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  1. RockinHarry

    History accuracy

    I usually get rid of the observer from the sniper team with the 50% casualty option.
  2. RockinHarry

    German scout teams too big?

    I think there wasn´t an actual sort of scout team doctrine for germans late war. They had something like that early war, called "Sicherer" (2-4 guys advancing before the main troops to provide some forward security during advances). Personally I prefer making or using non dedicated scout teams as I see fit and a prime requirement would be them having Binocs! Small yet unused HQ teams are well suited and are of the desired small size (2-4 max) if their duties can be taken over by other HQ nearby. I´d assume it´s due to the engineer/pionier class for the SS team taking that much heavy ordnance. So it´s not unusual. Like above, I´d rather not split and assign the odd "scout" teams from a squad and take something more useful, like the mentioned small HQ teams. If they´re just to draw enemy fire, they´re good though. Generally I find the splitting squad options less realistic and useful than could be in the game. I´d prefer to have them configurable and IE have the squad leader stay withg the lMG and such. Maybe something to discuss for the next game engine version...
  3. RockinHarry

    History accuracy

    True. Would like to know as well. If my memory serves me right the german sets composition was 10 HE and 5 HEAT, but it definitely was more than the games 2-3 in general. Probably same for US and others that used rifle grenades. Another common mistake in wargames (not in this one thus far) is distribution of german cup launchers and grenades before april/may 1942 when they in fact were distributed first time in masses to frontline troops. Maybe the AI would be not so good at handling rifle grenades and uses them sort of pocket artillery, thus causing some imbalance at circumstances. Can´t tell. Personally I find them ideally suited for MOUT, as a single rifle grenade can take out several enemy guys in buildings at once, when hitting at or near a window (with usually several guys bunching up behind). Thus I´d wish for more than the usual two or three.
  4. Early War (Poland, France and Balkans campaigns). Mainly for the reason I find desert terrain & maps quite boring and giving too little variation.
  5. RockinHarry

    Fury Movie Discussion.

    it´s not bad. I just hate the usual approach that certain terms from US sources are taken literally. Also counts for SPR. That would be every german tank is a "Tiger", every gun an "88" and so forth. Also if I see "sandbag positions" to present "typical" WW2 infantry combat positiions, I usually start to get mad.
  6. I tend to get rid of the extra guy in sniper and FT teams by cutting size to 50% in editor. Solved some issues for me, particularly when these 2 man teams are in AI hands and in own scenario designs.
  7. I have Doublers book, but I don´t know of anything similar from german perspective as well. Combining Schneider´s Panzer Tactic and USMHI Special Series (particularly 8 + 9, german tactical doctrine, german squad in combat) though gives quite a good overview with regard to CM scale. There´s other free stuff in the net (small unit tactics series), but unfortunately nothing in a single book AND english language.
  8. RockinHarry

    Combat in woods - clip from TV series

    Mainly general behaviors, tactics and "story telling". Gear is mostly in order (though I wonder what this Luger wielding german offiver guy is meant to present), since actors appear to be hired from local german reenactor group I think. Though I´ve seen some way more professional UK and US groups who at least mastered the basic drills of the time. These films look simply like some youngsters playing war in the park. I lack time (and interest) to go deeper into detail with these short films, but considering this young group of filming students is not specialised in making WW2 films (they do various other topics as well), one does not need to take it all that serious. https://www.paralightworx.de/
  9. Interesting topic. I´d assume various reasons for the shield not beeing made bigger. 1. Avoiding a larger (taller) than necessary vehicle silhouette. 2. When turned to engage targets sideways, a larger shield could possibly create some hassles for other Grenadiers sitting/standing in the vehicle just behind. 3. Somewhat more restricted observation possibility toward the front of the vehicle. (I.E with binocs and generally). 4. Necessity to keep things simple and spare raw materials.
  10. RockinHarry

    Combat Mission AI

    The AI withdraw order also can be used "offensively" in order to make use of the smoke throwing capability. It´s somewhat tricky to set up for the AI and not overly flexible, but yet a nice working expedient.
  11. RockinHarry

    Combat in woods - clip from TV series

    Mixed feelings about that. Technically not the worst I´ve seen from some reenactor wannabe film producers, yet suffering from the usual lack of realism and detail. I have my doubts about their true motivations making such films, but oh well...
  12. and the original http://wwii.germandocsinrussia.org/de/nodes/1212-akte-405-okh-general-der-infanterie-hinweise-f-r-die-ausbildung-der-infanterie-auf-grund-der#page/1/mode/grid/zoom/1
  13. RockinHarry

    Invulnerable jeep - now with video

    I think that explains the whole matter very well. So although it doesn´t quite look like WYSIWYG, the results would obviously be the same.
  14. currently mortar ammo dumps can be placed during purchase/setup from dismounted trucks belonging to the mortars (usually motorized support/hvy wpns Coy from BN formations). These can also be put onto the map via reinforcements setup. Used these in my 1944 pillbox defense scenario. Yet I ´d wish for configurable ammo dumps as well.
  15. german and russian speakers could also find lots of interesting stuff on similar topics here: http://wwii.germandocsinrussia.org/de/nodes/1-bestand-500