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  1. like to remind of this little helper mod. This helps medics to not become the next casualty. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=713
  2. That´s good news. 😎 Hope the patch addresses this issue as well?
  3. Trying out Beta2 and it´s quite a beauty! 😎 Haven´t explored optional (or variation) files yet but seems I make this my default CMBN environment. All textures match perfectly in resolution and colors, as well as detail works. Big 👍 up! A quick screen of my default game setup. LS ´s Bocage1 Test mission, no Reshade, bits of my personal ingame movie shader tweaks and all details full up.
  4. I don´t have CMSF2 so can´t test your mission setup. But you say you could enter a building via balcony (2nd floor) directly from ground mesh? I know you can exit a building this way, if balcony is "leaning" on ground mesh. But other way round? Yep, got the Blender plugin working. 😎 Still attempt figuring out object custom properties, which I think are crucial for any objects ingame functionality. I "see" some possible bounding- or hitboxes and maybe data that defines "armored" and not so armored areas. I think a window´s "alpha" data was already discovered by @sbobovyc but which Meta is it exactly? ATM doing some intensive testing with bunker.mdr Meta data and I see a number of differences in game. Though haven´t nailed any specific data yet.
  5. Nice showcase battle for F&R and wetting appetite. 😎 But beside that not quite a realistic setup and tactics are accordingly. I still see issues with protection levels of buildings which is rather sad. If you can so easily shoot out each other from (heavy) buildings and just slightly beyond hand grande range, battles like Stalingrad and comparable would´ve resolved in a matter of minutes instead of weeks or months. Also nice to see efforts are beeing made on improving the TacAI´s "evade" behavior. But will it be a real cure or rather superfical symptom treatment?
  6. So tinkering with foxholes didn´t yield any usable results, except some cosmetical changes maybe. That´s majorily from the way foxholes and trenches work in the game generally. As long as they can´t be pushed down below ground mesh level and infantry adapting to it there´d be no increase in protection. Infantry always adapts to the ground mesh 1m grid automatically, no matter of foxhole geometry or position changes. There´s also issues with mentioned bounding boxes. While it´s unclear if they´re used by the game engine and for what exactly, I found some data in an objects custom properties that very much looks like bounding boxes: Meta_unkn1 and 2. Thus far I figured changing data in there doesn´t yield any noticeable results for flavor objects, which seem getting a more simplified treatment from the game engine. Any non geometry data seems hard coded and determined by its class (sack, poles, etc.) I´ve yet to test on other class game objects (terrain, vehicles etc) and things might possibly a bit different. There´s indications that a buildings windows are not treated like single entities for LOS/LOF purposes, at least not if a wall has more than a single window. I suspect multiple windows are more treated like a large single window (or frame), maybe to ease the TacAI´s shooting and spotting abilities. Not sure if it´s all hard coded as well, but tinkering with window object bounding box data in the MDR file might reveal. I now get most im- and export MDR file working smoothly. Just have all required texture files with mdr file in place in single folder. Then in Blenders object view mode select all of an objects hierarchy and there you go. Off course sticking to the game objects internal terminology and file names is another requirement. In one experiment I "converted" a PAK/AT bunker to normal concrete shelter type successfully. I deleted the guns object hierarchy and associated crew positions. Then substituted these with ones taken from a normal shelter type bunker (leader, leader1...., gunner, gunner 1...etc). Seems to work fairly normal ingame, but there´s issues with hit- or bounding boxes. I figured same issues are with the original, unedited Pak Bunkers. So likely more of a general game problem with bunker/vehicle types (confirming many my other impressions) So one can do lots of neat things in Blender and get them working, though with some limitations due to hard coding and other not too well known data. At least it helps understanding some the game mechanics treatment of objects a lot better. Think for now I´m filling up many the unused flavor object slots for special use in my mission designs. To remember, by change of the UI button size to smaller (mod), one can have and place at least 16 flavor objects per type. Maybe even more, but not tested. The most usefull flavor object types seem fountain/large fountain (has high resistance and likely cover value, as well as larger map footprint), stump and maybe shelter for its larger footprint and resistance to any game unit movements. "Sacks" are almost neglected from anything, so there seems just limited use (eye candy). But one can put some sacks into fountain category to benefit from its hard coded attributes. More of usable objects are in crate category (sack staples), that can be put into fountain as well. Ah.. btw I´m working with CMBN and CMFB objects only. The other games might have more in the offers, but I don´t know. Now I need a graphics app than can load and save type 5 BMP format used for many game objects (24 Bit + Alpha). I´d used PS7 on my old WinXP machine, but can´t get it to work in Win10. GIMP doesn´t seem to recognize that file type as well, or do I overlook something? A DDS plug-in (or app) for normal maps would also come handy. Had one working with PS7. Still can work on my WinXP machine but would prefer to have it all on my new Win10 one.
  7. Interesting that the war movie shader file is in use by anybody but myself. In fact it contains just a slight increase in contrast and some lowering of color saturation. Also no use with Reshade (or similar), which I´ve to install and try out yet. Though still have it in use by default (always on) in all my games. Tinkering with trees and bocage objects in Blender can be a bit difficult, but seems doable. Thus far I use them as additional flavor objects to be put into "stump" category. Otherwise just looking at an imported bocage or foliage object gives a better idea about geometry, used textures and their projections on planes. I´m a noob at Blender myself, but I got everything working to my desires. It´s mainly a matter of dealing with just specific MDR file features which are manageable IMO. 😎
  8. the latter part (0:35) of this short YT video is quite interesting as well. Particularly where cone shape and length is factored into the overall effectiveness of a HEAT warhead. The referenced book can be found for free here: Walters & Zukas - Fundamentals of Shaped Charges
  9. That´s all beautiful! 😎 Think even without Reshade it´ll look superior but I might try then. @Lucky_Strike you also might try importing bocage objects into Blender and do some optimizing there as well? Maybe you then get closer to what you´d have in mind initially.
  10. thanks, highly appreciated. Sounds promising to me at least. 😎 🍻
  11. Thanks for telling. 😎 Think many of us are interested to know about that good news, even if it´s still WIP. But it to me also indicates that pathing issues are still persistent. It wasn´t actually the evade feature as such which is realistic, but rather its execution. Waypoint towards enemy, instant execution of movement towards that waypoint (fast mode and least resistance path with regard to speed) and current morale state of evading unit. In CMBN/CMFB I found it suffices oftenly when beeing in "Pinned" state (suppression bar full up and pinned), so it´s not all real panicking units doing that insane moves. It might suffice if giving maybe 30 seconds more before actual evade movements start, so at least a player has a chance to "correct" the TacAI´s choices lil later. As I mentioned elsewhere I solve most these unpleasent occasions by applying an indefinite pause to a unit that I want to stick in place for remainder of running game turn. If in my follow up game turn I find a "paused" unit has a TacAI evade command in place, I then either decide to leave it, but correct WP and move mode or cancel it, followed by another indefinite pause. Off course works only with units not yet shaken or panicked (can not be given orders and ignore "pause" with some delay). But helps greatly with units in any the better morale states. That "trick" doesn´t help the AIP though. So fingers crossed you´ll find a good solution or compromise at last. 😎 ....and leave the player "pause option" in.
  12. You could be happy that your troopers were already in place and shoot first! 😁 That´s the situation I´d bit of forecasted some time ago. Large (or special) MG independant buildings = death traps. ☠️ Having a height advantage and germans moving adds to this. Even if they sneaked in crawling, it wouldn´t have made a difference. Maybe damaged state of that building enhances that unpleasent (to germans) effect but I guess with the AC around your happy time won´t last very long. Few 2cm rounds can turn kill count towards germans very quickly. 🥶 Will be interesting to see how you solve this situation. Maybe massed fire will drive the AC´s away, but that will come at a cost likely. Hard choices as long as there´s still german infantry around and the surprise is lost now. But as long as germans use same indi buildings.... ☠️ Usually this is now where auto evade takes over in unpleasent ways. Any suicide movements yet, your or german side?
  13. Haven´t tested that cover object again. I´ve tried it for buildings sunken down just one level deep (-3m) with upper stories remaining above ground (2 and 3 story buildings). This to hide the rugged terrain mesh around the sunken building. Whether that object yields any LOS or LOF blocking attributes I don´t know (yet). In fact I confused that Anaconda thing beeing a requirement for Blender Im- and Export, which is not the case. Blender V2.79b was all I needed to deal with just MDR files which was my main goal. At least for the time beeing. I´m now in learning mode and cosidering my noob Blender skills it´ll likely take a couple of weeks before I can add something useful to this or a more dedicated thread. At least I got the rather simple foxhole object edited (bits of size and shape changes) and then reimported into the game successfully. Now I´ve to check consequences ingame. What do we know on "bounding boxes" and such btw? Blender console pops out various data telling it likely beeing associated with bounding box data (and others), but off course not editable. Guess bounding boxes are needed for quite a number of things.
  14. hehe... ok then. Hope it´s all good things for comrades Ivan.
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