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  1. I'm probably wrong, but wasn't this a problem with the original release? Someone posted a picture of a tank hunter team throwing cocktails a good 100 meters over buildings to hit some armour.
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    Well, so long fellas. . .

    Battlefield Command does certainly look great. My only fear is that it will play like a CM clone, which will turn me off. I'd like to see something original for such crisp graphics.
  3. I hope the new one has a tweaked computer pick feature during random quick battles. It doesn't work so hot as is, and I am sick of fighting King Tigers and SMG squads. Please, please, tweak this.
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    Resolved: Computer Select is Better

    There once was a random battle generator that someone made for CMBO which actually worked well in picking the parameters for fair battles. It choose the type, weather, etc. Really cool little device. Haven't seen one for CMBB. Anyway, a friend of my play small quick battles with computer pick, and I have to say that most of the time, one of us gets screwed over. The Russians always seem to get heavy/medium tanks and the Germans get halftracks. Nothing like having an ISU-2 tear up some trucks.
  5. Best I could do was draw. Sat back and fired away. Not the most exciting battle. We are talking Yelnia Stare, correct?
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    Any Players from

    It is true. . . lucky enough to be a season-ticket holder too!
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    Any Players from

    Other side of the state unfortunately. I just recently picked up a copy of the old Avalon Hill game Bismark, as well as some other gems, and would like to get back into board gaming. I was hoping there would be a few guys on this forum.
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    Any Players from

    Pittsburgh? A friend of mine, as well as myself, would like to know who else is out there, perhaps for board gaming, or hot-seat games.
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    203mm spotter + 4 x TRP = This

    My spotter did better than yours! hahahahahahahahahahaha
  10. I was Napolean. But I wanted to be Robert E. Lee. . . boo hoo hoo
  11. I was able to pull a minor in that same scenario with them, but I believe my crack unit got 4 or 5 T-34's before the plane shot him up. If he has that much left, I guess you might be in trouble as they will gang up on you. I set up ambushes in the little village with them and let my over-eager opponent ride up for the surprise.
  12. SPOILERS Assault Guns, my friend, assualt guns!
  13. Refresh your page and try again. Madmatt </font>
  14. Link is only leading me to version 1.01. Anyone able to find it?
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    "The Collective"

    Its right Here