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  1. personally I just can tell of my running experiences in CMBN and CMFB, with mentioned odd occurrences in particular. Surely deserves some more in depth testing to see how much randomness is actually involved here. Some my guess is that pixeltrooper "class" (leader, gunner, assistant etc) plays a role, but I still find it hard (or impossible) predicting the games choice on medics and what they´ll loot or rather not.
  2. the nice thing on shader files (blur_shader.frag in particular) is that these can be mod tagged and thus assigned to single missions individually. I like tweaking simple things like lightness, contrast and color saturation to adapt maps to certain our non dynamic weather settings. I.e gloomier for rainy day forest fighting or fine tuning dry/sunny weather. Oftenly it´s more effective than actual terrain and object texture modding and that with simple means. Btw, did anybody try mod tagging files for campaigns yet? I mean do the mod tags for the campaigns first mission sets files in use for all follow up missions, or do missions load and set these individually too (after campaign file baking)?
  3. in fact more anticipating for the next engine (or game) version, not current. With just RT I´d be out as well. Just BFC (or any experienced game programmer) could tell if it makes sense, both feature and performance wise. As said you just can make so many computations in a RT game to get it smooth running, but I wouldn´t personally be bothered for WEGO if it takes 1-2 minutes (or even longer) to compute highly improved and advanced simulation features. If some the current major issues in game engine 4 get resolved I´d expect new content to be published faster and maybe more of it. Unless no banging head at brickwall issues remain. I tend to see some issues of this sort going right ATM, but hope I´m wrong. Really no idea on sales. I just see there´s lots of competition in RT segment, but virtually none in WEGO where despite its ageing CM is king!
  4. my main concern is that BFC likely attempts achieving too much with this ageing sim engine. Quite in particular the RT mode to me looks like a major obstacle for getting more out of that classic and undisputed WEGO wargame. More time consuming computations (AI, pathing i.e) can be better buried in WEGO than RT, where good frame rate at high resolutions is of more major importance IMO. So if RT is required for more sells, then better make it two seperate games and let each one exploit modes (RT & WEGO) to their individual capabilities. But at last it´s their game and vision of it and altogether I´m fine with it, however long it takes.
  5. just had another odd case of medic selection in CMBN. Moved a US Inf Plt HQ towards a wounded BAR gunner to possibly grab that gun. It was the radio operator then selected for the medic job and all he grabbed was some ammo. Radio operator? Ammo? BFC should think about that selections in all seriousness again.
  6. Gorgeous! Looks like an entire new game to me! Also bits of reminding on the ARMA series. Is there an air guitar contest in the town btw?
  7. I very rarely use "fast" in my games, maybe that´s why I don´t see overloading effects. Instead I use short bounds of quick quite oftenly, particularly on medium to longer ranges. But otherwise makes sense if fast is disabled due to any sort of heavy or overload.
  8. did you use hotkey (g) or click the command panel button "face" directly?
  9. area targeting behind blockading terrain no farther than 30m does the trick. Works on bocage, tall walls and terrain related like high embankments etc. Don´t expect deadly volleys of hand grenades at first turn though. Most guys then look like attempting to shoot their rifles but can´t (off course). Wished the TacAI automatically recognizes this situation for grenade volleys (BFC hint! ) Beside always beeing a great read, as well quite useful for playing bocage country and related tactical issues in the game: Doubler´s Busting the Bocage
  10. same for pillbox vehicle derivative. There´s crew position data I´d like to mess with in order to improve on vulnerability in pillboxes embrasure area. Alternatively make the pillbox have a realistic size embrasure so just a single guy can shoot from that loophole. Also would be nice to have an armored plate that closes the embrasure, similar to buttoning up an armored vehicle.
  11. @sbobovyc you´re still around? While I could convert some flavor objects to *.obj (by unmdr) successfully, I couldn´t do in reverse with mdr_mutator. I imported and exported again in Blender so I might use different export options for *.obj files there? Or no go at all? Example case: manhole1.mdr to manhole1.obj = ok. After exporting from blender: "python mdr_mutator.py manhole1_manifest.json". Needed files (manhole1.obj and manhole1_manifest.json) are present, in same folder than my Python3 install and its exe file. Other question: I´m stuck with Blender 2.76 due to my WinXP OS, so can´t use your MDR im-/exporter plugin apparently mady for 2.78. Is there´s any workaround? Thanks!
  12. it´s at least from my current perception and running experiences playing the game quite normally. More in depth testing with stadardized unit soft factors (fitness) and certain amount ammo added, then moving over longer ranges in different move modes (move , quick etc) might reveal some more accurate data maybe. Thus far I load my poor pixeltroopers like pack mules, but at shorter ranges only.
  13. figured hardcoded limit for single flavor type amount remains at 16 (self adapting 4x4 matrix) just like the 4x4 general flavor type tabs of which we have 2. Not too bad actually if considering you can tag and reorder the ones needed for just a single map. Theoretically we now have (16+16) x 16 = 512 flavors to our avail. Let´s see who first time crashes the game with that amount. weren´t these taken and edited from CMRT? Edit: Think these were the base: http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=1067 Btw you can make these look more natural by click-rotating. They revolve counterclockwise by 15° each click. Full turn = 24 clicks (=360°).
  14. Sooooo.... after half a dozen testing rounds I found the same behaviors for on- and offboard US 75mm pack howitzers (from airborne tab). Low ROF, on the spot accuracy while the on map guns are beeing positioned behind a crest with no direct LOS/LOF. Offboard is rather normal spread pattern, but again fairly low ROF (Heavy). Same spotter, same target. Minimum fire range though is somewhat larger than compared to german IG18 and is ~2400m. If that is from the crest or the guns minimum fire range for indirect I can´t tell. On another row of tests I´d placed an occupied wooden pillbox on the map, roughly where I plotted previous fire missions on empty map (about 2400m away from spotter and guns). Results are fairly the same. With "target vehicle" on board mission set (Heavy, Short), spotting round procedure went normal and after reporting FFE on radio about 5-8 shots (out of 20) hit the pillbox directly. Germans in pillbox got a number of wounded and on another ocassion just 1 survivor was left in. The wooden pillbox never got destroyed from the number of direct hits (which I find a bit surprising). Same mission with 4 gun offboard 75mm pack howitzer battery (just 2 guns selected=multi, Heavy, Short). Spread pattern was rather normal and way more inaccurate. At best about 1-2 direct hits could be achieved while the misson spent ~20 rounds from both guns (spotting rounds excluded). So when taken as game "feature" it´s a nice cheat to achieve superior hit probability on rather small targets far away and with guns hidden from enemy. Only drawback is the very low ROF for both, german 75mm IG 18 and US 75mm pack howitzer.
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