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  1. A Hot Wheels Advent calendar. Yup. Civilization is officially over, boys and girls.
  2. I love making my opponents angry so they snarl and show their teeth.
  3. How is it you keep getting out of the restraints? I told them to use a shock collar, but did they listen? Nooooo!
  4. Spent a long, long time here. Wrote a lot of nonsense. Met a lot of fine folks, some of whom I still talk to. This was a wonderful place, full of wit, panache, bile, horrid jokes, funny songs, idiots and savants. And dreams. Lots and lots of dreams.
  5. No, it's just the stench of old haggis that wafts out of him.
  6. Your mother is tiny? That's a bummer. It's an AAR you're wanting? Okay. Speedbump and I tied in a CMBN game. Happy now?
  7. And in this week's episode of "Non Sequitur Theater", Michael demonstrates why he really needs to be constantly monitored and medicated. Let's watch, shall we?
  8. Hold your breath while doing so. I thought you were going to ask for a Sampo. But it's good to see you setting the bar low for yourself.
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