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  1. Medium scenario historical or random. Prefer US defending. E-mail me if interested.
  2. Ah, the brother and sisterhood of the Peng challenge! As a senior and respected member of the CM community, I wish you all a good year and good gaming.....
  3. OK. I prefer Allies. E-mail me to work out details.
  4. Its great to be united with this distinguished body of players. I know Ive been missed.....
  5. OK. A CMAK medium size scen. Im Allies. E-mail me or post reply. TCP/IP or PBEM
  6. Also, 'Frundsberg Right'. E-mail me or post reply please. Thanks!
  7. Are there two CMMODs pages? Mine has no link for scenarios other then CMSF. Where is this link? Thanks.... :cool:
  8. Eureka! Left hanging... Sorry, I grew up NYC. Thanks again Rune
  9. I think it was 'Left Hanging...Again'. Yes, it was the drop Frost made as part of 'Torch'. Thanks for checking Rune.
  10. I think it was called 'Left hanging, Again'. It was a British AB Bn commanded by John Frost dropped in North Africa as part of 'Torch'. I think Rune designed it but none of his scens are at the Scenario Depot II. By the way; Does anyone chat anymore? The Scen II room is always empty. :confused:
  11. Its always great to check in with the Peng Challenge... What warmth! what cameraderie! What variety! Seven patches for the same game.....
  12. Hope you all have flies in your soup and worms in your bellies for putting up with CMSF.... They should have gone to WW II Pacific/CBI.....
  13. As a distinguished member of the CM community, I wish to congratulate the BF staff on the release of CM Shock Force. The good fellowship which is always a trademark of the Peng thread will live on forever!
  14. Oh, the goodness of the Peng thread. What fraternal good will! Im doing fine thanks..
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