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  1. Yep, it´s all too common here that various folks find explanations for the unexplainable. Likely another side effect of that great BFC responding to its customers I think. Just if people ask for "Comnpany secrets". Sorry, but after roughly 2 decades I start to slip off here. Time does not stand still. I experience lots of better examples dealing with developers and beta testers and getting it all back.
  2. if I got that right, I didn´t know that either. Got to test when I´ve time for this game again.
  3. Personally I don´t mind about having randomness in the game which in fact adds bits of "spice" to the battles. What disturbs me is that BFC again leaves its cutomers on multi pages long threads with just their guessworks. I´d really like to (and enjoy) playing the game again, instead of this. Yet I remain with 2" mortars and other roughly hand grenade size thingies shouldn´t do what I reported they do (way too oftenly). So the WTF keeps going on.....
  4. yes, there´s as many POV as there´s players it seems. But off course what BFC decides on is law (and bits of disorder).
  5. Sure one can be satisfied with things as is, but that´s not a clear reason not to improve IMO. Just found an interesting doc in the net.: http://www.defence.gov.au/UXO/_Master/docs/Types/Mortar2InchRev01.pdf looks like that thing with 300g HE filler is not that much to cause heavy damage IMO. I had the smoke type in hands repeatedly (clearly recognisable when digging up) and it´s hardly any larger than a german Stiel 24 potato masher i.e But as said, it´s not just the 2 inchers. Saw all that happen numerous times before and too many that WTF moments make me avoid the game sooner or later.
  6. Okay. Now I am convinced. Guess next time I put my HMG teams out into the open. Might be a better protection vs. micro mortar shells maybe.
  7. Glad I made some screenshots 3 months back. Well I read your interpretations on how it all works. But I´m not convinced to be honest. Ceilings aren´t all the same, particularly in stone buildings. While you can shoot somebody in a US made cardboard house, it´s far less likely in old stone buildings anywhere in europe, particularly the bigger ones. So I remain with my thinking, it´s not modeled the way it all should be. May it be abstractions or not. All IMHO. @Heirloom_Tomato have a look. You might enjoy this!
  8. No idea. I´m still using my own shader files from the past and AA is still not so good in movie mode. Same for the original ones as delivered with the latest updates (if there were any included). But got to check again in V2.02.
  9. .... yes. Though the latter seems a bit gamey, but I guess that was sort of irony.
  10. would try to achieve by applying to the methods mentioned in post here: Haven´t scripted HMG in a mission yet (beside the ones in that enter germany mission), but I´d do by use of enemy terrain triggers, timers and as said by cutting crews into half to avoid unnecessary losses. (why loose 6 guys instead of 3 when the crew anyway is already decimated and of no huge danger to anybody anymore = big morale hit). With regard to soft factors I´d tone down morale to "not so good" in order to make them retreat on their own once they receive effective enemy fire. A -1 or -2 leader might help as well. Yet I´d preserve higher experience so they´re of any use at all. Basically that should get to work I think. At least for a majority of appropiate situations (HMG gets spotted by enemy and receives highly effective return fires). Thus using longest possible ranges and keyholed positions for HMG IMO is of major importance. The "retreat on their own" thingy off course is not to be relied upon too often. With the TacAI oftenly choosing retreat paths in odd ways things could become even worse. So a -1 or -2 leader might be not that good an idea, but otherwise... I´d try this way basically.
  11. @Heirloom_Tomato yes, think it was cobblestone. Last 1-2 turns we played IIRC. Guess you were either targeting a house, or maybe the SdKfz nearby. To be honest, the tiny 2" really shouldn´t do much. I once even had several (emptied smoke round) in hands as Op Veritable battlefield finds. I know about the various abstractions in the game, but very IMHO BFC should have a look in there. Same for infantry outside buildings beeing capable of shooting enemy through window at ground level and killing ptroopers above just as there wouldn´t be any ceilings at all. To me it´s the same issue as the mentioned single 2" mortar round. NO WAY EVER a tiny 2" exploding on the street killing/wounding soldiers lying prone (Hide mode) in two different stone buildings on 2nd stories or higher. If I find time again, I´ll do some more explicit tests. But as mentioned before, anybody else (betatesters and BFC) actually should do their jobs. Beeing myself busy as betatester/mission designer for somebody else already.
  12. you just remind me of another possible bug I noticed during my PBEM with @Heirloom_Tomato. On one occasion a 2" mortar shell hit the street between two buildings and in each of these buildings were my prone lying troops. Yet received exactly 1 KIA and WIA in each building from that 2" shell. I noticed this odd casualty taking before and my closest guess is and always was that troops in buildings can take losses through windows and then up through the next stories ceiling . So BFC might check on these ceilings providing cover from below at all!!!!!! Counts both, for small arms and any HE effects.
  13. Yes, but that´s a gamey design decision. Nothing to compare with RL. If a HMG team is about to receive losses, better pack up and switch position. Human player can and the AIP is capable too with proper AI scripting, as well as applying appropiate soft factors. If the HMG weapon as such gets knocked out, the ammo bearers are of no further use anyway. Just IMHO.
  14. ah sorry! I fear I don´t have time ATM for my recent reactivation in a particular wargame beta testing group. I´ll see with DP nonetheless. It might be I couldn´t load or play anyway due to CTD on load. We´ll see then.
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