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  1. that could well likely be. That´s among the things under the hood that BF doesn´t bother to tell about. At least I can´t recall. But there´s still bits of Fubar in the whole mechanic though. As I mentioned elsewhere in the forum the blast effects, small RG and RPG included, have a bit overdone effects in unexpected places. While I had at a time half a squad killed by RG while lurking at the windows, the same blast effect of that (german) RG made a stone wall collapse to the rear, outside that same house. Even considering that wall was pre damaged previously, that tiny RG couldn´t make it come down easily, or not at all I´d guess. Got to recheck with latest patch, but I don´t expect to see any change here.
  2. among the last things I just learned lately is to split off any PF guys from a squad and let them have their own house or story. No matter how successfull the ambush, I´d like to have the PF guys not in the same area (action spot) for that "in building" suppression effects, even worse for rather low morale or otherwise shaken troopers. For Schrecks/Zooks it sometimes was to me worth trying a shot (either direct targeting or very small traget arc) at almost maximum range and non moving armored target. Sometime one is lucky. If not, your opponent might be a bit "surprised", thinking his armor was safe from any enemy AT sneakers. At least that teaches him beeing a bit more cautious and keeping further his armor advances in check.
  3. lol something like this, yes. ...or "....guys! run out the front door! The paint on the back one hasn´t dried yet".
  4. And what say your BF bosses about that? I figured any RPG or riflegrenades beeing the best building busters in the games and all series! Not quite busting, but cleaning out any unwanted occupants quickly when they dared to show up at the windows. Tactic or exploit (a bug), I don´t know.
  5. IIRC we have something like that in the game too. Though abstracted I think. Another FUBAR modifier might be a -1 or -2 leader, putting his guys to the wrong windows sort of.
  6. a first time see for me as well. Was that german or US team? Looks like german lMG team maybe? Is there a KIA/WIA in same story? Could well be a micro pathing bug, with that Fallschirmjager wannabe attempting to do anything (buddy aid), but the pathing AI then putting him outside boundaries so to say. Balconies is an exploitable "bug". You can bury down a house with a balcony, making the balcony story level with surrounding terrain. This way you can make infantry leave, though not enter the building. No Fallschirmjager attitudes here. They simple step over and move off.
  7. once you figured how to do, you´d find it a fairly easy mod.
  8. no idea, wasn´t in any military or war yet. Occupying a building is one thing, but when beeing spotted and receiving mentioned tank fire HE would be quite another I´d guess. However, the tactics I mentioned above are those that work for me in the game and this is what counts ATM.
  9. that vid doesn´t appear to be ready yet (wird gerade verarbeitet...) I bear with you Kaunitz! You can be glad if from say.... 100 downloaders, 10 do a "test" and one giving feedback at last. Leaves the question if that one feedback posting is rather detailed, or more of the "nice! well done!" sort of. But so is mission/map maker life. At least if you´re not among the "big name" folks around here. For whatever it´s worth.
  10. hey bud, IIRC you can use the same files and swap them out. Basically it´s just a single icon file (which is generic alpha masked) and name copied over to remaining ones as required. Have no time for this ATM, but anybody can do it in short time I believe.
  11. think it´s fairly accurate! All that blast, concussion and splinter effects makes occupation of any building quite an uneasy experience. Only protection would be cellars/basements that we don´t have unfortunately. Or take some temporary hiding in the backyard. I also figured turning the guys around by use of the face or target arc command within a building helps with survival as well. (Hide/target arc rearward in building). At least helps much vs enemy small arms coming in frontally.
  12. will try this one instead. Haven´t yet come to test play for all the many stuff I´m busy with ATM. Sorry!
  13. ah...always good to know. Since BF doesn´t care much to give their customers detail info, one needs relying on his own guessworks. With regard to individual roles of pixeltroopers in a squad and their connected behaviors.
  14. Thanks! Always good to have some reminder, if things start to get slipped out of mind. No wonder I didn´t see any actual cover effects, as I´m mostly using the tiny sort of flavors in my games. Edit: With regard to Kaunitz log flavor object providing "cover" it shouldn´t actually provide much of it, when modelled by the game engine correctly. Most small arms bullets would usually go through it like butter, or would otherwise do harmfull effects to any rifleman behind. (wooden splinters, similar to tree burst splinters and artillery vs. trees and forests).
  15. here one can go in different ways as mission designer IMO. I.e take a particular hill on a map in attack/assault mission. So when is a hill effectively taken? If the player occupies an objective zone as provided by the designer or.....when that hill is free from any enemy interferences so that friendly support routes to that hill are equally safe? The hill won´t be worth much if approaches to it are still under enemy fire and observation, which makes this nice new friendly hill untenable in RL actually. Terrain has no worth on its own and needs a tactical connection to the overall situation in the given battle and with player´s force. Taking bridges mission is almost the same. If you can´t gain a bridghead and free surrounding area, the bridge will remain under enemy fire and observation. This can´t be solved properly by placing objectives zones on the map and requires both, bits of tactical understanding by the designer and player. Otherwise the player reports back to his commander! "Sir! We´ve taken the bridge intact! But we´re out of ammo and fuel! Send some over!" Commander: "Well nice, but we can´t. If we send the trucks they get shot up instantly. There also must be an enemy FO around on your side! The moment we move an Arty barrage is coming down on us." So my point is how would you transport the imagined tactical situations over to the player, in order to make it "reaslistic" and also calculated properly in end mision screen?
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