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  1. I've DL your scenario and I am looking foreward to play it. Need just some time. Is it vs the AI or 2 player? Man, your movie is cool. I guess that you became crazy by CM (like me and many others..).
  2. Improvements: 1) TacAI: don't let units sneak away from walls (or similiar terrain things)instead of hiding behind if they are shot by the enemy. 2) the convoy proposal above. 3) A 'contact arc'. I am using very often the 'contact' order but the unit doesn't move because there's a unit in LOS which I don't care about because it's too far away or already pinned or routed. Would be cool to move the unit as long as there's no enemy in front of it (or a new enemy unit appears). 4) Let a squad shoot at different targets at the same time. It would be nice to either target one enemy squad (like in CMX1) or to order a 'fire at will'. The last combined with a fire arc could be used by the TacAI to choose the biggest threads and shoot at them (e.g. two advancing squads) at the same time. 5) open file system (import / export units to text files and back to the editor, ) to build up 3rd party campaigns. I am a BoB member and there're excellent campaigns and tournaments. I don't think you can code all these excellent ideas, so I would ask for an easier life of the campaign masters. Stay with: 1) the game concept (turn based) and realism is great!!! 2) controlling teams and not individual men. I hate that RTS concept of moving single soldiers around. 3) TacAI 's trying to save the unit and disobeys orders. 4) The use of aircraft as it is. The focus for me (and what I like in CMX1) is ground combat. 5) PBEM ability is the most important factor for many players.
  3. click on the link in my signature and download map converter 1.29 ...
  4. dieseltaylor: my english is poor. Do you have trouble downloading the apps from my website?
  5. well, there's no other side from me which explains how to use a dll. I propose to make a google search how to use a dll in applications. There's an example included in the zip file how to use that dll with MS Excel. For short: A dll contains programmed procedures. A coder can use these procedures in his own apps. The map converter dll has all procedure included I use in the mc exe. That means if there's a coder who wants to send map data, height data or/and setup data to the CM editor he can use the dll insead of spending plenty of time to code the stuff again. Maybe Tankersley (Mapping Mission) wants to use this more comfortable way of exporting / importing maps. Or who ever. This was just a try to make my tool useful for other coders....
  6. There's an excel example in the zip file. But you first have to register the dll. To do this you can use an app which you find here: http://www.gold-software.com/download784.html
  7. I've written an ActiveX dll for those who want to code tools for cm and don't know how to access the CM editor. For those who are interested check out my website where you can dl the dll. [ May 01, 2005, 01:51 AM: Message edited by: Pyewacket ]
  8. My favourite scen. from the stalingrad pack is: 'our backs to the volga'
  9. you have to register the file. Here's how to do it: http://windowsxp.mvps.org/comdlg32.htm I hope that will work.
  10. Thanks Emar. maybe that's it. where can I find it? (It's not at the sccenario depot).
  11. Does anybody knows a sceanrio with assault boats (2 player)? thanks in advance.
  12. 3 years ago I've played a CMBO scenario where you had to cross the Rhine with an US Battalion in assault boats (night and maybe fog). Does anybody remember the name? I didn't find it at the scenario depot....
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