bring the building down with tank and AFV firepower.
  15. I believe this deserves a separate topic: I played the Alamo scenario and it seems that AAA fire is just as effective as in Black Sea, which in my opinion is very wrong. ZSU-23-4 Shilkas are very effective in shooting down air planes in the game. There supposed however to be a difference between CMSF and BS. In the first case the airspace is dominated by Blue while in the latter it is contested and the air assets are forced to operate at low level making then more vulnerable. In the first case fixed wing aircraft should be practically untouchable by AA or AAA fire or, at least, being hits should be a very low probability. Before any operation of ground forces in the broader theater of operations, SEAD missions with warm missiles should have neutralized the air Syrian radar air defenses and no Syrian aircraft should be on the sky in intercept missions. If any of us has played Falcon BMS simulator he would understand what an easy job is for jets to deal with ground forces when the airspace is uncontested and they are not facing long range AA missile threats. AAA guns and portable SAMs are rarely a threat. To make things worse, there are no drones which would allow taking out Shilkas with precision artillery (and correctly so as we are supposed to be in 2008) I believe this presents an issues that the developers should seriously reconsider re-balancing.