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  1. I´d definitely use it for my maps. Would be nice if BFC anytime considers adding the ability to turn buildings (and other terrain objects) in 15° steps, like it is for flavor objects.
  2. RockinHarry

    WW2 Era briefing format?

    If you´re patient enough digging through all those materials, you can find quite a lot original captured german orders sheets here (assuming you can read and understand german) : http://germandocsinrussia.org/de/nodes/1-rossiysko-germanskiy-proekt-po-otsifrovke-trofeynyh-kollektsiy just remembered the "German Tactical Doctrine" PDF has a few examples on german orders in the appendix: https://fas.org/irp/doddir/navy/german.pdf
  3. Nice idea, even if it´s only for highways and not smaller roads. Anyway, road ditched wouldn´t work anymore as these are bound to the underlying 1m terrain mesh. I´d use them as... highways off course and city streets and the likes. Vehicle pathfinding should be ok generally I think. I´d appreciate if this mod would be finished and made available for all the CM2 game titles. :)
  4. Did I say flavor objects? Yes. But I likely erred here and I forgot why I mentioned thess. But normal terrain objects surely do. I last time saw it in Combatintman´s Assault on Point Cros mission, where the large bridge (part of the big forts front construction) cuts through two buildings. This setup blocks the normal entry points, but opens new ones at unexpected places. Yet for the mission I´d rather call it a feature as at the same time it´s a way to block doors, requiring the attacker to open these up with some explosives. Need to test again with flavor objects. I´m currently modding some stuff (trees and high bocage) and I might have seen something not normally part of the standard game. Usually flavor objects are recognized for single pixeltroopers pathfinding, but otherwise neither offer cover, concealment, nor LOS blockade from my current experiences.
  5. Yep, might be something else. A flavor object or another terrain object (wall, bridge...) intersecting with a building oftentimes adds unpredictable entries as well.
  6. RockinHarry

    Resuming Carillon Nose campaign project

    this one is a bit misleading. It actually shows the "Wilde Sau" area of the hurtgen forest after huge forest fires raged there post war. The pic is 1948 I think. For wartime conditions you´d see still lots of undamaged trees mixed with the bare trunks and stumps. Also the ground would be filled with all the branches and fallen trees still having needles attached and not completely burned off, like in the photo. This makes for excessively difficult and jungle like terrain, with very low LOS´s as one could expect. I used a telephone pole mod as well (similar to the Hurtgen Mod at CMMODSIII) and the main issue is an excessive frame rate drop due to the shadows used (drop shadow AND receive shadow) for flavor objects. This is somewhat different for regular trees. However, one can make a sound mix of regular trees, stumps and poles, with modded bocage and additional logs distributed to get a halfway realistic feel and looks. I´ll show some examples later this day. These wartime pics show the forest more realistically, although more devastated areas existed. Can´t find an example in the net, but I have some in my books.
  7. I think light damage sums up internally and invisibly before the walls show blown out for modular buildings finally. I also figured that buildings with pre damaged roofs ( ALT + SHIFT Click in 3D editor) appear to add invisble light damage to outer walls as well. Need to test again, but I think I see infantry oftentimes using invisible openings, instead of the doors with these.
  8. RockinHarry

    Resuming Carillon Nose campaign project

    Using similar approaches with some variants. (Examples from "You Enter Germany" Scenario) For deciduous forests using gapped bocage in irregular patterns, brush and positive ditch locks (blue +1) for the edges and mixes of light/heavy forest, modded red dirt, brush and modded grass XT (bracken) for the interiors. For more density and cover might add some gapped bocage, blue ditch locks (+ or - ) and extra brush as well. I handle coniferous forests slightly different. Patterns for the edges are similar, while interior ground tiles are mixes of dirt, modded red dirt and far less underbrush (light forest or brush). For cases of really dense pine forests with branches reaching almost to the ground, I toyed with modded bocage/high bocage where leaf bitmaps are replaced with the needle ones (tree 6 i.e). This is a less than perfect method, but the overall looks at least are coherent. Also occasional bumps, holes and ditches (blue + or - ) add to realism and some cover if needed.
  9. RockinHarry

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    I´d guess the CMSF2 objects are now more or less compatible with the other games of the CM2 series, while CMSF wasn´t as much. I do not have CMFI, but I think the renaming of files methods should work there as well, when it comes to adding flat roofs. I´ll get back to that early in january I think. For those who have CMSF2 Demo (or full game) I´d unpacked the demo.brz and took 8x8-roof-1.mdr & 8x8-roofdamaged-1.mdr (from buildings/models/roofs), added my personal mod tags and put them into the data/z folder. Associated textures are roof1-facade1.bmp & roof1-facade1_normal map.bmp (buildings/1), renamed to CMBN format roof1.bmp and derived version to use as roof1-damage.bmp. This was a rather quick trial and error affair and I didn´t change anything within the *.mdr files. This method replaces the default roof1 for CMBN 8x8m modular buildings, leaving the other variants when MG module is installed. Facade texture in use for my mod is a modded facade5-exterior with single/bottom/middle/top all the same. Already used these for my "You enter Germany" optional mission mod pack. As said this is just a quick and rough mod. I think it could be possible to also add a flat roof just as a further option to the default roofs, without replacing one. I´d wish BFC adds flat roofs as a standard feature to all the games as it really doesn´t appear a big deal.
  10. RockinHarry

    New Scenario - Assault on Port Cros

    No time for actual playing unfortunately though I investigated in the editor somewhat. I made some flat roof mod to the 8x8 modular building (taking roof1 from CMSF2 Demo) and adding some (concrete) textures fitting to the ones I made for a scenario of mine using modular buildings as pillbox substitute. Could possibly be of use for you. I also needed something like this for a planned Metz, or Brest fortress scenario. Another recent finding was you actually can make large gates through modular buildings by removing (CNTRL Click 3D Editor) the facades at the bottom at both sides and then putting a 16m bridge (rail or stone) on top/through it. With the bridge taking precedence you even can move tanks through it now, which the AI wouldn´t do before. More on that after the holidays. Good work on the Port Cros map btw. 8x8m Level 2 modular building with flat roof and new textures. Infantry and vehicles will use the bridge just like the building isn´t there. Yet the 2nd story above the passageway can be used normally like in any other building. I got a bit creative on one the forts on your map to see how the mod probably works out. It replaces the Holland independant building and got some flat balcony added at level 3. This enables any attackers to hava a look and shoot to the interior of the forts.
  11. Haven´t read through all of the thread, but I think the lack of more visual damage levels is oftentimes misleading. Does anybody know the treshold for when a wall and roofs look damaged/blown out? My previous experiences with indirect HE vs buildings was a rather weird one. It appeared that buidlings shelled with indirect artillery HE were rather brought down by blowing out the lower and lowest walls with near misses and not with anything hitting the buildings directly. Horizontal blast effects appear unrealistically increased sometimes when it comes to bringing down walls on the opposite side of buildings. It could be simple near misses on a building and bringing down stuff beyond (blast funnels straight THROUGH the building), but also sometimes ordnance that (should) have little blast effects at all. My favourite example was some rifle grenade (or Schreck round) aimed at some enemy personal behind a mod building window, killing 2-3 guys and the blast bringing down a wall in a neighboring action spot outside the building. So the blast force appeared to not consider anything of an obstacle like a building or a wall is. Maybe somebody else noticed weird stuff like that happen? Haven´t tested with V4 much yet IIRC most those observations were pre V4.
  12. RockinHarry

    RockinHarry Scenario Thread

    ... I know this wasn´t made for the purpose, but it´s good enough without showing too many spoilers.
  13. RockinHarry

    RockinHarry Scenario Thread

    Added your playtest video over at TSDIII if you don´t mind. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy/cm-battles-for-normandy/cmbn-v4-mg-vp-you-enter-germany-introduction/
  14. RockinHarry

    A Video Worth Watching

    Hard to tell. I know from a source that particularly in the hurtgen forest the firebreaks were initially so heavily mined, that both the germans and US found it oftentimes going faster to break new tracks through the forest instead of clearing the mined ones.
  15. RockinHarry

    A Video Worth Watching

    I wonder they even attempted. Common procedure more likely was what is seen as well... getting the path clear with a little help from the engineers. I read somewhere Panther or Tiger tanks were able to push down trees with 50-60cm diameter at max, but I doubt this was attempted oftenly in the field. Even when pushed down you can still belly up and a (german) tank commander could likely expect to look into some his superiors barrel of a Luger when it happened. :P