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  1. RockinHarry

    RockinHarry Scenario Thread

    ... I know this wasn´t made for the purpose, but it´s good enough without showing too many spoilers.
  2. RockinHarry

    RockinHarry Scenario Thread

    Added your playtest video over at TSDIII if you don´t mind. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/cmbn-v4-mg-vp-you-enter-germany-introduction/
  3. RockinHarry

    A Video Worth Watching

    Hard to tell. I know from a source that particularly in the hurtgen forest the firebreaks were initially so heavily mined, that both the germans and US found it oftentimes going faster to break new tracks through the forest instead of clearing the mined ones.
  4. RockinHarry

    A Video Worth Watching

    I wonder they even attempted. Common procedure more likely was what is seen as well... getting the path clear with a little help from the engineers. I read somewhere Panther or Tiger tanks were able to push down trees with 50-60cm diameter at max, but I doubt this was attempted oftenly in the field. Even when pushed down you can still belly up and a (german) tank commander could likely expect to look into some his superiors barrel of a Luger when it happened. :P
  5. RockinHarry

    A Video Worth Watching

    thanks for sharing. Didn´t know this one yet. I´ve made and published a scenario of the same name roughly when the YT vids were published. Interesting to see in Vid #1 at 07:18 how much of an obstacle the rather not so strong pine trees were for medium tank like the M4 Sherman.
  6. RockinHarry

    Possible pathfinding issue?

    Here´s one of those threads that had the related pathing issues mentioned. IIRC it wasn´t the first time reported, but likely the extended pixeltrooper spacing feature in V4 upgrade made it happen more oftenly since then.
  7. RockinHarry

    Possible pathfinding issue?

    I think problems like these were reported repeatedly since release of V4 upgrade. So it´s a known problem and hopefully this will be addressed in forthcoming patches.
  8. RockinHarry

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Thus far the various missions run fairly smooth, considering my crappy old hardware and WinXP! The more I´m looking forward to the patch 4 updates for remaining games.
  9. I´ve read more than one time that during the Ardennes offensive, particularly the initial stage the Nebelwerfers were the only artillery the germans could bring forward with the spearhead forces cause they were rather light and mobile enough for the terrain. I could imagine various scenario situations having Nebelwerfers available rather during mid game and a bigger map where you can afford the dispersion, while the same time limiting it due to having a FO with LOS to the potential targets and possibly a preset TRP. For that purpose I think the germans had the rocket wielding halftracks (Wurfrahmen) or the ordinary Nebelwerfer 41/42 with their armored advance guards sometimes.
  10. RockinHarry

    Improvement suggestions

    I´ve bit of an issue with (german) squads and assault order, that too oftenly the supposed support half of the squad (the one with the lMG) makes the first move. This is more of a problem with AI forces and making the assault order at instances less usefull (more hazardous) than it could be. I´d like having sort of a switch/toggle to pre assign a set move order for the individual teams during assault or maybe even every other move order. A related issue is the position of the squad leader for split teams. With german squad example I´d oftenly wish to have the squad leader and the benefit of the added Binoc assigned to the lMg half of the squad, while having the rifle half hidden and in full cover. Beside adaption to WW2 employment doctrine it would give the lMG portion with added SL some more advantages at middle ranges (spotting and engagement chance at 300-800m), while generally keeping the footprint of the whole squad low (rifle and AT sections hidden and in full cover). For full exploitation a "split off lMG team" from the full squad option would be quite usefull.
  11. If you refer to the K.St.N then check this site and download PDF: http://sturmpanzer.com/Default.aspx?tabindex=5&tabid=621&item=3&sec=1 and related http://sturmpanzer.com/Default.aspx?tabindex=5&tabid=620&item=3&sec=0 germandocsinrussia stuff can be either printed to PDF or when closing the print PDF screen (x) then saved normally as JPG. I change the zoom scale to 7 for this purpose. Example (german field fortifications and proper camouflage) http://wwii.germandocsinrussia.org/de/nodes/2107#page/68/mode/inspect/zoom/4 I already dumped about 1 Gig of JPG pages from the site to my HD through this procedure.
  12. RockinHarry

    Sd.Kfz 251s: Not just battle taxis

    looks like the tinypic site is offline for some reason. I didn´t delete anything from the thread and I think the images will reappear at some time.
  13. RockinHarry

    Sd.Kfz 251s: Not just battle taxis

    With regard to downloadable content and beside germanmanuals.com I don´t know of any other source, no matter of language, sorry. I think I purchased mine original from ebay a decade ago, but I can´t really remember. Other sources to dig through in the net could be either ZVAB, militaria321 or any german/non german site dealing with militaria. Local flea or military markets are sometimes another good source for original prints. If you´re comfortable with german language I´d also highly recommend this german/russian site offering digitized german documents captured during WW2. I find this a real treasure trove. http://germandocsinrussia.org/de/nodes/1-rossiysko-germanskiy-proekt-po-otsifrovke-trofeynyh-kollektsiy
  14. RockinHarry

    Sd.Kfz 251s: Not just battle taxis

    and here´s part of the original in my possession:
  15. RockinHarry

    Improvement suggestions

    I actually wanted making some more tests with foxholes and trenches, combined with the ditch locked AS, but just remembered why I had stopped playing the game since early 2017. The "AI proactively avoid incoming HE fire" feature introduced with V4. The worst **** introduced ever. So after the patch then. Btw.. has the odd terrain shading with reversed lighting/shadowing in dawn and dusk hours mentioned already? More likely a needed bug fix than improvement suggestion I think. With regard to trenches I came to the conclusion that the current ones are rather sort of a generic combat position, both combining more or less covered movements (from AS to AS) and fighting. Beeing that wide (and vulnerable) as they currently are is obviously a requirement for proper path finding and/or the pixeltroopers avoiding getting into each others way. Something like GT:OS/Mius would be preferable for sure, but what is the terrain mesh scale and how is FOW modeled?