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  1. to make it clear, it´s actually not "new" animations. It´s stock game animation files reused for different purposes. The single "jump" animation is universally used for all forces in the game and what I did as said is I´d taken the "unarmed vehicle-crew-exit" (used for dismounting personal obviously) animation and through renaming the file, made it the new jump animation sequence instead. Testing the files is just a matter of dropping into data/z and play! It doesn´t mess anything with your game. Just watch any pixeltrooper going across fences etc. and see the different animation. If you don´t like it, just delete file from data/z again.
  2. I can well imagine. If you´re required to or have a CO in the neck, you´re surely be able exceeding your personal limits without much hesitation.
  3. sorry it took that long, but finally found it in some my books: "Die Truppe kämpft allerorts heldenmütig, jedoch der ungleiche Kampf neigt dem Ende entgegen" page 372, Friedrich Georgs´s "Verrat in der Normandie" it´s from a Rommel´s teletype to Hitler dating July 15, 1944 Edit: Just figured it´s also available as PDF download in the net. Not sure if it´s legal but here´s the link: https://ia802608.us.archive.org/27/items/45030029FriedrichGeorgVerratInDerNormandie/45030029-Friedrich-Georg-Verrat-in-Der-Normandie.pdf
  4. RockinHarry

    Special Effects Mix

    things are rather simple when it´s just selecting from the "one for all" animation types of which "jump" is one of them.
  5. looks like you were beeing properly trained as well as quite some fit person! From that POV I´d choose the stock one as well. I was never in military so I can´t properly judge. I´d likely not jump over walls and such with all gear on.
  6. I might do once it´s all properly tested, particularly in H2H games and such. Also like to wait for oncoming patches first and then see if it still all works.
  7. RockinHarry

    New DAR: ncc1701e vs JoMc67

    reminds me of that cold war phrase "who shoots first, (still) dies second" something.
  8. RockinHarry

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    OTOH I´d finally have some time start playing WITW.
  9. Just found another good "jump" animation file substitute (unarmed-vehicle-crew-exit). As said I find the stock games "jump" animation looking bits too athletic, considering usual combat loads, late war physical fitness (lots of less well trained and physically fit draftees, conscripts ect.) and all that. Also it makes more sense to me if using crawl or hunt mode and then our pixeltroopers beeing required to cross an obstacle (fences, low wall, trench), that they do in more cautious and less conspicuous ways. They also might have kicked out boards from a fence or slip between wires and such. The substitute ani file sequence might not look that appealing as the original, but still does the purpose appropiately well IMO. Download straight into data/z (file is unpacked). Do not like? Just delete from folder again. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3mnkmx9tm8miz0p/kar98k-jump.ani?dl=0
  10. RockinHarry

    Special Effects Mix

    obstacles, yes. But which exactly? I can´t see any in the vid above at 04:14. Anyway, it inspired me for some new mod ideas. I´d call it no more hurdles runner something. :D
  11. RockinHarry

    Special Effects Mix

    just tested. Must be something different.
  12. maybe a good time for revival with the ani mods currently beeing tested in H2H. Final evaluations are to follow in next weeks coming I think. To something different: another animation sequence I personally find somewhat...errm....too sportingly.. is the "jump" (fences, walls, trenches) animation sequence. Considering usual combat loads and such I could imagine something more appropiate maybe. I´m just about testing the "hunt level short" sequence as substitute for "jump" and while also not that perfect I find it somewhat more convincing. What do you think? Before I upload anything you can try yourselves. Unbrz "Normandy V100a" then in "a/animations/kar98" take "kar98k-hunt-level-short.ani" and put it into "data/z". Rename this to "kar98k-jump.ani". Done.
  13. RockinHarry

    Special Effects Mix

    nice work. I wonder about that pixeltroopers jump move at 4:14!? Me guesses you´d placed and made all of the trench objects masked and now beeing invisible?
  14. RockinHarry

    CM:BN Screenshot Thread #2

    yes, that´s my intention. Hope for an early summer purchase if things going well.