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  1. Which I believe is wrong because it does not reflect a situation where blue operates with full air superiority. AAA assets are useless against jets except if the jets operate at low altitude. But there is no reason to operate at low altitude if one dominates the sky. I have written a longer post about it a month ago or so
  2. Euri

    Best order for building entry

    It better to resist the temptation of entering and clearing buildings. Better bring the building down with tank and AFV firepower.
  3. I believe this deserves a separate topic: I played the Alamo scenario and it seems that AAA fire is just as effective as in Black Sea, which in my opinion is very wrong. ZSU-23-4 Shilkas are very effective in shooting down air planes in the game. There supposed however to be a difference between CMSF and BS. In the first case the airspace is dominated by Blue while in the latter it is contested and the air assets are forced to operate at low level making then more vulnerable. In the first case fixed wing aircraft should be practically untouchable by AA or AAA fire or, at least, being hits should be a very low probability. Before any operation of ground forces in the broader theater of operations, SEAD missions with warm missiles should have neutralized the air Syrian radar air defenses and no Syrian aircraft should be on the sky in intercept missions. If any of us has played Falcon BMS simulator he would understand what an easy job is for jets to deal with ground forces when the airspace is uncontested and they are not facing long range AA missile threats. AAA guns and portable SAMs are rarely a threat. To make things worse, there are no drones which would allow taking out Shilkas with precision artillery (and correctly so as we are supposed to be in 2008) I believe this presents an issues that the developers should seriously reconsider re-balancing.
  4. Euri

    Demo Feedback

    Which is good because the T (Target) or J (Target Briefly) commands fire the tows if the designated target is a building
  5. Euri

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Why are not they any panzerfaust launchers in the German AVFs (only rockets)
  6. Euri

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    In the unit control panel of the demo, the icon for choppers (and presumably for fix - wing aircrafts) is a drone one. Just noticing.
  7. Euri

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    I cannot install in Win 10. It produces an error message upon installation. It tries to install something on One Drive, or something like that
  8. Euri

    Soft launch... CMBS Battle Pack 1

    Just finished Honor (the first new battle from the BS expansion) as blue. A very very good one - although I doubt it can server for H2H
  9. I used the word as a figure of speach. Please feel free to share you theories, that is what the forum is about. :-)
  10. try and play as Russian the last mission from Crossing the Dnieper and the penultimate one of the Russian campaign included in the last patch. Open them in the editor and see that blue has just one raven. This does not justify the amount of artillery coming down on you. You have the campaign de-compiler, dont you?
  11. I have a theory that AI is somehow "cheating" on artillery effectiveness. There are some missions where the AI's is extremelly deadly on my positions which are out of LOS from the enemy. Good examples are the last mission of the 1st Russian Campaing and the mission before the last one of the second Russian Campaign. Using the campaign decompiler I have noticed that all the emeny has is a single raven drone which cannot possible cover sufficient areas large maps as those. Nonetheless, the AI is able to bring artillery fire quicly and accurately on my positions over large portions of map with clearly no line of site at all. It is as if the Raven can see all battlefield at the same time Any other theories?
  12. I can confirm that pathfinding in amphibious BMPs is messed. It has probably to do with the slope at the point of the exit but I have not been able to tell the patern. In general, though the river bank are shown as "passable" the BMP will not exit at the predetermined path and will go around to find a bridge or other exit point.. and get killed This makes movement planning a mess
  13. Euri

    CAS (mis)representation

    Can they? Is it only in respect of "area" missions that the area has to be observed (eyeballs or UAV)? Really?!
  14. Euri

    CAS (mis)representation

    Yes. Which adds to my point that Russian fixed wing should be made available at the start of the mission to allow for preplaned strikes, rather than arriving in the middle as inefficient tank hunters
  15. I believe the way the game approaches fixed winged CAS is flowed: 1) there is no justification why helos can be brought on a CAS mission without LOS or UAV observation while fixed wing cannot 2) even where there is LOS or UAV observation there is no reason why each plane of a multi unit CAS cannot be designated different targets, especially buildings. It is standard that before a strike mission each plane plots a target to its computer and when the group passes the IP point each plane zeros on its pre planed target. 3) With Russians in particular, where there is always only an air controller (I wonder why designers do so) and noone else can call air support, fix wing support is rendered useless for any other purpose than killing tanks and AFVs. I know that people will argue that CAS is Close Air Support mission (i.e tanks and vehicles are the targets) and not a strike mission. But in large battlefields with lots of buildings it makes much more sense to use the bombs against key buildings. One way to mitigate this (especially for Russians) would be to make the planes available from the beginning in order to allow pre planned missions.