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  1. Hello there,

    I would like to request the link to the mod for animation stance for troops in the Hanomog.

    As someone who always plays the Heer against the Canadians with my regular pbem opponent  I have been very interested in finding a way to get the troops to sit lower in the half-tracks.

    Just a interesting side note. When I was stationed in Germany I attended a few weddings were one of our soldiers was getting married to a German gal. Well some of the guest's attending on the brides side were older gentlemen who turned out to be WW2 veterans. They seemed a bit surprised when we went up to them and basically told them we respected them for their service to their country. Whether they wanted to be there or not. Agreed with the reason their country was at war or not, they were soldiers once. And that kinship deserves respect.

    1. RockinHarry


      hello ironcat

      not sure if that seat stance animation file swap still works. IIRC the improved stances had been implemented by BFC for the V4 patches that time, but I´m not sure about that. I´ll redo some testing in short and then let you know (and share file). :)

      Nice story. :) Fairly sure these veteran guys liked that approach. Usually veterans (who still alive) do not see that much respect, as mostly beeing seen as Nazi henchman, particularly by younger people. Sad story. My grandpa was eastern front veteran (though short time only due to beeing heavyly wounded and then quitting wartime service). I know him as some kindest and calmest man in the world and it´s impossible for me to see him as something different than one of millions of war victims. But so is life. 

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